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Being part of a Writing Group
Being part of a Writing Group

Semi-Pro Rates

Taking Submissions: The Drabblecast Fall 2022 Submission Window

Deadline: October 22nd, 2022
Payment: $.06/word, $.03/word for reprints – for stories in the 500 – 4,000 word range
Theme: All forms of speculative fiction, prefer ‘weird’ fiction

The Drabblecast is currently open for submissions until Oct. 22.

The Drabblecast is an award-winning online speculative fiction magazine and podcast that publishes “Strange Stories for Strange Listeners,” often also classified as “Weird Fiction.”

Loosely, this encompasses any and all genres, but largely centers around those of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

We’re looking for powerful stories that are simultaneously relatable and a good degree off the beaten path. We’re looking for stories that will work particularly well when read aloud and treated with full cast audio production. We’re looking for submissions that are humorous, bizarre, gross, disturbing, badass, interesting, and original — your favorite story that we both know would be a hit if only it found the right home.

We’ve been expecting you! Please wipe your feet on the various dismembered feet on your way in.


Taking Submissions: Under The Stairs

Deadline: October 31st, 2022
Payment: 3 cents per word
Theme: Homebound Horror

Ever felt like you weren’t alone in your own home? Like eyes were watching you through the walls and ceiling vents, or that if you just listened hard enough, you could hear footsteps creaking from the ceiling above you?

Home is where you’re supposed to feel safe. But what happens when that safety is violated? When something malignant – living, dead, or something that never lived at all – enters our most sacred of places and begins twisting it to use that safety against you?

You tell us.


Taking Submissions: This World Belongs to Us

Deadline: November 30th, 2022
Payment: 0.05 per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Horror stories about bugs

From Beyond Press is launching with a bang—or a squirm, or the sound of too many legs skittering in the dark. This World Belongs to Us is an anthology of horror stories about bugs, writ large—we’re not scientists, so spiders and slugs and scorpions (oh my!) are OK too. Watch the book trailer here!

This anthology will feature stories by Bram Stoker Award winner Kealan Patrick Burke, multiple Bram Stoker Award nominees Cynthia Pelayo and V. Castro, plus Paula D. AsheDonnie GoodmanFelix I.D. Dimaro, and Laurel Hightower, as well as a major rediscovery—John B.L. Goodwin‘s 1946 story The Cocoon, one of the creepiest stories ever written but out of print for more than 40 years. The eerie cover is by Jacob Blanchet.


Taking Submissions: Solarpunk Creatures (Early Listing)

Submission Window: October 1st – 31st, 2022
Payment: Fiction: $0.03 per word (USD) + contributor copy, Art: $100 (USD) for previously unpublished art; $50 for reprint art + contributor copy
Theme: Storytelling that centers nonhuman characters and positive multispecies interactions

Open for Submissions: October 1 – 31, 2022
Story Length: up to 7,000 words
Fiction: $0.03 per word (USD) + contributor copy
Art: $100 (USD) for previously unpublished art; $50 for reprint art + contributor copy

To imagine and build better futures, we’re championing a new wave of inclusive storytelling that centers nonhuman characters and positive multispecies interactions. Whether the setting is urban or rural or a space station, we’re looking for stories and artwork that put human-nonhuman or even nonhuman-nonhuman relations in the spotlight. We encourage creators to imagine nonhuman main characters, and we welcome narratives that acknowledge the agency of multispecies actors, both in the worldbuilding and in the plot. Because this is a solarpunk anthology, stories that acknowledge the realities of climate change and address those challenges through uplifting possibilities will have the best chance.

Taking Submissions: Dose of Dread October 2022 (Early Listing)

Submission Window: October 1st-15th, 2022
Payment:2 cents per word
Theme: Un-themed, general horror flash fiction. Preference to dread-inducing stories.


Submissions OPEN. Un-themed, general horror flash fiction. Preference to dread-inducing stories.

Length: 500 – 1,000 words. Firm.

Author Compensation: 2c/word, paid via PayPal. (Rounded to nearest whole dollar)


Taking Submissions: Fairy Tales from the Rock

Deadline: October 31st 2022
Payment: $0.01 CAD per word
Theme: Fairy tale short fiction
Note: Reprints Welcome

Over the last six years, the From the Rock series has become one of the preeminent anthology series’ in Atlantic Canada. We have been home to some amazing established talent and helped some new authors break through that have gone on to dominate their fields, becoming genre bestsellers in their own right. From the Rock is a title readers consistently ask for, review well, and is a great way for avid readers to get introduced to indie talent they might find interesting. Since 2018, each entry in the series has become a Canadian bestseller based on pre-orders alone!

We are currently accepting submissions for the tenth entry in this series: Fairy Tales from the Rock, to be available in Winter of 2023.

Editors Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance are scheduled to return to helm the project.

Many authors have expressed interest, but anyone can submit to be a part of this collection! Deadline is October 31 2022, but get your stories in as quick as you can, as it gives our wonderful editors more time to work with you and make sure it is as good as it can possibly be!

We’re looking for both fairy tales inspired by Newfoundland & Labrador culture, as well as new takes on popular fairy tales from the world over!


Taking Submissions: Project Briar Rose

Deadline: December 31st, 2022
Payment: 1c/word for accepted fiction. Half this for reprints, $100 (negotiable) for the cover illustration
Theme: A sci-fi retelling of the first half of Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), as it was told by the Grimm Bros. (Specific details below)

Submissions are now open for Project Briar Rose (working title) from Manawaker Studio, edited by CB Droege.

Project Briar Rose is an anthology focused on sci-fi stories about specific character traits. This volume will contain short stories only, though we will also accept submissions for cover art.

Some details

The book will be a sci-fi retelling of the first half of Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), as it was told by the Grimm Bros.

In Galilean Space, a Spincity administrator is bringing a new Android online. It is his plan that this android, codenamed Briar Rose and in a mechanical body resembling a young woman, will succeed him one day in running the city. He invites the most accomplished AI experts from 12 of the spincity’s 13 districts to a dinner party in celebration of Briar Rose; leaving out the expert from the 13th district because she is an unpleasant person. At the dinner, the experts, all women, each approach the android in turn, and program her with a personality trait that she will need to be a good person, and eventually also a good administrator of the city. As they do this, they each tell a story about a person who succeeded, thrived, or overcame adversity due to possessing this trait. When they are finished, the 13th expert shows up uninvited, imbues the android with one unpleasant trait, and tells a story in which such a trait would be needed. There will be a bit more, but that’s the context you’ll need to submit.


Taking Submissions: NonBinary Review #30

Deadline: November 1st, 2022
Payment: 1¢ per word, $10 flat for poetry, $25 flat for art
Theme: Family

NonBinary Review is open for submissions on the theme of “family.” Just as each of us carries many identities within us, each of us belongs to many families. There’s our family of origin, often complicated and tumultuous, that leaves an indelible impression on our physical selves (as powerfully expressed in the poetry of Philip Larkin). Some of us have foster or adoptive families that further complicated our childhood sense of ourselves in the world. There’s our family of choice, those people we gather to us to be our support system as we grow and change. There are families of affinity: people with whom we share common interests or experiences. But those aren’t the sum total of possibility.