NOTE: We are not the publishers of the open anthology calls listed on the site. If you have a question concerning one we can try to help but can’t promise to answer all questions regarding them.

So, aside from the above… Have a suggestion for an anthology we don’t have listed? Love mail? Hate mail? Want to do a guest post on writing? Want to tell us about an anthology you found out from us that you got published in? Drop us a line we’d love to hear from you!

Important! For any anthologies you are dropping by to let us know about. Moving forward we are only posting about anthologies with deadlines, have no submission fees, and that give a form of payment to the authors (upfront payment, royalties, or a physical contributor’s copy.) We believe that authors who are working on a story for your anthology should know not only how long they have to write but also be compensated for their time, work, and talent.

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