Ongoing Submissions: Sub-Q

Payment: Original: $8.00 USD/panel for art; $2.00 USD/panel for interactivity ($10.00 USD/panel for both) Reprint: $4.00 USD/panel for art; $1.00 USD/panel for interactivity ($5.00 USD/panel for both)

Most important:

  1. We are a market for interactive fictionWe do not accept prose without interactivity or a detailed plan for interactivity.
  2. We have an anonymous submission process. Please remove all author labels from compiled work AND file names.

Guidelines are subject to change. Please review before submitting.

We love receiving work from creators of color, creators from the QUILTBAG community, creators with disabilities, and creators from other underrepresented communities.

Intersectionality welcome.

Internationality welcome.

If you have life experience which is relevant to the story you’re telling, you are welcome to mention it in your cover letter.


Reviewed all the guidelines already? Submit here:


What We Want

We are a market for F/SF, horror, mystery, romance, and mash-up interactive fiction. Submitted works must include at least a detailed proposal for interactivity. We like beautiful, moving prose, but we also like pulpy fun! Don’t self-reject. Let us see what you’ve got!

We also accept non-fiction related to interactive fiction, including reviews, essays, and other works.

If you’d like to submit something, but you’re not sure it’s a good fit, feel free to query via our contact form.



  • Stories that can be told only on a device (using choice, audio, and/or animation)
  • Fiction, poetry, and webtoons/sequential art welcome
  • Twine, TADS, Inform, ChoiceScript, StoryLab, custom HTML5 welcome
  • 1000 – 3500 words of one-time user experience (about five minutes of playthrough), maximum 5000 words of all possible user experiences (we occasionally accept longer pieces but it’s tough on our budget)
  • F/SF, horror, mystery, magic realism, mash-ups
  • Showing the reader things they’ve never seen before
  • Cross-browser QA-testing appreciated
  • Mobile compatibility appreciated. It is not necessary that your work be feature-perfect on mobile devices. What we ask is that the work be tested on mobile and 1) any missing features be handled conditionally (e.g. if on mobile, don’t attempt to play two simultaneous audio tracks) and/or 2) the user be warned of any changes in mobile experience. We are happy to work with you to achieve your goals.
  • 1st or 3rd person POV
  • Requiring clicks/interaction only when asking the reader to make a choice (not just to read further)
  • Works that are accessible to users with disabilities



  • Fan fiction
  • Erotica
  • Torture
  • Gore
  • Revenge fantasy
  • Excessive sex, violence, or profanity


Hard Sells

  • Child abuse
  • Animal abuse
  • Sexual assault





Interactive Fiction

Text-Based Fiction & Poetry

Our rates for text-based interactive fiction are based on prose word count. If the same person is responsible for both prose and interactivity, that person receives both rates.

We require that single-installment, text-based works put a total of no more than 5000 words (including all choices, alternate endings, etc.) before the reader. We prefer that a single playthrough put no more than 3500 words before the reader.

  • Original: $0.06 USD/word for prose; $0.03 USD/word for interactivity ($0.09 USD/word for both)
  • Reprints: $0.03 USD/word for prose; $0.015 USD/word for interactivity (0.045 USD/word)

An original 1000 word interactive story would command $90.
A reprinted 1000 word interactive story would command $45.


Webtoons/Sequential Art

Our rates for illustrated fiction are based on panel count. We pay a certain rate for the panels themselves, and a quarter again as much for the interactivity of those panels. (An animated panel is considered one panel. If you have questions, please query.)

We require that sequential art be under 50 panels.
We prefer that sequential art be under 25 panels.

  • Original: $8.00 USD/panel for art; $2.00 USD/panel for interactivity ($10.00 USD/panel for both)
  • Reprint: $4.00 USD/panel for art; $1.00 USD/panel for interactivity ($5.00 USD/panel for both)

An original 25-panel interactive webtoon would command $250.
A reprinted 25-panel interactive webtoon would command $125.


All Works

The person submitting the story represents they have the right to include any contributors’ work in the story, and to accept payment on their behalf.

Additional payment for external media (e.g. illustration, audio, or special software features) is negotiable on request. If your story contains external media, please include a description of it in your submission, and your requested rate for it.



We pay $45 for non-fiction, with a maximum word-count of 650 words.



sub-Q Magazine‘s staff occasionally interviews authors, game creators, and other people of interest to interactive fiction fans. These interviews are non-paying opportunities.


Simultaneous/Multiple Submissions

No, please do not submit a work to us and to another market at the same time.
Yes, you may send us multiple works to consider at the same time (limit three awaiting response at once.)


Response Times

Our goal is to respond to all submissions in fewer than 90 days. Please wait until 90 days have passed to query. If you have received no response, email [email protected] with the subject line AWAITING RESPONSE: [Your Story Title].



