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Ongoing Submissions: Orion’s Belt

Payment: 8 cents per word
Theme: All stories must have significant speculative elements

The Basics

Stories should be submitted to [email protected] All stories must be under 1200 words (not including the title and byline). All stories over 1200 words will sadly be rejected automatically. All stories must contain significant speculative elements. This does not mean all sci-fi stories must have lasers and rockets. It just means a non-speculative story doesn’t become speculative if you include a single line clarifying the story takes place on Mars.

Submission Details


Taking Submissions: The Cafe Irreal August 2021

Deadline: July 1st, 2021
Payment: One cent U.S. per word ($2 minimum)
Theme: Fantastic Fiction You really NEED to read the description below.

The Cafe Irreal is a quarterly webzine that presents a kind of fantastic fiction infrequently published in English. This fiction, which we would describe as irreal, resembles the work of writers such as Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe, Clarice Lispector and Jorge Luis Borges. As a type of fiction it rejects the tendency to portray people and places realistically and the need for a full resolution to the story; instead, it shows us a reality constantly being undermined. Therefore, we’re interested in stories by writers who write about what they don’t know, take us places we couldn’t possibly go, and don’t try to make us care about the characters. We would also suggest you take a look at the current issue, archives, and theory (especially the essay, “What is irrealism?”) pages on this web site. (more…)

Taking Submissions: Frost Zone Zine Issue 4 (Early Listing)

Submission Window: April 5th-18th 2021
Payment: 6.00 CAD for 1000-2500 words and 8.00 CAD for 2500-3500 words
Theme: short horror fiction with elements of supernatural, quiet, gothic, eerie, paranormal, strange, folklore, magic

POETRY submissions will be closed for this issue.
Newly added: drabble 100-word fiction

Frost Zone Zine is a quarterly zine that is published in digital and print formats. The print issue is a digest-magazine-size paperback book that averages 80-100 pages.

(Print will be changing after this year; see this post for more information.)


What we do want:

Supernatural. Quiet. Gothic. Paranormal. Eerie.

Strange. Folklore. Magic.




Original, unpublished, never-broadcast short stories 1000-3500 words. Submit 1 or 2 stories for consideration.
(Longer pieces may be considered if writing is concise, not to exceed 5000 words. Keep in mind only 1 or 2 stories over 3500 words can be included, if any.)

Taking Submissions: The Hungry Ghost Project

Deadline: May 1st, 2021
Payment: £5 and a contributors copy
Theme: food, hauntings, memory and consumption, both independently and combined.

Please email all submissions to [email protected].

We accept fiction and creative non-fiction up to 1000 words on the topics of food, hauntings, memory and consumption, both independently and combined. Please do interpret our theme!

We are also open for visual art submissions of all kinds! Please send up to five JPG or PNG files.

We accept (and encourage) hybrid, experimental and creative-critical work.

Unfortunately, we cannot publish poetry at this time.

All accepted work will go through a brief, collaborative editorial stage.


Taking Submissions: Cicerone Journal Issue 5: Curious Worlds

Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Payment: AU$100
Theme: Speculative Fiction
Note: Australian writers (residents and citizens) only

cicerone is a guide who shows and explains the curiosities of a place to strangers. We want you to lead us to interesting and unseen places, and help us to understand these places. We want you to be just as curious as we are. Tell us something unusual. Show us an old thing in a new light. Point out something we never noticed. Take us to a side street, dark alley, or hidden trail.

Cicerone Journal is currently OPEN for submissions for Issue 5: Curious Worlds, our first Speculative Fiction showcase.

For our current issue, please send a maximum of two pieces of short fiction to [email protected].

For our Curious Worlds issue, we will be accepting short fiction of 1000-5000 words from any speculative fiction genre. This is a paid opportunity: we will pay AU$100 for each piece that is published. (more…)

Taking Submissions: Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries

Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Payment: 2 cents USD per word
Theme: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries

Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries

This summer we will be publishing our first hardcover anthology. We’re looking for original 1k-8k word stories with off-beat characters, bungling detectives, or funny premises. Be creative, but make it about a mystery/crime, and make us laugh! (more…)

Taking Submissions: Luna Station Quarterly Fall 2021

Deadline: May 15th, 2021
Payment: $5 USD
Theme: “Most” Speculative fiction, read below for specifics.
Note: Open only for women-identified authors.



Luna Station Quarterly publishes speculative fiction written by women-identified authors. We think women write awesome characters and really cool stories and we want to show it to the world. We will consider stories submitted by any woman writer, regardless of experience or writing resume. If you consider yourself on the woman end of the gender spectrum in any significant capacity, you’re welcome here!

