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Taking Submissions: Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology

Deadline: December 31st, 2021
Payment: $25 and a contributor’s copy
Theme: Empowering fat characters within the horror community

Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology

Edited by Sonora Taylor and Nico Bell

SUBMISSIONS: September 15 – December 31, 2021

Publication Date: Summer 2022

Send submissions to [email protected]


It’s time to reclaim the “f” word. Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology is dedicated to empowering fat characters within the horror community. Give us your rage over weigh-ins, your detest over detox cleanses, your rebellion against diet culture. Give us bad-ass characters who own their size and never apologize for taking up space. This is a horror anthology, so be sure to have your character in some kind of horror story–but, we are open to what that story is! We welcome haunted houses, ghost stories, creature features, splatterpunk, serial killers, witches, monsters, you name it. Just make sure your story features at least one fat protagonist. Fat people are often degraded in literature, especially in horror. It’s disheartening to see someone’s natural body be portrayed as disgusting and inherently bad. Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology aims to give that trope the heartiest “fuck you” that our big selves can muster. So go on, send us what you’ve got!


Taking Submissions: It Calls From the Veil

Deadline: October 31st, 2021
Payment: .01 per word after approved edits up to $60 CAD, $15 CAD for reprints
Theme: What can give you nightmares (see below for expanded description)

“It Calls From the Veil”

Submission Open: September 1, 2021

Submission Close:  October 31, 2021

Publishing timeline:  2022

HORROR – May have elements of Dark Fantasy, Dark Fiction and Cosmic horror. But must have the intention to scare the readers.


Taking Submissions: Dark Secrets

Deadline: October 31st, 2021
Payment: $10
Theme: Secrets that are darker than others

We all have secrets. We all have dark stories and hidden truths we hide from others. But some secrets are darker than others.

Join Madhouse Books in this upcoming anthology of short, horror stories of sinister secrets and hidden evil. We are seeking stories of the evil of mankind. We are not seeking stories with paranormal elements. Think serial killers, secret identities, and hidden pasts. (more…)

Taking Submissions: Circlet Press Halloween Microfictions 2021

Deadline: October 6th, 2021
Payment: $5 for stories under 1,000 words and $10 for stories 1,000 words to 1,500 words.
Theme: Rebirth, renewal, resurrection with an erotic element for Halloween

On November 1st of last year I made a very heartfelt post surmising that the Circlet Press Halloween Microfictions had met their end. We were in the thick of the pandemic and Circlet Press had been bought out by Riverdale Avenue Books. Our understanding, at that time, was that we would eventually lose control of the website and no longer have posting access. Bye, bye, microfictions.

Life has a funny way of doing what it wants to do though. Due to circumstances out of everyone’s control we’re still here and still have posting access. So why not make the best of it?

Taking Submissions: Stories of the Eye (Early)

Submission Window: November 1st, 2021, to November 30th, 2021.
Payment: $0.02 per word plus a physical copy upon publication
Theme: Horror stories that explore the complex relationships between artists and models.

We didn’t know if we’d do it again, but Weirdpunk is finally publishing a new anthology with an open call.

Stories of the Eye will be edited by Sam Richard (Sabbath of the Fox-Devils, Wonderland Award-Winning To Wallow in Ash & Other Sorrows) and Joanna Koch (The Wingspan of Severed Hands, Shirley Jackson Award-Nominated The Couvade). It will be published in 2022. Read on for info.

Weirdpunk Books is seeking horror stories that explore the complex relationships between artists and models. Go beyond the male gaze. Show us the queer gaze, the disabled gaze, the un-colonialized gaze, the intergalactic gaze. Turn the model’s gaze on the artist or audience. Explore the power of images, why we bring them to life or destroy them through duplication and representation, and how the act of creating changes them and changes us. Invent a future art form or resurrect a forgotten handicraft. Define “model” as widely and surprisingly as you like: people, objects, trees, oceans, ideas. Examine obsession, violence, commitment, love, or indifference. Give us a botanical illustrator on an unknown planet, a modern-day Gericault shipwrecked in a studio with body parts becoming medical waste, a necromancing choreographer, or a performance artist looking for that one special element to transcend reality in a final postmodernist feat of madness.


Taking Submissions: Noir, Shattering the Glass Slipper, and Brave New Worlds

Deadline: December 31st, 2021
Payment: 8 cents per word

  • Noir: Science fiction, fantasy, or urban fantasy stories with a detective/private investigator set-up and a noir atmosphere
  • Shattering the Glass Slipper: Stories of known fairy tales that have been upended, gender-bent, or twisted around in some way.
  • Brave New Worlds: Science fiction stories set along the pathway of us leaving Earth for the stars.


The NOIR, SHATTERING THE GLASS SLIPPER, and BRAVE NEW WORLDS anthology Kickstarter (back us at has hit its goal!  If you have a story idea that fits one of the anthology themes, write it up, revise it, polish it, and send it in for consideration.  I’ve posted the guidelines below.


Taking Submissions: Death in the Mouth

Deadline: November 1st, 2021
Payment: 8 cents a word
Theme: a horror anthology showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world.


What is horror to those living in the margins?

Where terror is systematized and in the very air everyone happily breathes?

A misheard word.
The thud of boots.
An impossible color.
A foreign growth.

DEATH IN THE MOUTH is a horror anthology showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world. It will feature twenty prose stories spanning from the distant past to the far future, real and fictive worlds, all while exploring new and unique manifestations of horror. Each story will also be accompanied by an original black and white illustration by a unique artist.

Taking Submissions: Grim & Dread

Deadline: October 5th, 2021
Payment: US: $40 and a contributor’s copy / non-US: $45
Theme: Short stories that give Grimm’s Fairy Tales a unique and creative twist

Quill & Crow Publishing House is putting together their third anthology just in time for the end of the year when the leaves are dead and the wind becomes chill.

For this anthology, we are looking for short stories (5,000 – 8,000 words) that give Grimm’s Fairy Tales a unique and creative twist – extra points for maintaining a Gothic feel. We are excited to see some of the less common stories come to life and even more excited to see some of the horrific aspects of the original tales come back in a fresh way.

Things we are looking for: