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Taking Submissions: Trollbreath Magazine May 2024 Market

Deadline: May 31st, 2024
Payment: 4 cents per word, 1/2 cent per word for reprints, $25 for poetry, $40 for non-fiction, $150 for cover art
Theme: speculative fiction, poetry, and non-fiction
Note: Apologies for the late posting, we’ve only just stumbled across this market!
Note: Reprints Welcome

Trollbreath Magazine is a journal of speculative fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, publishing electronic issues on a quarterly schedule. Our interests are as varied as the endless amount of genres, from dark fantasy to hope punk to surrealism, and everything in between. We have a particular fondness for slipstream and fabulism in all their delightful forms, but what motivates us most are great stories by wonderful authors eager to share their visions of the past, the future, the in between, and everything that lies outside the margins. Coloring beyond the lines encouraged.

Examples of stories we particularly love (but there are too many to include):


Taking Submissions: Black Cat Tales (Early)

Submission Window: June 1st – July 15th, 2024
Payment: $50 for story, $25 for poem
Theme: Speculative fiction including a black cat

A black cat approaches, do you eagerly cross its path, or run in the opposite direction? From the superstitious to the unlucky, from a witch’s familiar to a soul stealing grave robber, black cats have captured our imagination and remain solidly in the realm of the dark.

Dazzle us with your best black cat story or poem. A black cat or a clowder of black cats must be featured predominantly in your story and not simply set decoration. Think outside of the box and show us something we haven’t seen before.


Ongoing Submissions: Centaur

Payment: $20
Theme: A mashup of fiction with prose poetry or nonfiction, also known as hybrid. Fantasy, reality, and everything in between.
Note: Only one submission every three months.

Centaur is on the lookout for writing that’s inspired, bold, and surprising. With four seasonal issues a year, and up to eight pieces in each, there’s only room for your best 400 words or fewer. Learn more about Centaur in the interview Six Questions.


Centaur’s pledge to its writers and artists

  • You will not pay a submission fee. Ever. You’ll get a nice acceptance or an equally nice decline within two months of story or artwork submission. (If you don’t hear from Centaur, check your spam folder. Every submission receives a response!)
  • Writers: Centaur will nominate pieces for each of the annual literary competitions or anthologies, including Best Small Fictions, Best Microfiction, and Best of the Net.
  • Additionally, your editor will light her Dolly Parton candle for Centaur’s writers at each issue’s launch, in hopes that your work may be honored and anthologized elsewhere. (Please just credit Centaur as first publisher.)
  • Centaur will feature its author and artist books on its Bookstore page.
  • Your published story or art will be its own prize—shined (copyedits on stories), shown (social media), and shared (however, all rights reserved and rights revert to creator upon publication).
  • Your published story or art will receive $20 in payment and a fortune in goodwill.


Taking Submissions: The Orange & Bee Issue #2

Deadline: May 31st, 2024
Payment: Flash & Fiction: 8 cents per word, Poetry: $50, other written options, 8 cents per word
Theme: All styles and genres when it comes to fairy tales

Submissions are currently OPEN for Issue #2. This window will close at midnight AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on 31 May 2024.

Upcoming submission windows

  • Submission window for Issue #3: 1 to 14 August (closes midnight AEST on 14 August)
  • Submission window for Issue #4: 1 to 14 November (closes midnight AEST on 14 November)

What we are looking for

We are especially interested in work from or about diverse perspectives and traditionally under-represented groups, settings, and cultures, written from a non-exoticising and well-researched position.

Please read the FULL guidelines below for the type of submission you are sending us, and our preferences in terms of format and cover letters. Currently, we only accept original, unpublished work. We have a swift turnaround time on submissions (about two weeks), and so ask that you do not submit your work to other markets while it is under consideration for The Orange & Bee.


