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Semi-Pro Rates

Taking Submissions: NonBinary Review #38

Deadline: November 1st, 2024
Payment: 1 cent per word for fiction, $10 per poem, $25 for artwork, $50 for cover art
Theme: Rituals
Note: Reprints Welcome

NonBinary Review is currently open for submissions on the theme of RITUALS.

Often, when we think of rituals, we think of robed, hooded figures standing around a large symbol of power etched into the floor, trying to summon a deity who will grant them their every desire. At least, that’s what Hollywood would have us believe. But the truth is that much of our lives is dictated by rituals. The Brushing of the Teeth, The Making of the Coffee, The Feeding of the Pets, The After-Work Drinks, The Watching of the Baking Show – we all have aspects of our lives where we insist on things being done just so, turning something otherwise mundane into a ritual. Rituals can be comforting, or they can be confining. They can help us make sense of our habits, and they can look strange to outside observers.

We want the best speculative takes on ritual – weird rituals, unexpected rituals, little-known rituals. We want to hear not just how rituals are enacted, but where they come from, how they get started, and what unintended consequences happen as a result.


Taking Submissions: Solar Punk Magazine July 2024 Window

Submission Window: July 1st – 14th, 2024
Payment: Fiction: 1500-7500 words ($.08 per word, $100 minimum), Poetry: One poem of up to three pages ($40 per poem), Nonfiction: 1000-2000 words ($75 per essay or article), Cover Art: $100 for reprints, $200 for original unpublished, Interior Art: $50 for reprints, $100 for original unpublished
Theme: Radically hopeful and optimistic science fiction and fantasy

(At the moment, our nonfiction department is current and always open for submissions. If the fiction portal is closed and you submit fiction through the open nonfiction portal, your submission will be rejected.)

All submissions to Solarpunk Magazine are done via Moksha. Any submissions received via email will be deleted without a response. Please don’t email us to describe your story and ask if it’s something we’d be interested in before submitting. We appreciate the consideration, but its easier if you just submit the story through Moksha.

In 2024, we are particularly looking for stories between 1,500 and 3,000 words. While our word limit remains 7,500, stories that fall between 1,500 and 3,000 will have a better chance of being selected for at least the first few submission periods in 2024.

Please read the full submission guidelines on down below or on our Moksha page before submitting your work. All submission periods end at 11:59 pm PST on the 14th of their given month.


Taking Submissions: Cosmic Horror Monthly July 2024 Window (Early Listing)

Submission Window: July 1st – 17th, 2024
Payment: 3 cents per word for fiction and non-fiction, $20 for interior artwork and $100 for cover art
Theme: Weird and cosmic fiction

What do we want?

Weird and cosmic fiction under 5,000 words

When do we want it?

Twice a year: January 1-7 and July 1-17

How do we want it?

Submitted via email to [email protected] as a .doc or .docx file. Please also include a short cover letter with some background information about you, the word count of the story, and a brief synopsis.

Other Stuff!

Please only submit your work once, and please only submit one work per submission period. Please only resubmit works that have already been rejected if invited to do so.

We believe that the horror genre’s diversity is its greatest strength, and we wish that viewpoint to be reflected in our story content and our submission queues. We are especially interested in hearing from those whose voices are underrepresented in the cosmic/weird. If comfortable, feel free to drop this information in your cover letter.

We strongly favor stories that use contemporary narrative styles.


Taking Submissions: PUNK goes HORROR

Submission Window: August 1st – 25th for all authors with an extended window of August 26th – 31st for authors from from marginalized communities
Payment: 5 cents per word and a contributor’s copy
Theme: A punk/emo/rock song for inspiration, and which creatively channels that song’s ‘energy’ into a horror short story


A Mixtape of Musically Inspired Goth-Rock-Horror Bangers

Published by Truborn Press

Edited by William Sterling



This is an open submission call for a fiction anthology.

Open call submission window opens August 1, 2024-August 25th, 2024.

Extended submission window exclusively for writers from marginalized communities August 26th, 2024-August 31st, 2024.

The anthology will be a mix of solicited stories and stories selected from the open call submission period.

What are we looking for?

Short fiction, between 2000 to 4000 words (firm limit), which uses a punk/emo/rock song for inspiration, and which creatively channels that song’s ‘energy’ into a horror short story.


Taking Submissions: Spooky Magazine Fall/Winter 2024 Issue

Deadline: July 13th, 2024
Payment: 1 cent per word and a contributor copy
Theme: Cozy horror. Fun horror. Classy horror. Dare we say, wholesome horror?

Cozy horror. Fun horror. Classy horror. Dare we say, wholesome horror?

Oxymoron? We don’t think so. One place you can start your exploration of this idea is an article from Nightmare Magazine penned by one of our co-founders.

But perhaps the easiest way to understand what we mean is to read stories by some of the old masters we love: Ray Bradbury, Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, Roald Dahl. Watch classic episodes of ThrillerThe Twilight Zone, and Night Gallery. Read old horror comics. Listen to radio dramas like SuspenseQuiet, Please, and Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Consume enough vintage horror, and you’ll probably begin to get an idea of the type of thing that’s likely to appeal to us.

In short, we’re looking to provide a space for a type of storytelling that has largely gone out of style – dark and scary, but playful and approachable with an emphasis on plot. For a concrete example of the kind of thing we’re likely to love, grab a copy of our first issue, ON SALE NOW! To clarify further, here’s a list of things we want and things we don’t, which may help you hit the sweet spot.


Taking Submissions: Songs from the Void

Deadline: August 31st, 2024
Payment: 5 cents per word
Theme: Short horror tales set in the bleakness of space

There’s nothing out here.

Out in the void. Just the infinite vacuous expanse between stars, the dead zone. We were interstellar when the core died. Just shut off. Leaving us stranded. We try to name the stars, (That one’s Arcturus, I think) but they all look the same out here. Identifying our own is pointless. It’s one pinprick of light amongst thousands. There’s no one to call to.

Not that they could hear from out here anyway.

It’s just the three of us, me on my own sled. The repairs have not gone well. Jasmine says she’s seen something moving out in that void. I’ve seen it too, sliding along in the black, always just within the peripheral. Tar, she says. More like blackened blood, bubbles coalescing from the void. It wants to be seen, but just barely. It’s just us … dear God, just us. I know it, and she knows it too.

There’s something out here.

Songs from the Void is an upcoming anthology of short horror tales set in the bleakness of space. We are seeking submissions for this anthology, which will see its launch on Kickstarter mid-2025.


Taking Submissions: The Earth Bleeds At Night

Deadline: June 30th, 2024
Payment: 5 cents per word
Theme: Your take on the idea of what “The Earth Bleeds At Night” means, some examples and samples below

​We want you to get creative with this one and use the title for inspiration.

Looking for a suggestion? Take the theme ‘earth’ and write us an eco-horror, go full body horror and run with the ‘bleeds’, or use “night” and give us your nighttime stalkers, your dark dwelling monsters… Whatever you decide and however you spin the title, remember to give us your best!


Ongoing Submissions: Big Smoke Pulp

Payment: 1₵ CAD per word.
Theme: Fun Pulp Stories from 99 to 7500 words

What We’re Looking For

Pulp stories are one thing above all else: Fun.We are not looking for flowery prose or character pieces without a plot.We’re looking for breakneck pacing, thrilling action and relatable characters in heaps of trouble. We’re looking for something that readers can’t put down because they can’t imagine not knowing where it ends.

We’re looking for PULP.There is no limitation on genre or content. Bring us your young adult romance, hard-nosed noir or epic sci-fi.As long as it follows the guidelines laid out here, we’ll want your stories.