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Taking Submissions: Madam Don’t Forget Your Sword

Deadline: July 30th, 2024
Payment: $5 and royalties
Theme: The story of a hero or villain’s sidekick

Madame, Don’t Forget Your Sword
Length: the target range is between 2000-6000 words.
Time: June 1st – July 30th
Pay per story: $5 + royalties

This anthology is dedicated to all the minions, sidekicks, and henchpeople: the ones responsible for getting the takeout, picking up the kids, and making sure that the evil plan actually works. The ones dedicated to showing how the monster works before the hero comes to save the day! Give them their spotlight: What drama happens when you work HR for a mad scientist? What happens if the sidekicks unionize? What if the red shirts accidentally don’t die?


Taking Submissions: Disability in Fantasy Anthology (Title TBD)

Deadline: June 20th, 2024
Payment: $100AUD
Theme: Traditional Fantasy that includes at least 1 character with a disbility
Note: You must self-identify as disabled (this includes neurodivergent, anxiety, and chronic illness).
Note: Apologies for the VERY low window, this only hit our inbox this morning so likely will only also be available to someone who has a story completed or nearly so.

Hello, and welcome to the submissions process for this anthology, created by Ella T Holmes. I’m so glad you may be interested in submitting! Below you will find all the information on the purpose of this anthology, the theme, submission guidelines, and more. Good luck, and have fun!





Disabled creatives face many barriers to entry into the publishing world, and our stories are often dismissed, erased, and told by people outside of our community. In light of recent online discourse about how “disabled people shouldn’t exist in fantasy” , I am facilitating this anthology (with the hopes that it is the first of more to come!) to serve as a metaphorical “screw you” to that outlandish take.

Disabled people should exist in fantasy because we exist in real life. It’s that simple.




Anthology Theme: Traditional Fantasy

“Traditional Fantasy” means fairy tale, folk tale, myth, legend, or fable. Imagine what kind of story might be passed down from generation to generation, whose origins have been lost to time. This can mean traditional “sword and sorcery”, something epic, something low-key and cosy and perfect for sharing around a hearth in a cottage in the woods. Take this theme and make it work!

Ultimately, the idea is to write disability into traditional spaces: we exist, and we have always existed.


See the SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES further down for information on what we’re not looking for at this time.



Of Metal and Magic is open for Novels, Novellas, and Short Story Collections

Deadline: July 31st, 2024
Payment: 50% cut of net royalties
Themes: Traditional/classic/high fantasy stories

We are delighted to report that we will be opening for submissions on June 1st! The window for submissions will remain open until July 31st, and we will be reviewing all types of work from novels to flash fiction, or anything in between.

Please keep in mind what we at OMAM do, and do not, publish. We want traditional fantasy stories. By this, we are largely focused on classic fantasy settings, as in second-world and pre-modern. We don’t want anything with modern technology (electricity, cars, modern weapons, magical doors in the London Underground, lovestruck vampires brooding on the roofs of skyscrapers, etc). Also, we do not want stories set on Earth, whether historical or mythological. That being said, our focus on classic settings does not at all preclude the exploration of new ideas inside those settings. Issues of class, sex, gender, racism, mental health, education, economics, politics, war, trauma are all welcome.

Indeed, we find that pre-modern, second-world settings are often idea for exploring such topics without being bogged down by technology or earthbound inferences. That being said, your story does not need to have a heavy social moral. If you just want to write a story about a hero who does hero stuff, that’s fine by us. Just make sure you have a great character arc, since character is what drives traditional fantasy.

Now, let’s dive into the details.


Taking Submissions: parABnormal Magazine 2024 – Second Call

Deadline: July 31st, 2024
Payment: Fiction: $25.00 for original stories, $7.00 for reprints, $6.00 for each poem, $20.00 for original articles, $6.00 for reprints. $7.00 for reviews and interviews.
Theme: Paranormal – this includes ghosts, spectres, haunts, various whisperers, and so forth. It also includes shapeshifters and creatures from various folklores.

Submissions are accepted Feb 1 – Mar 31, Jun 1 – Jul 31, Oct 1 – Nov 30.

Anything submitted outside those periods will be deleted unread.

We no longer accept simultaneous or multiple submissions.

No matter how far we move forward as humans, we are still bound by the instincts and ancestral memories of our animalistic past. None of these are so strong as the fight or flight response. However, there are times when we seem to be perfectly safe, completely at ease and comfortable, when that urge to run from something sneaks up on us. What causes these sensations? Is there something lurking in the darkness? Why is that man giving you the creeps, he’s not even looking at you? And yet, there is something odd. Something instinctual, something you know without fully understanding. We may have moved on, we may have forgotten and left behind those old stories and legends of beasts, voracious monsters, and dark spirits… But they have not forgotten or left us…

What We Want:


Taking Submissions: Coffee Adventures

Deadline: June 28th, 2024
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Science Fiction or Fantasy coffee stories!

