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If you are hitting this page you are here from a direct link so at the very least you have a passing interest in helping out Horror Tree and this is just a reminder that we are always looking for help. So if you are looking to help, here are the different ways to!

Donations! (Yes that’s more of wishful thinking as I know we’re all broke authors!) Though to the few that have donated, thank you so much! The donation button can be located at the bottom of this page.

E-mail in a head’s up on upcoming anthologies we haven’t posted about. ([email protected])

We take ongoing posts OR Guest Posts on the writing/editing/publishing process. ([email protected])

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Are you a marketing guru? Help us get the word out!

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Sponsoring giveaways targeted at authors. (How to books, software, etc!)

Quotes by authors who have been published by using us as a resource that we can post on the site!

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