Trembling With Fear

Deadline: Ongoing
Payment: This is currently a non-paying market. Think of it as a way to give back as we operate at a loss.
Note: IF an anthology is released off of this work, there will be royalties for the short stories

‘Trembling With Fear’ is a new ongoing outlet for creatives that we’re trying out on Horror Tree. We’re going to be opening for submissions on drabbles and short stories to be printed on the site which will potentially be made available in a collection at the end of the year.

Each week we will accept and post up to one flash (1500 words and under) and up to three drabbles (exactly 100 words, not including title.) Each post will include a bio and social links for the author. (Note: The flash pieces we prefer reading in the 800-1500 word range.)

We will be asking for non-exclusive rights on these pieces to a) keep them online indefinitely and b) the ability to include them in a print anthology to help continue to fund the site. This is not currently a paying market. That being said, if an anthology is released off of the work we will be paying roaylties on the short stories (not however the drabbles.)

We’ll be looking for original work here though certain weeks will have specialized calls and some will include a call for reprints. We’ll be announcing those shortly. Specialized calls will allow for up to two flash and five drabbles.

What We Want:

  • Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy or anything that fits in related genres that still are thematically dark! We obviously started off as horror but are open to all of the above and related genres. (Note: Themed calls will not need to be as dark and just genre specific.)
  • A complete story.

What We Don’t Want:

  • Erotica, porn, or graphic sex.
  • Reprints


We plan on having two themed months: Halloween (October) and Christmas (December.)
If you plan on submitting a Halloween themed story we would like to see it labeled and hit our inbox from September 1st – September 20th.
If you plan on submitting a Christmas themed story we would like to see it labeled and hit our inbox from November 1st – November 20th.

The Fine Print:

  • Please submit your work in a .doc or .docx format.
  • In the body of your email please include a bio of no more than 150 words and up to 4 links (ie: Homepage, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon page, or whatever else applies!)
  • When submitting your work send it to contact at horrortree dot com with the subject of TWF: Your Title
  • We’re not a stickler on fonts as we’ll change everything to match the site. Just don’t use Wingdings or something equally annoying.
  • Again, we’re looking for non-exclusive digital and physical print as well as online rights. Distribution will be through this website and potentially in a print or digital book format. At this time we are not asking for audio or film rights.
  • We will try to respond to all submissions within 3 weeks.

Let’s see if you can make us all end up trembling with fear in a super short story!

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