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Taking Submissions: A Vindication Of Monsters

Deadline: October 1st, 2020
Payment: $50
Theme: Essays on Mary Shelley’s work

I’m inviting 9 authors to contribute 5,000 (max) word essays on Mary Shelley’s work (not limited to Frankenstein), and her life. This can also include others in her life, for example her mother Mary Wollstonecraft, or her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, and how they influenced her work. I am also looking for internal artwork related to the theme (I’m hoping for 5 pieces to accompany the chapters).
Payment will be $50 per essay and per artwork, respectively. This will be a book similar to ‘The Body Horror Book’, in that I will compile and edit each chapter.
Submissions are open, and close October 1st; the book will be published in December. Contributors will receive an ebook and paperback copy. William Shunn manuscript format preferred. Please send any inquiries and submissions to [email protected]
Good luck!

5 Places To Get Paid To Write About Writing!

I’d LOVE to start out this list by saying that Horror Tree is your #1 spot to get paid to write about writing. Unfortunately, anyone who follows our Patreon knows that we’re not quite there yet. Still, we’re getting closer all the time! While we will happily take your guest posts on writing *cough*cough* there is likely more of a chance that putting pen to paper on the writing process is something that you’d like to get paid for.

Today, we’re hoping to help with that and have found five markets who accept non-fiction about the writing process and will throw some money your way if they accept your work! (Shameless self-plug: We’re totally interested in those of you who want to help support Horror Tree by donating guest posts on the art of writing, publishing, reviewing, etc.)

[Editor’s note: I have stabbed my left hand which is the one that keeps trying to get you to send in your work so the rest of the article WILL be safe from such requests.]

So, without further ado, here are the five markets we have for you to check out today.

Writers Weekly

Each year, all year long, we purchase articles for WritersWeekly is distributed to freelancers across the globe every Wednesday. focuses on “selling” the written word. We do not seek articles on how to write. Rather, we seek articles on how to make more money doing what you love….writing! We are also interested in other forms of home-based businesses and self-employment that may result from writing, such as self-publishing, corporate writing, ghostwriting, etc. All ideas that help writers support themselves performing the work they love are warmly welcomed.

Payment: $60 on acceptance via PayPal (preferred) or check for first rights only ($40 for reprints).

For full details please head over to Writer’s Weekly Submission Guidelines today!

Write Naked

At this time the publication is accepting original work that includes:

  • Interviews
    Want to connect with a literary agent? Offer to interview them here. Or interview a freelancer, author or editor. Any figure in publishing is a good interviewee to feature on Write Naked.
  • Publishing Trends
    Notice a particular genre of fiction is hot right now? Are two big publishing houses merging–how will this affect authors? Suggest a post on topics along these lines.
  • Day-in-the-Life of a Writer
    Feature a day in your life that illustrates how varied a writer’s life can be. View a sample here.
  • Writing Essentials
    Do you have insight on copyright you want to share? Did you traditionally publish and then self-publish, or did your article turn into a book? Were you called in for jury duty? Tell me.
  • Behind the Pen
    Did you self-publish and sell 5,000 copies or more of your book? Find a way to save time and bill more as a freelancer? Pitch a tip or three.

Payment is $75 per post.

Write Naked has reading schedules which you should absolutely check before sending in an article.

The full guidelines are found on Write Naked’s Submission Page!


Ongoing Submissions: Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

Payment: 6¢ per word for new fiction, and 2¢ per word for reprints and fact-based work.
Reprints Allowed

Writers Guidelines

We accept new work as well as reprints, anywhere from 1000 word flash fiction on up, but as we are just starting, shorter pieces will be favored. We have tough standards but only care about the quality of the writing, characters, plot, and ideas, not whether you’re new or established.  Only submit finished work you are proud of.  Commensurate with the time available, if we don’t accept your submission we’ll explain why.

We are following the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) guidelines; after one year of meeting their criteria they will retroactively qualify us as a pro site and new work printed during that year will count towards a writer’s SWFA qualifications.  We pay 6¢ per word for new fiction, and 2¢ per word for reprints and fact-based work.


We are looking for well written original stories in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world.  We’re accept both serious and humorous work. We like science fiction in all its states of matter, from solid to gaseous to plasma, i.e., from hard as steel to as insubstantial as interstellar space.  If you use real existing science, please get it right.

We’re not looking for angsty romance, fanfics*, horror, hate, blood & guts, excessive violence, sex, axe-grinding, or stories that leave readers feeling they’ve had the energy and joy sucked out of them.


We are looking for fact-based articles, interesting information, reviews, and humor in any discipline that relates to the type of stories we publish or might provide inspiration and information for writers and artists.