Taking Submissions: New Myths Second 2024 Window

Submission Window: June 1st -July 31st, 2024
Payment: 3 cents/word with a minimum payment of $50 for all submissions, fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Book reviews for $50. Art for $80.
Theme: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Reading past issues is the best way to know if your submission is a good fit for

We like to balance each quarterly issue between science fiction and fantasy, dark and light, serious and humorous, hard and soft science fiction, and longer and shorter works.
Our readers are not fixated on a single style or tone or genre, but prefer a quality sample of the field. Think tapas or dim sum. Maximum length is 10,000 words. Please keep submissions PG or cleaner.

Submission Period

New Myths considers submissions between January 1-February 28 and June 1-July 31. 

Artwork, requests for book reviews, and other correspondence can be submitted at any time. 

Book Reviews

NewMyths publishes original book reviews. No reprints, please.

Reviews should be between 500-1,000 words. We prefer reviews of novels published within the past year but also consider reviews of older works, and reviews of poetry collections, anthologies, and nonfiction works related to fantasy and science fiction. Pay is $50.

Send inquiries to Candy at [email protected].


NewMyths publishes several book reviews per year, and we’d like to publish more. Unfortunately, with several thousand submissions per year, our hardworking editors don’t have a lot of time to review novels. If you are an author, agent or publisher, and have a novel or other work related to fantasy and science fiction that you would like to have reviewed, send an inquiry to Scott at [email protected]. If you don’t receive an answer, please assume that we simply don’t have the staff to review it. A solution might be to find someone who can write a review and submit it to us for consideration.


Taking Submissions: The First Line – Fall 2024

Deadline: August 1st, 2024
Payment: $25.00 – $50.00 for fiction, $5.00 – $10.00 for poetry
Theme: Story must begin with: “When she was eight, Alice Henderson briefly held the world record for filling her mouth with marbles.”

When she was eight, Alice Henderson briefly held the world record for filling her mouth with marbles.
Due date: August 1, 2024

We love that writers around the world are inspired by our first lines, and we know that not every story will be sent to us. However, we ask that you do not submit stories starting with our first lines to other journals (or post them online on public sites) until we’ve notified you as to our decision (usually four weeks after the deadline). When the entire premise of the publication revolves around one sentence, we don’t want it to look as if we stole that sentence from another writer. If you have questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Also, we understand that writers may add our first line to a story they are currently working on or have already completed, and that’s cool. But please do not add our first line to a previously published story and submit it to us. We do not accept previously published stories, even if they have been repurposed for our first lines. And, just to be clear, we do not accept simultaneous submissions.


Taking Submissions: Diet Milk Magazine Fall/Winter 2024 Issue Window (Early)

Submission Window: June 1st – July 8th, 2024
Payment: $15 per poem, $0.01 per word ($40 minimum) for short stories, and $50 per art piece via PayPal.
Theme: Gothic short stories, poetry, and artwork

Diet Milk Magazine is a biannual literary magazine devoted to Gothic prose, poetry, and art. Neatly genred or genre-bending, classically styled or modern, we want your prettiest, most pungent dread.

Give us withering romance, creatures that lurk and lure, families to be feared and houses that haunt; give us isolation and creeping, oppressive unwellness. Quietly thrill, terrify, and leave us wanting more.


Taking Submissions: The Number 50 Spring 2024 Window

Deadline: July 1st, 2024
Payment: 2 cents per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Poetry of any genre under 50 words in length
Note: Reprints welcome

Please send no more than five poems of no more than 50 words each. Many long poems are brilliant, but if they are more than 50 words (including title), send ’em elsewhere. We’re all about the number 50 here. Subject matter and theme are open to all possibiliies–except (and in a perfect world, this would not need to be said, but, alas . . .)–send nothing that advocates in favor of the ugly themes: racism, sexism, bigotry, hate speech of any sort, transphobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, etc. No animal cruelty or gratuitous violence. If you have an anti-racist/anti-cruelty, etc., poem you want to submit, send it along. Please, no AI-generated material of any sort. Tasteful hints of erotica may be acceptable, but pornographic material is not for The Number Fifty. We’re not allergic to laughter and are happy to consider comic or humorous poems. If more poets and editors had a sense of humor, poetry might be more popular.