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Taking Submissions: Nightfire Unagented Submission Guidelines (Early Listing)

Submission Window: June 15, 2021 (9AM EST) to June 22, 2021 (9AM EST)
Payment: Novels are an advance on royalties, Novellas are the same or pure royalties
Theme: Novels and novellas for adults across the breadth of the horror genre—from the cosmic and Lovecraftian to the beloved undead tropes of zombies, ghosts, and slashers and the more uncanny and internal terrors of isolation, lost love, and aging.

The following guidelines outline how to submit novels and novellas to Nightfire. Please be sure to read them carefully so that your submission does not get disqualified.

Note: Tor/Forge Books’ submission information is here, and’s submission information is here. To learn more about the Tor/Forge,, and Nightfire editorial teams, check here.

Nightfire will be open to novel and novella submissions from June 15, 2021 (9AM EST) to June 22, 2021 (9AM EST).

To submit your work, visit us on Moksha.

When submitting, please upload your full manuscript. Our submission portal will also ask for a cover letter, where you should include a pitch and a short author bio.

Taking Submissions: A Hero of a Different Stripe

Deadline: June 20th, 2021
Payment: Contributor’s Copy
Theme: Shine a spotlight on the background characters of a hero’s story
Note: Reprints welcome

Since its beginnings in the early 1980s, the Life, the Universe, & Everything Symposium has been a staple of the Utah and Intermountain West author and artist community. Many authors, artists, and editors have found inspiration for their careers at the feet of scores of symposium guests. Influential professors and others have mentored those planning and running the symposium, but many of these mentors have passed on.

The symposium helps students of all ages by providing greatly discounted student memberships. Hemelein Publications—in conjunction with LTUE Press—created a series of memorial benefit/charity anthologies to help the symposium continue to help these aspiring creators learn about their crafts at a reasonable cost. Author, artist, and editor proceeds from the anthology go to LTUE to help students attend for a very low cost.

On Podcasts And Beyond, A Chat With Luke Kondor of Hawk & Cleaver

Luke Kondor, Hawk & Cleaver

By Angelique Fawns


I found the Hawk & Cleaver family when I was trolling for good podcasts to help me endure my soul-sucking commute to work. A co-worker recommended The Other Stories, a horror podcast that promises, “these aren’t the stories your mother told you… these are the other stories.”

I immediately had a new favorite podcast and joined 150,000 other monthly listeners also captivated by the dark and delicious tales. Hawk & Cleaver started off as four fellows with a similar vision and has now grown to over 20 regular international contributors. Spinning scary stories since 2016, Hawk & Cleaver offers books, comics, and swag. I’m a member of several of their Facebook pages and find the groups funny, approachable and a great resource for horror fans/writers. 

The Other Stories podcast looks for stories according to themes, and I frequently submit to them. Last year, I was thrilled when they picked up my piece “MgS04” about “Silence”. Upcoming themes include; Alternate Realities; Space; Post Apocalypse; Mythology; and Doppelgängers.

My acceptance, (and rejections) usually come from “Kez the Hawk”, and I chased him for an interview. In a bait and switch, I heard back from Luke Kondor who informed me, “Kez is currently in the nether-dimensions, in an epic battle across space and time with the wizard-demons who provide his broadband connection. Apparently, he’s not getting the speed he’s paying for and there’s hell to pay.” (Kondor also provided me with a portrait he drew of Kez.)


AF: How did Hawk & Cleaver get its beginnings?


Trembling With Fear 04/11/21

It’s April and I’m still in Southampton, still surrounded by boxes, still waiting for the moving process to speed up. At times like this you need to distract yourself and so in addition to writing, I’ve been playing with graphics for promotional pics for an anthology I’m in which’ll come out in autumn from Brigids Gate Press. Were Tales, A Shapeshifter Anthology, ed. S.D. Vassallo isn’t just werewolves, there’s bears and all sorts, so I’ve been finding (free) photos and developing my skills(!) with a drawing tablet. It’s been a lot of fun. Even better, Steve’s started announcing the TOC which includes the wonderful Jonathan Maberry, so I’m pretty chuffed to appear alongside him.

It’s also National Poetry Month, a great time to challenge yourself whether to write more, or read more – and there are some wonderful dark poets out and about: Alessandro Manzetti, Linda D. Addison, Sara Tantlinger, Stephanie Wytovich, Christina Sng and so many others. I’ve set myself a challenge to write a found poem a day – currently based on the blurbs of books from my collection. A way of sharing poetry and book recommendations! I’ve been posting them over on twitter and Facebook. Found poetry is quite a good exercise as you are already provided with the words.

Before we go to the stories, here’s my usual weekly reminder to check out the submission guidelines for TWF here. Also remember we are currently closed to short stories (unless for one of the Specials) but open to drabbles, unholy trinities and serials.

This week Trembling with Fear starts with The Penitent Line by Aristo Couvaros is a powerful story about hypocrisy as well as love and forgiveness. Original and moving.

A New Beginning by Toshiya Kamei is a wonderful piece of Japanese-flavoured horror. We really enjoy having stories set within the folk lore of other cultures.

English 101 by Patrick Winters offers a different way to getting ahead, if only it was that easy!

The Eyes Have It by G.A. Miller gives us a warning about perhaps not looking too closely, that moment when you try and recall something could be your last.

Enjoy our stories and send in yours!


Stephanie Ellis

Editor, Trembling With Fear

Between work, my MBA program, writing, Horror Tree, and a big piece of news that landed in my lap this week… I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy things have been.

So, obviously, there hasn’t been too much done on the site above the standard updates. My apologies as I know that we have a TON in the pipeline to start delivering to you soon and I’m chomping at the bit to be able to let you in on everything. Soon my friends, soon! I will say that we had a broken contact form for about a week there, we have a completely new one in place which will be modified slightly over the weeks to come as we allow for more features and customizations on it. While that might not seem like a big deal, the emails coming to us will be a LOT more organized depending on who you’re trying to get to!

In case you missed it last week, once again, please welcome Amanda Headlee for joining the team as our new Specials Editor! She will be handling the submissions of both serialized stories, Unholy Trinities, and our special calls.

Stuart Conover

Editor, Horror Tree


‘Fix the World’ Blog Tour: What We Need is Hope

What We Need is Hope


Two years ago, an idea came to me for a new anthology. This was a year or so before Covid19 ravaged the world. Still, we were in the midst of a torrent of lies and deception, and the blows came daily, both from representatives of our own government and from Mother Nature herself.


Then Covid arrived, and everything changed.


I read a fascinating article about what happens to people when they can no longer project a positive future for themselves. We shut down. We lose our desire to keep going in the here and now – what’s the point if there is no future to look forward to?


This has a lot in common with depression or life after a traumatic event.


In effect, we all suffered a mass trauma, and we are trying to feel our way forward out of it bit by bit.


In this strange environment, this project took on a new urgency. I needed to have something to hope for. I was like Mulder from the x-files. I wanted to believe. I just needed someone to help me get there.


So I put out the call for writers to take a current problem and write a story about a future where that problem had been solved, and over the next few months I was astonished as story after story poured in. In the end, we received 65 tales, dealing with issues from climate change to policing issues to all-out war.


Taking Submissions: Fearful Fun

Deadline: July 15th, 2021
Payment: $10
Theme: Horror with a blend of fun themes

Thurston Howl Publications is now accepting submissions for its seventh volume of its HOWLERS series, Fearful Fun.

Deadline: July 15, 2021

Word count: 2,500-8,000; a little above and a little below will be acceptable

In the past, our HOWLERS series played some Gruesome Games, but we were thinking about other ways people could have fun. A carnival. A circus. An escape room. An amusement park. A haunted house attraction or corn maze. And each of these has its own history in horror. Movies like FREAKS, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, and ESCAPE ROOM. The Legend of McKamey Manor. Remember those times we were all scared of killer clowns? Or the urban legend of the person who actually killed someone in a haunted house attraction? Sometimes fun just isn’t so fun, huh? Sometimes, it’s more fearful fun.

We will take preference with stories that are unique. Don’t just write another killer clown story or a basic demonic carnival story, UNLESS your story genuinely has a unique take on that trope. (more…)

Indie Bookshelf Releases 04/09/21

Click on the book covers for more information. Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page – there’s all sorts lurking in the deep.

Got a book to launch, an event to promote or seeking extra work/support as a result of being hit economically by Covid? Get in touch and we’ll promote you here. The post is prepared each Thursday for publication on Friday. Contact us via Horror Tree’s contact address or connect via Twitter or Facebook.


Please send us details of any online panels, conventions, festivals and workshops and we’ll list them here.



Charity Anthologies


30th Oct 2020 Tales Of The Lost Volume Two- A charity anthology for Covid- 19 Relief: Tales To Get Lost In A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY FOR COVID-19 RELIEF by [Gaiman, Neil,, Hill, Joe,, Johnson, Eugene M,] 31st Jan Flashes of Hope by [Anna Taborska, Dave Jeffery, Amy Grech, Matthew Davis, John Cady, Emma Lee, Gwen Weir, Ken Goldman, Alyson Faye, Theresa Derwin] 9th Feb  

Not originally a charity anthology but currently part of fundraiser for RAICES (The largest immigration legal services non-profit in TX, focusing on under-served immigrant children, families & refugees. “Never willing to help ICE” endorsed.). Three more days to go when all monies raised go to the charity.