Artwork and Other Imagery

We’re looking for storytelling through images.  We want to see skillful composition, use of color, rendering of form, character, and emotions.   For photo manipulations or photography using models, etc., all stock and resources used must be credited and used according to the stock provider’s rules.

We are not presently commissioning any work.  We are looking only for already existing work for use on site pages or for illustrating stories.  We pay $10 for the non-exclusive right to use each image, for as long as the site is online.  If we publish a print collection we will pay a pro-rata share for each image used.

Just as for written works, we’re not looking for romance, fan art*, hate, horror, blood & guts, excessive violence, sex, nudity, copies of photographs, propaganda, or work that leave readers feeling they’ve had the energy and joy sucked out of them.  We do not accept work using materials that required the death or mistreatment of animals.

*If the original work is still in copyright and was not commissioned or sanctioned by the creator or owner we will not accept it.  Some fan art is accepted or encouraged by the copyright owners — e.g., cosplay, and these works we welcome.
An illustration of a fairy tale, myth, legend, old classic, or any work no longer in copyright would not be counted as fan art.

No simultaneous submissions, and no multiple submissions to the same genre.  Please include title, medium, size, and any remarks relevant to the work’s creation.

Submit text in .doc and images as a jpg or through a link.  Provide links to all stock used.  For video, if possible send links, and have it available in both MP4 and WEBM formats for compatibility across all browsers.

On the submissions page, remember to check that you agree with the terms of our guidelines before you submit.

Interstellar submitters please use standard Earth formats or query in advance for other arrangements.  We’d love to be the first to publish your work here on Earth!

After reading our guidelines you can enter the submissions page here

Via: Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.

Ongoing Submissions: Alt Hist


Payment: $10
Theme: historical fiction, alternate history, or historical fantasy


Online Submission System

Please note that you should expect a response to your submission within three months. If you haven’t heard by then please send a query email to [email protected]

Please don’t submit your piece simultaneously to another publication.

What We Want

Firstly we recommend that you read some of the first issue of Alt Hist to get a flavour of what we publish, either the sample material or better yet go and buy yourself a copy.


Fiction submitted:

1. Must be a short piece of fiction – under 10,000 words.
2. Must be either historical fiction, alternate history, or historical fantasy.
3. Must be a well written character based story rather than an exercise in ‘what if …’
4. Must not be simultaneously submitted to another publication.
5. Must be an original work that has not been published elsewhere.


Reviews and articles about historical fiction, alternate history books, genres and writers are welcome and criteria 2) and 3) above also apply.


We would love to have your artwork to illustrate the magazine and website. In fact we need a nice image for the website asap, so if you have something you would like to contribute we’ll count you in for a share of the first two year’s profits as well!

Please let us know what rights you are granting us and be aware that the magazine will be published as an ebook and printed book.

How To Submit

Please submit using our online submission system provided by submishmash.

If you are having any problems submitting or want to ask a question contact us at:[email protected]

In the subject line please put: Fiction Submission, Non-Fiction Submission, Artwork Submission as applicable.

In the body of the email tell us a bit about yourself and any previous publishing credits.

If submitting text please use standard manuscript format.

How We Pay

Please note this has changed recently.

We currently offer a token payment of either $10 per accepted submission or a free copy of the print version of the issue in which your work features. You will also receive a free PDF copy of the issue.

We are looking for First English Language serial rights, which means that we have the right to publish it first before it appears anywhere else. Once published you could then publish the story elsewhere if you wish, such as an anthology for instance.

Via: Alt Hist.

Ongoing Submissions: Apex Magazine


Payment: Original fiction is $.06 per word up to 7,500 words. If we podcast your story, payment is $.01 per word up to 7,500 words.

Submit short fiction through our online form found here.

Our magazine is an SFWA-certified professional market.

Editor-in-Chief: Jason Sizemore
Managing Editor: Lesley Conner

Original Short Fiction:

1) Submit your work in Shunn Standard Manuscript Format.
2) Maximum word length is a firm 7,500 words. Anything more will be auto-rejected.
3) Payment for original fiction is $.06 per word up to 7,500 words.
4) If we podcast your story, payment is $.01 per word up to 7,500 words.
5) Apex Magazine welcomes and encourages submissions from writers of all race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and military status, in any of its activities or operations. We want diverse voices. We value diverse voices. Having said that, please be aware that we do not collect any information that might clue our editors to any of these attributes other than your name, email, and address prior to any decisions made regarding your submission.


We do not accept unsolicited reprints.

