June 2023: Tarot Card Reading for Writers and Creators

Summer is often a time of increased activity, as the warmer weather beckons many of us out-of-doors. However, in other parts of the world, winter is descending upon the landscape, and is often symbolic of a time of reflection and quieter pastimes. I think, however, that the elemental energies are causing a period of transition on a more universal scale, which means that no matter which season you’re in, it’s a good time to reflect—to find, and redefine, yourself in ways that best support you and your intrinsic self. In response to this potential time of transition, I thought I’d offer up a clarity “check-in” reading to other writers and creators visiting this site.

And, of course…Happy Pride Month! (Please note that while the cards contain gender specifications in the names of the cards, I’ve striven to keep my reading gender neutral and inclusive.)

Deck: The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot by Kim Krans https://bookshop.org/p/books/the-wild-unknown-pocket-tarot-with-book-s-kim-krans/16137237?ean=9780063113732

Daughter of Wands: This card is indicative of someone with great power, talent, ability, and knowledge, but, perhaps, has not found the right venue where they can show off all their collected skills and learned/natural aptitude. It becomes more important to find their place in the world, since, as they reach a mature stage in their life, they are less willing to be dismissed, ignored, and/or taken for granted. I’m interpreting this card’s advice to mean that if the environment continues to dismiss you and overlook all your hard work and contributions to the workplace (or even within a family/friends structure) it may be time to reconnect with things that you are passionate about, and begin the process to build a life that satisfies you—and only you. You’re worth it!

XIV Temperance (Reversed): This card typically represents balance, harmony and moderation. But, as it was reversed, I’m going to say “the hell with moderation”. I don’t mean, necessarily, to go on a huge shopping spree (especially if you’re on a budget); rather, to use that voracious, fierce, fire energy to cleanse away all the elements you’ve determined are nonessential, or do not support you and your core self (especially after the period of reflection I’ve referenced above). This could be a good time to do some lifestyle housecleaning…or embark on that round-the-world trip you’ve always wanted to take!

Nine of Pentacles: Speaking of fulfilling your dreams, the Nine of Pentacles is here to remind you that it’s got your back. The energy shift over the next month is optimum for making your wildest, most seemingly improbable, dreams come true! Play the lottery if you like, but also find more tangible ways to implement your dreams into your daily life. Take courses at a community college, sign up for classes at your local library or community center, attend virtual workshops in areas that interest you, or even go back to school full time. Your wish-fulfillment guardians will definitely there on the sidelines, cheering you on the whole time.

Father of Pentacles: In the past, you may have found yourself being the reliable one, the practical one that shows up on time, is there for your friends and family when they need you, and is also always there with a listening ear (and a nice cup of hot tea).  You may have gravitated towards professions that channel this energy, and you’ve supported others through things like nursing or teaching. Which is why you may find it hard to emerge from behind the scenes and blaze into the spotlight. But there is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself, or putting yourself first for once, and, as I mentioned in my Nine of Pentacles interpretation above, exploring ways to make your wildest dreams come true. It’s okay to realize that even as industrious as you are, you can get burned out. So, at the very least, book yourself a spa retreat, or an author/artist retreat where you get to focus purely on you and your creativity…and self.

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