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15th March


12th 15th 16th 17th Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Novella by [Kevin J. Kennedy]

19th 19th 22nd The Exercise by [Mark West]26th Eidolon Avenue: The Second Feast by [Jonathan Winn, Crystal Lake Publishing]

26th The Devil's Mistress by [David Barclay] 26th The Night Stockers by [Kristopher Triana, Ryan Harding] 26th Nana by [Mark Towse] 28th Scorpio: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Zodiac (The Zodiac Series) by [Aussie Speculative Fiction, Nikky Lee, Stephen Herczeg, Tee Linden, Mikhaeyla Kopievsky, Sasha Hanton, Helena McAuley, Austin P. Sheehan, Alannah K. Pearson, Neen Cohen]

29th 30th Farallon Island by [Russell James] 30th 30th

30th A New Death: Director's Cut (A Savannah Zombie Apocalypse Novel): A Savannah Zombie Novel (Savannah Zombie Novel series Book 1) by [Josh Vasquez, Valhalla Books Publisher]


3rd Murder and Machinery: Tales of Technological Terror and Mechanical Madness by [Cameron Trost, Paulene Turner, Michael Picco, Sarah Justice, Karen Bayly, Kurt Newton, James Dorr, Linda Brucesmith, Chisto Healy, Danielle Birch] 6th The Mother We Share by [Jennifer Soucy] 7th Everything's Annoying: A Collection of Dark Fiction & Horror by [J.C. Michael]10th Taken (Arcadia Book 2) by [Mary Brock Jones]

13th From Death Reborn by [Kenneth W. Cain] 13th STERN-web-medium.jpg15th Dispossessed by [Piper Mejia] 15th She Who Rules the Dead by [Maria Abrams]

16th Agoraphobia: A Short Story by [Rami Ungar] 20th Nunchuck City by [Brian Asman, Lucas Mangum]20th The Nirvana Effect by [Brian Pinkerton]22nd

23rd Dark Missives by [Dan Howarth] 27th Gulf by [Shelly Campbell]27th 27th Image

TBA May be an image of text that says "THE LAST NIGHT OCTOBER GREG CHAPMAN"



7th Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy by [Hailey Piper] 11th May be an image of text that says "THE CRUCIFIXION EXPERIMENTS FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE JIGSAW MAN GORD ROLLO ROLLO"15th 18th Howls From Hell: A Horror Anthology by [HOWL Society, Shane Hawk, Alex Wolfgang, Christopher O'Halloran, J.W. Donley, Solomon Forse, Amanda DeMel, Lindsey Ragsdale, P.L. McMillan, Grady Hendrix]

25th The Fearing: The Definitive Edition by [John FD Taff, Anthony Rivera, Ray Garton]


1st Malignant Summer by [Tim Meyer] 1st


1st 20th


Dream Reaper



Cafe Macabre II‘This is an all female horror anthology that also features original artwork by indie artists. There are some nice rewards for backing this project such as art prints. Also, you will be helping support Women in Horror. Remember, if you can’t back it, another great way to support it is by sharing.’

Go here for more info.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


Unholy Trinity: The Continuing Antics of Arnie Apples by Patrick Winters

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

Patrick Winters brings us something new in the realm of the Unholy Trinity. He has written a serial comprising three Unholy Trinities of which this is the second. Come back next Friday for the final instalment!

The Continuing Antics of Arnie Apples


Out & About

Arnie wasn’t the best roommate. Leaving his things everywhere. Staying up all night. Pulling pranks on William.

He was worse in public. Stores, theaters, church. Wherever they went, Arnie looked for mischief. He’d whistle, catcall, and curse at passersby, stepping on their heels and tapping shoulders.

Sometimes, William was forced to apologize for Arnie. People would invariably ask who the hell he was talking about and get riled up. Then Arnie, upset at going unseen, would try to lash out. William could often hold him back, but sometimes, Arnie got a lick in.

Sometimes, it was more than a lick.


Butting Heads

Things might’ve been rough, but everything went straight to hell once William found Anna Carmichael in his closet. His neighbor was wearing her favorite tea dress, now ruined with cuts and blood.

William went right to Arnie, begging for an explanation. Arnie said that he’d been bouncing a ball in the hall last night when the woman came out of her apartment. She’d given him a dirty look he didn’t care for.

William asked how that could be possible, when no one else had seen Arnie before.

Arnie smiled. “Found myself a way, while you were off with the Sandman.”


“Get Lost, Creep!”

William tried to remain vigilant, staying awake as best he could, keeping Arnie inside the apartment and out of trouble.

But it wasn’t enough. He’d nodded off twice, and Arnie slipped past him, bringing back proof of it both times. Fingers from one person, toes from another.

Finally, William had enough. He told his old friend that he wasn’t welcome anymore. Arnie declared there was no going back, he was there to stay, and maybe William needed to “move out.”

The two tussled. In the end, Arnie was the only one left in the apartment.

King of the castle.


Patrick Winters

Patrick Winters is a graduate of Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL, where he earned a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. His work has now been featured throughout several magazines and anthologies. A full list of his previous publications may be found at his author’s site, if you are so inclined to know: