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Taking Submissions: Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth

Deadline: August 7th, 2021
Payment: 8 cents per word (USD), plus a pro-rata share of 50% of royalties.
Theme: speculative stories on the theme of plants and growth, featuring queer characters
Note: Apologies for the short window, just stumbled across this one.

The basics

Editors: Isabela Oliveira (she/her) and Jed Sabin (they/them)
Deadline: Saturday, August 7th, at 9pm Pacific
Length: We’ve set the upper limit at 10,000 words to allow for flexibility, but most acceptances are likely to be under 7,000 words. There is no minimum.
Rate: We pay a minimum of 8 cents per word (USD), plus a pro-rata share of 50% of royalties.
Simultaneous submissions: No, please do not submit an original (non-reprint) story anywhere else while we are considering it.
Multiple submissions: Yes, you may submit up to 3 stories to us at once (filling out the submission form separately for each story). There is no limit on total number of submissions as long as there are not more than 3 under consideration at one time.
Reprints: We will consider previously published stories, including those that have been self-published online, as long as previous publication is disclosed in the submission form. Reprints are paid at the same rate as originals. Audio rights must be available.
Identity statements: We do not require or expect authors to disclose queer or other identities to us, and if authors do choose to share their identities, we will not disclose that information to others without permission.

We aim to respond to every submission by the end of August.

Taking Submissions: Asian Ghost Short Stories

Deadline: August 1st, 2021
Payment: 8 cents/6 pence per word for new stories and 6 cents/4 pence per word for reprints.
Theme: Asian Ghost Short Stories
Note: Looking for writers of Asian heritage
Note: Reprints Welcome

We’re delighted to announce a new call for submissions which is now open! The theme is Asian Ghost Short Stories – a chance for writers of Asian heritage around the world to explore their culture of ghostly folklore and offer fresh stories. Please read through the details for submissions carefully before submitting your stories and make sure to include the project name in the subject of your email.

Gothic Fantasy Short Stories


Taking Submissions: THEMA – Get It Over With!

Deadline: November 1st, 2021
Payment: short story, $25; short-short piece (up to 1000 words), $10; poem, $10
Theme: Get It Over With!
Note: Reprints Welcome

Upcoming premises (target themes) and deadlines for submission [postmarked]:

  • Watch the Birdie! (July 1, 2021)
  • Get It Over With! (November 1, 2021)
  • To the Pond (March 1, 2022)

To download a PDF file of the guidelines, click here .


NOTE: Previously published pieces are welcome, provided that the submission fits the theme and that the author owns the copyright.

Taking Submissions: Slash-Her

Deadline: October 1st, 2021
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Slasher stories!
Note: Reprints accepted
Note: Open to anyone who identifies as a woman

SLASH-HER open call for submissions 


With Volume 3 of our Women of Horror series doing well and Volume 4 currently in editing, we are delighted to announce our next project – Slash-Her.

Slash-Her is a Women of Horror slasher anthology which is a mixture of invite and submissions. The foreword, cover and TOC so far will all be revealed in time, but we can tell you that everyone involved is very excited about this.

I (Janine) will be editing in the main on this project but for anyone choking on their coffee at the thought of that, Jill will be holding my hand throughout the entire process. 

We would like to see varied interpretations of this genre. Of course, we (Janine!) are hoping to see some splatterpunk submissions but this anthology will be filled to the brim with nuance. Wow us with your quiet horror, surprise us with your humour. You want an axe wielding soccer mom who has had enough of the other yummy mummies with their lattes, do your worst! Show us what you believe women can bring to the slasher sub-genre.

We also want this to be as diverse as possible and are looking for own voices to bring a unique twist to their narrative. 

 Open to anyone who identifies as a woman and we encourage all writers, whether you have pages of previous publications or still looking for your first acceptance.

This book will be published March 2022.

DETAILS: (more…)

Ongoing Submissions: The Society of Misfit Stories Magazine

Payment: $50, $25 for reprints
Theme: All speculative genres (horror, fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, steampunk, magical realism, etc), as well as mysteries, thrillers, and action-adventure stories.
Note: Reprints Welcome


The Society of Misfit Stories is a journal published three times a year. We are interested in all speculative genres (horror, fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, steampunk, magical realism, etc), as well as mysteries, thrillers, and action-adventure stories.

Stories should be between 5,000-20,000 words in length. 

Payment details:

Previously published short stories: $25 for the non-exclusive, perpetual right to publish the story in the assigned issue. 

Original, unpublished short stories: $50 for non-exclusive, perpetual rights to publish the story in the assigned issue.

Send Submissions to

[email protected]

General Guidelines for All Projects

All submissions must be electronic only. We do not accept hard copies of submissions.

Stories must be complete, stand-alone stories. We will consider stories that are part of an existing setting (for example, a “prequel” story that ties into an author’s novel) but the story must be self-contained and have a clear conclusion. No “cliffhanger” stories.

The subject line of the submission should indicate the name of the publication you are submitting for and the title of the story.


Bards and Sages Quarterly: Title of My Story

The Society of Misfit Stories: Title of My Story

This is very important to make sure that your story is processed correctly. I get hundreds of emails A DAY regarding everything from legitimate business correspondence to not-so-legitimate SPAM. So that I can get your story routed to the correct reviewer, please make sure that the project and name of your story are in the subject line.

Bards and Sages Quarterly can be abbreviated to BASQ and The Society of Misfit Stories can be abbreviated to TSMS to accommodate long story titles. Best Indie Speculative Fiction can be abbreviated to BISF.

