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‘The Cuts that Cure’ Blog Tour: From Surgery To Writing: An Anecdote

Hi, this is Arthur Herbert, author of the new psychological suspense novel The Cuts that Cure which was just released May 11th. It’s my debut, and I have to say, I feel a little like I’m releasing my kid out into the real world: nervous, yet excited. I really appreciate the opportunity to write a guest post and let y’all see a little bit of who I am.

I was told I could write about anything I want. In thinking about this, I’ve found that my day job as a surgeon has been endless fodder for stories around campfires (which I attend all the time) or at cocktail parties (which I try to keep to a minimum). I feel like I should also emphasize that while Cuts is fairly dark and sinister, I’m not like that as a person. So as a result, I thought it would be appropriate to pass along one of my lighter stories.


MasterClass’s Newest Course Features Acclaimed SF&F Author N. K. Jemisin

MasterClass’s Newest Course Features Acclaimed SF&F Author N. K. Jemisin


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Now writers who are looking to hone their craft and break into publishing have the opportunity to learn from the author whom the New York Times calls “the most celebrated science fiction and fantasy writer of her generation.” 


  1. K. Jemisin is a celebrated author whose work has received no shortage or praise in recent years. In 2018, she became the first author to win three consecutive Best Novel Hugos for The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, and The Stone Sky. Her work has also garnered a Nebula Award and two Locus Awards. 


Her new master class contains 16 video lessons containing about four hours of content. The lesson plan includes:

What Happens “When A Pantser Plots”?


By Mark Allan Gunnells


You may have heard it said that writers tend to fall into two categories: Plotters (the ones who do detailed outlines before writing the first word) and Pantsers (the ones who don’t outline but “fly by the seat of their pants,” discovering the story as they go). I don’t know if it’s always such a strict dichotomy, there can be a mix of the two, but for me personally, I’ve always been a pantser.


It’s not that I go in totally blind. I usually have a vague idea of where I’m going, but no real map of how I’m going to get there. And then sometimes I don’t get there at all and the story ends up somewhere completely different than I originally thought. I find storytelling more an act of discovery than strict creation, and that thrills me.


However, with my new novel Before He Wakes, I ventured more into plotter territory. I actually sat down and drafted an outline before I started the first chapter. For this particular story, I felt I had to. You see, Before He Wakes is an obstacle novel (I’m not sure that’s a real term, I may have coined it), in which the characters have to overcome a series of obstacles to obtain their goal. Because of this, I felt it was very important that I know beforehand what obstacles they would encounter and exactly how they would get through them. I didn’t want to get halfway through and discover I’d gotten them into a situation from which they couldn’t possibly escape.


So I did a chapter-by-chapter outline, which meant during the entire writing process, I knew exactly what was coming next.


Sort of.


I couldn’t completely give up my pantser ways, so even within the outline I built in the freedom to explore and discover. Yes, I knew each obstacle and its solution, but some parts of the outline were very loose. For instance, for chapter eleven, my outline merely said, “Meet Clare’s parents.” I didn’t know exactly who these people were or even what they would be doing in the chapter, so when I got to chapter eleven, I knew it would deal with Clare’s parents, but I still had the fun of going in relatively blind and letting that develop as I actually wrote it. I had several chapters with that kind of freedom built in. So even in my plotting, I got to do a little pantsing. 


It was actually a joyous experience doing it differently. I’ll probably always be primarily a pantser, but I respect plotters. And I celebrate the fact that there is no one way to do this, and any path that gets you closer to the story you want to tell is the right path.


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15th Dispossessed by [Piper Mejia] 15th She Who Rules the Dead by [Maria Abrams]16th Agoraphobia: A Short Story by [Rami Ungar] 18th Creepy Sheen by [Rebecca Gransden]

19th A New Daybreak: A Savannah Zombie Novel (Savannah Zombie Novel series Book 3) by [Josh Vasquez, Valhalla Books Publisher]20th Nunchuck City by [Brian Asman, Lucas Mangum]20th The Nirvana Effect by [Brian Pinkerton] 22nd

23rd Dark Missives by [Dan Howarth]22nd Malinae by [Josh Schlossberg] 27th Gulf by [Shelly Campbell]27th