Stuff we want:

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Space Opera
  • New Fairy Tales (not retellings)
  • Some creepiness
  • Stories that explore the nooks and crannies of an original world
  • Big events from the everyman perspective
  • Unique settings and storytelling forms
  • Well written stories with strong characters

Stuff we don’t want:

  • Anything biased toward any religion, race or moral preference
  • Extreme gore or sexual content, in particular no explicit rape or sexual assault. (everything in moderation)
  • Bizarro fiction
  • Poetry
  • Fan Fiction (original stories only, please)
  • Bad grammar/punctuation (please proofread and watch your sentence structure!)
  • Plagiarism

A further note about sex and violence in submissions.
Science fiction has a long-standing tradition of pushing boundaries and asking difficult questions. It is meant to challenge us and ask us to look at ourselves and how we treat each other and the world around us. That said, LSQ is centered on uplift and so any story that contains explicit sexual situations or violence especially toward women will be considered more carefully than other stories and the content must be justified within the story’s plot.

Format and Details

Stories should be 500 to 7000 words in length. We may publish longer or shorter works, but the greater your story is above or below limit, the less likely we are to publish it. No poetry please.

A Note on File Format

Standard Manuscript Format required. Need a reference? Check here.

Make your files neat and tidy and include Title and Author on the first page! Send your submissions to us (via our submission form) in the following formats:


NOTE: We are no longer accepting simultaneous submissions. Do not submit a story to us if you have submitted it elsewhere.

Reprints & Multiple submissions

We prefer original works, but will consider reprints. Authors should be sure they have the right to sell reprints. If your work is a reprint, include any necessary reprint information at the bottom of the work, such as “First appeared in XYZ Magazine, May 2011.”

NOTE: Reprints must be at least 3 years past their initial publication date to be considered.

Multiple submissions are not considered. One submission per period.


Luna Station Quarterly is published once a quarter, and has the following schedule:

Publication Date

Submission Dates

March 1st September 15th – November 15th
June 1st December 15th – February 15th
September 1st March 15th – May 15th
December 1st June 15th – August 15th

Response Time

Our response time varies, but we will try to reply to you by six weeks after the end of the submission period for each issue.

Feel free to contact us (via the contact form) if we do not acknowledge your submission has been received within three weeks of the end of the submission deadline. If you want to ask about something you have submitted, it is extremely important to use the contact form) and include the date when you sent the submission.

If your story is accepted, you will receive an email that includes the publication date and a short, simple contract. This must be returned before publication or your story will not be published.


Copyright remains yours at all times. We simply ask for the right to publish your story on our website, and also add it to the ebook (epub, mobi, pdf) and print versions. All stories will be archived indefinitely on our website. If you want us to remove a story from our archive, please write us via the contact form to let us know.

Anthology rights: to be determined later. If ever such a thing comes to pass, authors will be contacted to work out terms.


Luna Station Quarterly pays $5 USD for each story, payment made via PayPal. In addition, authors receive a lifetime subscription to the ebook version of the magazine. We also provide a profile page for all authors which may be used to link to a homepage and display biographical info and social media links.

Final Notes

We reserve the right to change the submission process between issues. If you have any futher questions regarding this process, please use the contact form to get in touch.


Here’s the link to our submission form. Good luck!

Via: Luna Station Quarterly.

Ongoing Submissions: Stanchion

Payment: $10 and a contributors copy
Theme: Anything and everything is on the table. We love powerful, beautiful, unusual work!

Our door is always open because future issues of Stanchion are always being assembled.

We are looking for original, never-before-published (nope, not even on your blog) short story writing (<2500 words), creative nonfiction, poetry, prose poems, flash fiction, stray thoughts, interviews with inanimate objects, comics, illustrations, black & white photography (portrait-oriented images are preferred), b&w drawings, and other evocative images of mixed media artwork (also in black and white). There is no thematic throughline for issues of Stanchion: happy, sad, melancholic, horror, sentimental (without being sappy) — anything and everything is on the table. We love powerful, beautiful, unusual work!

Money and Rights:

All creators who have original/never before published work accepted for publication will receive $10 and one complimentary copy of that issue of Stanchion.

You retain all rights to your work! We only request that you do not republish/reuse the work again in the same quarter the issue is published.


Stanchion is a safe, open place to submit your work for consideration. No matter where you’re from, what you look like, or who you love, you’re welcome to become a part of the Stanchion family.

What To Send: