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Less than Semi-Pro rates

Taking Submissions: Hellbound Books’ Anthology of Flash Fiction

Deadline: August 30th, 2024
Payment: $5
Theme: Horror, Noir, and all Things Dark, up to 1,500 words

Announcing a new venture into short horror fiction – curated by Theresa Scott-Matthews.

We are looking for the very best short horror fiction stories – up to 1,500 words (approximately – we’re not going to to turn away cracking tales for being a tad over the word count!).

Anything goes, subject-wise, as long as it fits HellBound Books’ “Horror, Noir, and all Things Dark” philosophy!


Taking Submissions: Fear’s Accomplice Volume 2

Deadline: June 1st, 2024
Payment: £5
Theme: All styles or horror, likes the types of tales you’d see in Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone, and similar

There is no theme. As long as your story is in the horror genre, I’m interested. Check out Fear’s Accomplice Volume 1 or Fear’s Accomplice: Halloween to get an idea of style. Think of Tales from the Crypt, Twighlight Zone, and similar. I want variation. Don’t be afraid of violence or strong language, though. You’re free to write any style of horror you choose.

Zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc, are more than welcome, but they are something of a hard sell. Make it unique or interesting.


Taking Submissions: Skin

Deadline: May 31st, 2024
Payment: £0.005 per word (Low pay is due to being a charity anthology for skin cancer.)
Theme: Speculative stories that include skin

We’re looking for stories (2-5k words) on the theme of skin (after all, we are skeletons, we crave what we lack).

Take the prompt as literally or as abstractly as you like.

We tend to prefer speculative, surreal, supernatural, dark fiction with creeping, poetic, dread-inducing prose, and endings we can’t predict, but we’re open to all subgenres of dark fiction.

Elements of sci-fi and/or fantasy are fine, as long as your story veers towards the dark. We are not, however, the market for violent, bloody, racist, homophobic, or masochistic fiction.

If you want an idea of what sort of story we publish (my oh my, it is an eclectic collection), why not check out any of our other publications? Links can be found by clicking on the Books tab at the top of this page.

Deadline: May 31st 2024 (midnight, last place on earth) or until full. 

One piece per author – send us your best!

No reprints. No AI fiction.

£0.005 per word (after edits).

Profits made during the year of publication will go to a skin cancer charity.


Taking Submissions: Hellbound Books’ Anthology of Horror

Deadline: June 1st, 2024
Payment: $5
Theme: General horror

No set theme or subjects for this anthology – just good, well-told horror and tales of terror! You can be classical, traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between – just scare the pants off our compiling editors!

Ongoing Submissions: StoSo Times and StoSo Ink

Payment: Contributor’s Copy and $5
Theme: Speculative fiction – that is stories and poems and art in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and any combination thereof.

StoSo Press is currently seeking submissions for our new publications StoSo Times and StoSo Ink.

StoSo Times is a monthly online publication that specializes in the genres of Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror. StoSo Times will be sent first as a newsletter edition, then shared on our website as part of StoSo Ink. Our goal is to publish at least one story and one poem per genre on our online editions. Every 12 months we will include the year’s publications in a print anthology.

Eventually we plan to expand into publishing novels and nonfiction as it relates to SFFH, such as thought-provoking essays, book reviews and recommendations, author interviews, excerpts from forthcoming books, and other noteworthy industry news. Additionally, we intend to release more SFFH anthologies, video and audio content to further explore the realms of speculative fiction.

If you’re interested in volunteering as a slush reader (or other role) please reach out.

Detailed instructions for submitting to StoSo Press follow.



Taking Submissions: The Quarterly Journal – In The Dark

Deadline: January 31st, 2024
Payment: $5
Theme: What happens in the dark? What lurks there? Show me those intimate moments—or the ones that will freak me the fuck out. Or any combination therein.

A Literary Journal with Some Art, Comics, and Analysis Thrown in for Good Measure
As Quarter Press continues to grow, we’re adding another coin to our pocketful of change. We want to offer a space for shorter works to mingle with art and other bits of nonsense, so we bring you The Quarter(ly): It just makes cents.

Issues are themed; however, we consider all interpretations.
Please Note: All submission windows may be closed early if “full.”

2024’s Themes and Deadlines:

In the Dark (Jan. 31)


Ongoing Submissions: StoSo Times

Payment: $5
Theme: Speculative fiction – that is stories and poems and art in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and any combination thereof.

StoSo accepts submissions on a rolling basis — no reading periods and no reading/submission fees!

All submissions will be considered for both StoSo Times and StoSo Ink.

All submissions should follow proper manuscript format (modern edition, preferably). Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]. Please attach all submissions in .doc format—we will not accept submissions embedded in the body of email. Include your bio in your cover letter. The subject line of your email should follow this format: SUBMISSION: [TITLE] (GENRE) (PROSE/POEM)

If your submission is selected for publication, you may receive an email from the Editor-in-Chief with suggested edits. Once edits are agreed upon, the piece will be scheduled for publication.

What We Publish: We’re looking for speculative fiction – that is stories and poems and art in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and any combination thereof.


Contest: The Drabble Harvest Contest

Deadline: June 30th, 2023
Prizes: $5 for first place, $2 for second place, all others accepted are $1 per drabble
Theme: A drabble with the idea of: Space Station Duty-Free

A “drabble” is defined as a short story containing exactly precisely no more and no fewer than 100 words. It has a title, which can be from 1 to 15 words– but no more than 15. That’s a drabble.

You have to count each word. Hyphenated words, such as tete-a-tete, count as one word. Don’t use your word count tool to count the words, because that tool will count an ellipsis ( . . . ) as three words, which really should not be counted at all. It will also count dashes ( – ) as words, which is wrong. So count each word by sight, not by tool.

Our drabble contests have themes. For each contest, we will simply throw the theme out there. Whatever the theme inspires you to write, that’s what you write.

The theme of this contest is:

Space Station Duty-Free

This should be self-explanatory. What would people/aliens try to smuggle in? Or out?