Poetry Guidelines:

1) Your poem must be 200 lines or less.
2) Your poem must be original and unpublished.
3) Poets can submit up to 5 poems at a time. However, please submit each poem in a separate email.
4) Payment is 25 cents per line.
5) Poetry editor Bianca Spriggs provides some tips regarding the type of work she is seeking in this blog post. Reading it is probably a good idea. 🙂

Rights and Rules:

No simultaneous submissions. No multi-submissions. We try to respond to all submissions within 30 days.

Before you submit your work, please review the appropriate contract template. If we accept your work, we will expect you to be familiar with our terms. Thanks!

Original Short Fiction
Reprint Fiction


Please send all queries regarding a submission’s status to our managing editor Lesley Conner ([email protected]).

Submit short fiction through our online form.

Via: Apex Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: AEScifi


Payment: $0.07 CAD per word, paid within 30 days of acceptance, for all stories we publish.


AE welcomes submissions from both established and emerging authors. We publish exclusively science fiction, though our interpretation of the genre can be quite inclusive. We are interested in stories from 500 to 3000 words in length. We are not soliciting poetry or screenplays at this time.

Please include a brief cover letter and the full text of your story (preferably in plain text) in the body of an email addressed to [email protected]. We will not open any attachments.

The very first thing in your subject line should be “CDN Sub” if you are a Canadian citizen or current Canadian resident, otherwise your subject line should begin with “INT Sub.” This is very important, especially if you are Canadian. We publish a limited number of international stories. The subject line must also contain both the title and approximate word count of your piece, like this: “CDN Sub: ‘Title of Story’ (1300 words).” The cover letter should include your name, byline (if different) and a brief (50 words, at most) biography. We will contact you at the same email from which you sent your submission.

If you want still more advice on how to successfully package your submission, the information you are looking for can be found in this blog post.

Submissions must be previously unpublished (in print or online) and should be strong enough to stand alone (i.e., no excerpts from a larger work). Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted for publication in another venue. Please submit no more than one story at a time. We buy First Serial and First Electronic rights and non-exclusive Audio rights.

Each author will receive $0.07 CAD per word, paid within 30 days of acceptance, for all stories we publish.


AE commissions a limited number of non-fiction pieces on subjects related to Canadian science fiction. We are particularly interested in author profiles for our AE Bookshelf series and book reviews, as well as longer-form interviews with Canadian authors. Non-fiction contributors do not have to be Canadian. If you are interested in writing non-fiction for AE, please query Helen Michaud at [email protected]. Include in your query a brief biography, list of non-fiction writing credits (including links or samples if available) and what kind of articles you propose to write (the more specific the better). Do not submit unsolicited non-fiction.

Payment for non-fiction is a flat fee depending on length and content. We pay $20 for all articles (including reviews and AE Bookshelf profiles) up to 3000 words. We pay $40 for interviews.


We are interested in receiving submissions of single or recurring comics by Canadian artists. AE buys first rights or reprint rights and pays a flat $20 per comic. Please send individual comics (or 3-5 sample comics in the case of a series) to [email protected] for consideration.


We buy art primarily on contract for our specific needs. AE buys first rights and pays between $20 and $100 CAD per illustration depending upon size and intended use. Please send a portfolio of work to Art Director Erika Kiessner at [email protected] to be considered for future illustration contracts.


All content in AE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial No Derivatives license upon publication. We believe strongly in the Creative Commons mission and feel that it benefits both authors and their readers by allowing creators to reach the widest possible audience.

Note that the use of the Creative Commons license has no effect on the ability or right of the author to sell reprint rights, film rights or other secondary rights in the future. Copyright remains at all times with the author.

Response Time

We aim to respond to all queries and submissions promptly. Please feel free to send a follow-up query if you have not heard from us within 90 days.


Via: AEScifi.

Ongoing Submissions: Gemini Magazine

Payment: $10 per published piece

We have no guidelines or restrictions on
writing style or content—nada, zilch, keine. As
Charlie “Bird” Parker pointed out, “There’s no
boundary line to art.” We don’t want to set any
boundaries so we use a clean, simple selection
process: if it strikes a chord with us we print it.

Payment: $10 per published piece

TO SUBMIT BY EMAIL (except contest entries):

Paste previously unpublished fiction, poetry,
essays, memoirs, short plays or other
interesting work into body of email (or attach a
.doc file) and send to:

Art and photography should be sent as JPEG
Don’t send contest entries to this
email address.
See box at top for contest info.


Gemini Magazine
P.O. Box 1485
Onset, MA 02558 USA

(include SASE/email address for reply)


Submission period: 365 days per year

Response time: We have a large backlog and
are making every effort to catch up. After 60
days please feel free to inquire about your
submission. We will respond to all submissions.

Rights: All rights revert to author upon
publication in Gemini Magazine.

Via: Gemini Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Ares Magazine


Payment: $0.06/word, $0.02/word
Theme: Science Fiction, Alternative History, Fantasy, Horror, Mythology, Pulp Adventure
Note: Reprints accepted

General Information (All Submissions)

Ares seeks original and well-crafted art, fiction, games, and non-fiction.

Preferred Genres

  • Science Fiction
  • Alternative History
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mythology
  • Pulp Adventure

All subgenres and cross-genres of the above are welcome.

While we are particularly interested in action-adventure, we gladly consider everything.

File Types

Please submit text files in .doc, .docx, or .rtf formats.

Please submit graphic files in .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tiff, and .jpg formats.


For art, games, and non-fiction, we will email you within a week to confirm receipt of your submission. For fiction, you will receive an automatic response (sent to the email you provide on the form).

If you do not receive a confirmation, check your spam folder. If you don’t find a response in your spam folder, please contact us at the email you sent your submission to; for fiction submissions, email [email protected]

Acceptances/Rejections & Response Times

For art, games, and non-fiction, we make every effort to respond with an acceptance or rejection within 4 weeks of receipt.

For fiction, our average evaluation time is 8 weeks (and may be longer if your piece is shortlisted for the “under consideration” pile). Your patience is appreciated.

Due to the volume of works received, unfortunately we cannot offer personalized feedback on each submission.

Please do not resubmit a rejected item, unless requested to do so.


All accepted submissions are paid on publication.

Submissions & Contact Info

Art Submissions

If you wish to have your art considered for Ares, please send an inquiry, along with a link to an online gallery (if possible). Please include the artwork’s name and its pixel definition in your email.

We generally only purchase pre-existing pieces of art. We will contact you if we wish to commission original art.

We pay $300 or more for quality cover art (full-page) and up to $30 per page for interior art. Smaller pieces pay proportionally.

Fiction Submissions

NOTE: We are not currently accepting new fiction submissions. Please check back here and/or keep an eye on our Duotrope listing for our next open reading/submissions period. 

What We’re Looking For

When Ares is open to fiction submissions, we are looking for stories in the genres listed above.

What We’re NOT Looking For

Ares is not a market for fiction based upon the copyright-protected works of others. We will review fiction based upon the work of others, provided that the work is no longer copyrighted. 

Ares is not seeking poetry or erotica. Real life includes poetic and erotic elements, so your story can as well, if it supports the plot.

Reprints, Simultaneous Submissions, and Multiple Submissions

We do accept reprint submissions. Please note, however, we are only interested in considering stories for reprint that are not available online or in any currently-purchasable form.

We don’t accept simultaneous submissions. Please do not submit works that are under consideration elsewhere.

We don’t accept multiple submissions. Please wait for a resolution of one submission before making the next.

Fiction Length

  • Minimum: 1,000 words
  • Maximum: 10,000 words
  • Preferred: 4,000 to 6,000 words

Fiction Rates

Our standard rate for the first digital and print publishing rights is $0.06 per word for original fiction.

Our standard rate for reprints is $0.02 per word.

Game Submissions

We publish a unique game in every issue of Ares. Like everything else, game submissions should align with the genre list above.

For game submissions, include the game’s name, a one sentence description, and a required component list in the body of your email.

For game expansions, modifications, and scenarios, include the name of the base game and a brief description of the submission in the body of your email.

Game design inquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Game Designs

Each game submission is evaluated individually for completeness, quality, and designer’s pedigree. Contract prices typically range from $1,000 to $2,000 based primarily upon these considerations.

We expect game designs to be complete, developed, and playtested before submission.

As for content, we expect to allocate one letter-size sheet of die-cut playing pieces, one 17” x 22” map, and eight to sixteen pages for rules. There is some flexibility here – ask us if you have a design with somewhat different requirements.

Game Expansion, Modification, and Scenario Submissions

Ares includes a limited amount of game scenario material for use with previously published games. One Small Step Games must possess the rights to publish this material. If these can’t be easily acquired, we will have to reject the submission.

Nonfiction Submissions

Non-fiction should be related to any of our preferred genres, with a preference for pieces that focus on the future and its implications.

We do not take reprint submissions for non-fiction.

Please send non-fiction submissions as an attachment to [email protected].

Non-fiction Length

1,500 to 6,000 words

Non-fiction Rates

Our standard rate for the first digital and print publishing rights is $0.06 per word for original non-fiction.

If you include professional-quality diagrams and art, we will pay an additional $1 per published square inch (about 6.25 square cm) for any that we use.

Submissions & Contact Info

In case you missed it, here it is again:

Source: Ares Magazine.