The perfect cuppa joe. The nectar of the gods. The safety liquid you hand your partner in the morning. We love the stuff, and can’t get enough. But how did we FIND that amazing bean? We invite our authors to visit our favorite coffee merchant, King Harv’s Coffee, and pick a variety from his amazing list. Then write a fantastical story about the detective work, the journey, the adventure of finding the oh-so-perfect bean. Was there a coffee shop on that asteroid? And where did they get the brew? Don’t limit yourself to this planet! OR SF! Sword and Sorcery works too!

From Dave at King Harv’s Coffee: It all began when we took over the dome at the old South Pole station for the use as a coffee greenhouse. As you undoubtedly well know, the coffee was banned from world trade to by that ridiculous Antarctic treaty, and it became clear to us that coffee grown on alternate planets and celestial objects was the only thing that made economic sense. Shockingly this has never been reported on in the main stream media!

Opens: 4/8/24
Contracts: 7/13/24
Publication: 8/9/24


Taking Submissions: Ghoulish Tales Issue 4

Deadline: June 30th, 2024
Payment: 10 cents per word
Theme: Fun horror that aims to celebrate all things spooky
Note: Only considering fiction and non-fiction from writers who have never been published before

Hello, ghouls! We are thrilled to announce that we are, once again, reading submissions for a new issue of our magazine Ghoulish Tales. This will be for our fourth issue. Issue 3 is in the process of being finalized and will come out next month. We strongly encourage you to subscribe now so you don’t miss it once it’s available.

Plus, if you are not already familiar with the style & tone of the magazine, we highly encourage you to read one of our previous issues. Beginning this weekend, we will also start posting past stories on GHOULISH.RIP and our newsletter for free.

With this new issue—Issue 4—we are doing something slightly different with our open call. This time, we are only considering fiction and non-fiction from writers who have never been published before.We want to see work from new writers only. I suppose you could call this the New Ghouls issue.

Again, just to clarify: We only want writers who have never been published before, either in physical media or digital. Self-publishing counts as having been published—but we’re reasonable ghouls. If you simply posted a story on your blog or something, or perhaps printed out some DIY zine that you only shared with friends or whatever, you may still submit. Use common sense and, if in doubt, send us an email at [email protected] to state your case. This is just something we’re trying to do to help spotlight new writers and get their spooky feet in the door, right? No need for any of us to stress out too much about loop holes or technicalities. Also, if you’ve recently sold a work elsewhere, but it hasn’t come out yet, you may submit as long as the piece isn’t scheduled to be published until after October 2024 (which is when this issue of Ghoulish Tales is scheduled to come out).

Also note that this guideline is only for this specific issue of Ghoulish Tales. We will consider work from all writers again when we reopen for Issue 5 in October.

With that out of the way, here is what we are after: short stories that fit our personal definition of the word GHOULISH, which is “fun horror that aims to celebrate all things spooky.” Note that we said fun, not funny. Comedic stories are definitely allowed, but it’s not all we’re looking to receive. We want stories that remind us why we love the horror genre. We want to have a perverted little smile across our face while reading. Make us slobber like idiots. Turn us into the Sickos.jpeg meme. We love body horror. We love weird shit. We love experimental, gutsy narratives. We love being ghoulish.


Taking Submissions: Judicial Homicide: Tales from the Execution Chamber

Deadline: July 15th, 2024
Payment: $10
Theme: horror stories of all subgenres about executions, public or private, ancient or modern

(Charity Anthology benefiting Witness to Innocence)
Word Count: 2,000-5,000
Call Open: June 1-July 15, 2024
Publication: September 2024
Call: We’re looking for horror stories of all subgenres about executions, public or private, ancient or modern. The execution does not have to be completed, nor does it have to be government sanctioned. An execution for our purposes is a willful decision to end a life as a consequence for the condemned’s actions.


Taking Submissions: ​Midnight Menagerie

Submission Window: June 15th – October 31st, 2024
Payment: $15 and royalties
Theme: Stories that feature the strange and bizarre from around the cosmos and other dimensions

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the Ring Master waved her arm toward the crowd, “and, of course, all you ‘sweet’ children daring to see what, up until now, only existed in your dreams.” Her voice floated outward to the crowd. “Or perhaps your nightmares.” Her golden skin seemed to crack when she offered them a toothy grin.

“Behind me, lurking in the blue-black darkness on the fringes of the unknown are the stars of the show.

Creatures waiting to be seen, anxious to meet you…creatures from so many galaxies you never knew existed.” Again she offered a toothy grin as her red eyes took on a fiery glow. “And I, as the master of the show cannot wait for the entertainment to begin.”

~ * ~

What we are looking for are stories that feature the strange and bizarre from around the cosmos and other dimensions. They can be the stuff of dreams or nightmares. Think along the fantastical lines of Something Wicked This Way Comes but with an intergalactic or other dimensional feel to the carnival or carnival sideshow. Magic and Science, Dreams and Nightmares, Joy and Terror, Love and Hate, combined with the alien and the familiar — they all blend together at the Midnight Menagerie.