27th Image 27th Coffin Dodgers: You'll Either Die a Hero, Or Live Long Enough to Become a Grey by [Matthew Clarke]28th I is for Internet (A to Z of Horror Book 9) by [Tim O'Neal, Carlton Herzog, Astrid Addams, Donovan Smith, Steven Streeter, Doris V. Sutherland, Heidi Hunter, Robb White, Shannon Lawrence, D.C. Hill] 29th Bayou Whispers by [R.B. Wood, Crystal Lake Publishing]

30th Derelict: A Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Series (AFTER: A POST-APOCALYPTIC SURVIVOR SERIES) by [T.M. Brown, Eerie River Publishing]



1st 1st 4th 6th Burrows: A Cryptid Horror by [Shaun Horton, Lynda Dietz]

11th The Crucifixion Experiments by [Gord Rollo] 12th SIX! by [Mark Cassell]14thBefore He Wakes by [Mark Allan  Gunnells, Crystal Lake Publishing] 14th A Place Beyond the Storm (AFTER: A POST-APOCALYPTIC SURVIVOR SERIES) by [David Green, Eerie River Publishing]

7th Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy by [Hailey Piper]15th 18th Howls From Hell: A Horror Anthology by [HOWL Society, Shane Hawk, Alex Wolfgang, Christopher O'Halloran, J.W. Donley, Solomon Forse, Amanda DeMel, Lindsey Ragsdale, P.L. McMillan, Grady Hendrix] 21st It Calls From the Sea by [Eerie River Publishing]

24th Dr. Marvellus Djinn's Odd Scholars 25th The Fearing: The Definitive Edition by [John FD Taff, Anthony Rivera, Ray Garton] 27th The Mummy Kills The Brides by [Erik Handy] 28th May be an image of 1 person and text that says "TOM DEADY OF MEN AND MONSTERS"


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Short Story Cover Letter

Short Story Cover Letter

Article by Catherine Jordan


So, now you’re submitting a short story and the publisher/editor wants a cover letter. What do you write? Good question.


They don’t want a query letter; it’s still a professional business letter. Find the editor/publisher’s name for your salutation. You might have to do a little digging to find it, but I can assure you, s/he is there. And PLEASE spell their name correctly! Keep the letter succinct—there’s often a word limit of 100 words or less. Skip the throat-clearing and within one sentence give the title, genre, word length, and hook. Get right to the main character—by name. What is the main character’s quest—what does s/he want? Include your bio. This should include your name, and any publishing kudos you have. They don’t care what your day job is unless it directly relates to your book. 


Example of a bio:

Jon Grilz and the Creepy Pod: Horror Legends come to life…

Creepy Pod was created by Jon Grilz. He writes himself and found himself wondering, “Where are all the creepy pasta podcasts? 

Creepypasta refers to horror-related legends that have been copied and pasted all over the internet. They are usually brief with paranormal flavour. 

“The Russian Sleep Experiment” is a modern creepy pasta. It tells a ghoulish tale detailing the descent into madness of five political prisoners deprived of sleep for five days. 

“Ted The Caver” is another one about man who goes on a journey with a friend to see what they can find in a small hole at the bottom of a deep cave. (The answer is nothing good.)

I sat down with Jon to learn more about his audio experiment and the remarkable following his podcast has gained in such a short time. There’s a dedicated Facebook Fan page called “The Creepy People” that has almost 3000 members.

How To Write A Therapist And Patient Scene Into Your Fiction

How To Write A Therapist And Patient Scene Into Your Fiction


If you’re a writer, then you know how important it is to make your characters and plotlines believable. You don’t want to lose readers because they can tell that you didn’t research specific scenes and situations! In this article, we’ll go over a few tips and tricks for writing a therapist and patient scene into your fiction. Considering the fact that many authors don’t get the therapist/patient dynamic quite right, this brief article can help you to stand out!


When writing a therapist and patient scene:

5 Famous Authors with Bipolar Disorder

5 Famous Authors with Bipolar Disorder 


Did you know that a large portion of the author population claims to suffer from a mental illness or mood disorder? Some even say that it’s impossible to be successful as a horror writer without a slight mental deviance. So, is mental health somehow tied to literary prowess? These five famous authors with bipolar disorder suggest the answer is yes. 

5 famous bipolar authors  

Scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly causes BD. Because bipolar disorder often involves “episodes,” many authors use their intermittent battles as inspiration for amazing literature. No genre has been untouched by this phenomenon, in fact. Here are five famous authors to prove that: 

#1. Robert Munsch