Body of the email. Please include the following information:


Taking Submissions: Mysterion Fall 2021

Submission Window: July 1st – July 31st, 2021
Payment: 8 cents/word and 4 cents/word for reprints
Theme: Speculative stories–science fiction, fantasy, horror–with Christian themes, characters, or cosmology
Note: Reprints welcome

Fiction Guidelines

Technical details

  • Stories can be up to 9000 words (thanks, Patreon supporters!). This is a hard limit–our submission system will enforce it.
  • We pay 8 cents/word for original stories (or original translations of stories that have not previously appeared in English), and 4 cents/word for reprints (thanks again, Patreon!).
    • Authors are paid once we’ve agreed on edits and signed a contract, prior to earliest publication (generally on our Patreon page).
  • We are seeking 6 months’ exclusive worldwide publication rights for original works (with exceptions for established Best of the Year anthologies), and non-exclusive worldwide print and electronic rights thereafter for both original works and reprints.
    • We want to publish your story online in our webzine and keep it there indefinitely.
    • We’re also acquiring the right to offer ebook versions of the stories we publish, as Patreon rewards or for purchase; and to publish a print and ebook anthology of all the stories that appeared in the webzine over a given 1- or 2-year period.
    • For original fiction, we want to be the only place publishing it for the first 6 months; after that, you’re welcome to publish it anywhere else in any format you like.
  • No multiple or simultaneous submissions.
    • If multiple writers co-write a story, we consider each distinct group of writers a different submitter. In other words, if two people co-write a story, and they submit the co-written story, and each of them also submits a story written on their own, that would not violate our no multiple submissions policy. Submitting two stories co-written by the same two people would violate our no multiple submissions policy.
  • Don’t resubmit a story we’ve rejected unless we request revisions.
  • We hope to have responded to everyone within three months of the submission window’s closing. Feel free to query ([email protected]) if it’s been longer than three months since the end of the submission period.
  • Format requirements:
    • Stories must be double spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Courier font.
    • The story title, your byline, a word count, and contact information should appear on the first page, and your last name, story title, and page number should appear in the header information of all other pages.
    • If you want to make our lives easier, our preferred format is Times New Roman, italics for emphasis, one space after periods and colons, smart quotes, m-dashes instead of double hyphens, and first line of paragraph indented 0.5″ in Paragraph formatting instead of with the Tab key. But we aren’t that particular about any of this when evaluating your stories.
  • Stories should be submitted via the Moksha submissions system:
  • Submit your stories in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.
  • Your cover letter should contain a list of your three or four most prestigious publications (if any), and any pertinent biographical details: tell us if you’re an astronaut writing about space travel, but not if you’re an astronaut writing about the elf-dwarf war. Invert that if you’re an elf. If you’ve met us in person, feel free to mention it. Finally, let us know if the story is previously published and where it first appeared–even if it appeared on your blog or Twitter feed. Don’t try to summarize your story or explain why it’s a good fit for our publication (if it’s a good fit, we should be able to tell by reading it).


Theme guidelines

  • The story must have a speculative element. It needs something beyond the everyday. We love science fiction and fantasy, enjoy good ghost stories, and think there’s great fiction material hidden in the mysteries of Christian theology–cherubim, leviathan, nephilim, visions, prophecy, and more.
  • The story must engage with Christianity. We want stories with Christian characters whose faith affects their actions, with Christian themes such as grace and redemption, or with a Christian view of the supernatural. Note that we’re not saying that you must be a Christian. We are not in a position to judge your faith and won’t try, and we welcome submissions from authors of all backgrounds and perspectives. Nor does your story need to be unambiguously pro-Christian. If you can tell a good story that meaningfully engages with Christianity, we want to read it.
  • We publish accepted stories submitted in January between July and December that year, and stories submitted in July between January and June of the next year. If your story is seasonal (Christmas, Easter, Presidents’ Day), please take this into consideration.
  • Read more about what we’re looking for in our Theme Guidelines.
  • For even more information, see our posts on what we want or read the stories we’ve published so far.

Via: Mysterion.

Taking Submissions: Halloween Horror: Volume 3

Deadline: July 31st, 2021
Payment: $20, $5 for reprints
Theme: Spooky, scary, gross, funny, dark, or demented tales about Halloween!
Note: Reprints accepted

Halloween Horror: Volume 3

It’s time for another round of Halloween Horror! Same as last year, we’re looking for spooky, scary, gross, funny, dark, or demented tales all about our favorite holiday, Halloween. We look forward to reading your stories about the horrors lurking in the dark on All Hallows’ Eve.

Deadline: July 31st, 2021

Payment: $20 plus electronic contributor copy.

$5 plus electronic contributor copy for reprints.

Word count: 2,000 – 15,000 (A little over or under is fine)


Important Bits

Taking Submissions: Cosmic Crime Stories 2022

Deadline: December 31st, 2021
Payment: $25 for original stories, $10 for reprints
Theme: Tales of future crimes and future detectives
Notes: Reprints welcome

An anthology of tales of future crimes and detectives

Open to submission as of 1 May 2021 until 31 December 2021.

Writers and Artists Guidelines

Hiraeth Publishing is looking for stories and illustrations for Cosmic Crime Stories 2022, a print anthology of tales of future crimes and future detectives. This anthology is tentatively scheduled to be published on 1 June 2022 in trade paperback format with a color cover, and black and white interior illustrations. The editor is Tyree Campbell.

Please note that crime fiction written in the third person stands the best chance for acceptance.