It’s me again, but this time I don’t have those feisty 5 points. Instead, I wish to share my discovery. It came to me when I sat down behind my typewriter, yes I have one I must admit I’m more impressed with that then the computer. Back to the point, when I sat down to write, it has been awhile, I felt this feeling of coming home. It was so unusual but writing my story just felt so right like this is where I’m meant to be. So I asked myself, “How can this be the unrealistic dream that I call it when it feels right?”

I’ve always shied away from saying what I want. I suppose that’s Mr Self Doubt telling me I’m not good enough to make it. But I, like many of you writers, would love nothing more than to write stories full-time. I’m not after fame and glory, that doesn’t appeal to me at all; I just want to write just for the love of it and have readers enjoy my work, saying that we all have to eat, so a little something helps.

Writing has ignited my passion so much that I just can’t stop. I have stories and characters whirling around my head. While working I have story ideas popping into my head and it grieves me that I can’t start work on it straight away. I have never felt so much passion before it’s exciting, but don’t get me wrong it certainly isn’t the easy option. You need truckloads of perseverance and determination, and armour against rejection. Saying that I have so far never received a nasty rejection, but disappointment is still a b-slap to the face. But even after all that I’m still writing, you see I’ve had a taste of what it would be like and man I need more.

What’s the point of all this waffle? Well I had an epiphany; I’ve been letting doubt tell me that what I want is unrealistic. It won before when I was younger I told myself that this wasn’t a realistic career so find a more suitable one, I did that and look I’m back here again lol. So what makes wanting to be an author an unrealistic dream, when others do it. Why is it not an option if you are prepared to work hard, learn and develop your skills and even when you are faced with constant rejection you keep writing, which you couldn’t stop doing even if you tried to. There is no reason why this dream cannot come true if you are prepared to fight for it.

So before you let Mr Self Doubt work on you, ask him this, “How can this dream of mine be unrealistic when it feels right?” Yeah it may take years, decades (I hope not) but if you keep going, you will one day reach this dream of yours. All you need to do is keep the faith, and let your passion fight off Mr Self Doubt.

I hope you’re all raring to go, well some of you might already be, so all that is left to say is go, go follow that realistic dream, yeah I said it realistic, and I’ll see you at the finish line.


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About Nicole Simms

Nicole J Simms is a UK horror writer. Her stories have been published on websites, such as Spinetinglers, where she won second place. Her story ‘The Snowflakes of Time’ can also be found in Firewords Quarterly Issue 4 magazine. Even though she is open to many genres, she prefers to write horror, crime, and fantasy stories. When she’s not writing, she loves to bake. You can find her work and latest news at, and keep up to date with her writing journey via her Facebook page.

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