For original IF and for non-fiction, sub-Q acquires first worldwide publication rights, exclusive for one year, non-exclusive thereafter. For reprints, sub-Q acquires non-exclusive publication rights for one year.

Sample contracts are available on request.


How to Submit

All Works

  • Remove all author labels from compiled work AND file names (for our anonymous submissions process)
  • Cover letter is optional. If you provide one (via our Submittable form), please include:
    • Name, postal address
    • Title, genre, and approximate word count and/or playthrough time
    • Description of any external media (e.g. illustration, audio)
    • Brief bio with publishing/interactivity credits, if any
  • We encourage authors from underrepresented groups to self-identify in their cover letters if they feel comfortable doing so
  • Use our Submittable form.

Short, Single-Installment Works

  • For a completed interactive work, make a single compressed file (e.g. *.zip) of all materials, including:
    • Compiled story (as it would appear in browser, typically an HTML file)
    • Source/workspace file(s) (for examining code and overall word count)
    • All needed external files (e.g. audio, images) at the correct relative path needed for the compiled story to find them.
  • For completed prose with interactivity proposal, submit your proposal as up to three documents ( *.doc, *.odt, or *.rtf file) or a compressed file (e.g. *.zip) of all materials.
    • Describe the interactivity in whatever way makes sense to you, e.g. writing, flowchart, diagram, links to external sources, or any combination.
    • Include your completed prose. This may be integrated into your proposal, or in a separate document, as you prefer.
    • For your prose, please follow standard manuscript format in a *.doc, *.odt, or *.rtf file, Times New Roman preferred, Courier acceptable, links and special formatting OK.
    • Check our interactivity proposal guide for more ideas on how to submit a proposal.

Long, Serialized Works

For long, serialized works, submit a query letter, synopsis, and first sample chapter with completed interactivity. Propose your serialized work as you would a novel.

  • Submit the query letter, synopsis, and first sample chapter as a single compressed file (e.g. *.zip) of all materials.
  • Please follow standard manuscript format in a *.doc, *.odt, or *.rtf file, Times New Roman preferred, Courier acceptable, links and special formatting OK.


Please submit completed non-fiction through our Submittable portal. Please follow standard manuscript format in a *.doc, *.odt, or *.rtf file, Times New Roman preferred, Courier acceptable, links and special formatting OK.


Ready? Set? Submit!


Via: Sub-Q.

Taking Submissions: The Modern Monarchist Zine

Deadline: March 19th, 2018
Payment: $1 for every 500 word (maximum stipulations listed below.)

The Strange Edge Presents THE MODERN MONARCHIST, a semi-regular and thoroughly modern zine for the postmodern zinester. This is a free ezine available in several modern DIGITAL® formats which can be transmitted via the emails or downloadified.

We are OPEN to unsolicited subs.

DEADLINE: Currently, we are expecting to release our first issue in April. To have a chance to get into that issue, send us your submission by March 19th. That’s 19th March for all you non-Americans.

SUBMISSION Guidelines: We are seeking only the finest FLASH FICTION, PROSE-POEMS, or ABSURD ARTICLES 1500 words or less. If we receive a submission that is over 1500 words, we will not only delete the submission unread, we will also delete the author from the spacetime continuum, forcing her or him to seek existence in an alternate Mandela. We are seeking a very specific brand of weird/bizarro literature that shares commonalities with the likes of Franz KafkaDonald BarthelmeMark LeynerRussel EdsonDaniil KharmsBarry YourgrauWilliam S. BurroughsEugène IonescoDavid LynchCharlie KaufmanAlejandro JodorowskyQuentin DupieuxYorgos LanthimosGuy MaddinRemedios Varo, and Salvador Dali (I hope I don’t need a link to jog your memory about this guy). So whatever you send us is likely to get rejected, not because of quality but because of the very specific style we are seeking. Please don’t take any rejection personally. Also, the issues are short, quick-reads with only a few pieces selected for each. Reprints are fine, just let us know where the piece has been previously published, and make sure you have the electronic rights before submitting.

Multiple Subs: You may submit multiple pieces at the same timeup to 3, provided each piece is less than 1500 words. It is not likely that more than one piece will be featured in any given issue, however, we may accept multiple pieces and publish them in future issues.

Payment: You will be paid $1 American for every 500 words we accept, with a minimum payment of $1 (for anything 500 words or less) and a maximum of $10 for any given year. We ask for non-exclusive digital rights to your submissions, so you are free to publish them elsewhere as long as the other venues are cool-de-la. All payments will be made via PayPal, no exceptions.

Non-Fiction Articles: Please query if you have ideas for short non-fiction articles, interviews, or reviews you think may fit here.

Artwork: We are also interested in art, but please query before sending any work. We don’t want much art and we can’t pay you very much for it, so be forewarned. You are probably even more likely to be rejected than the writers. It sucks. It’s a young woman or man’s game and we are all old and dry and bitter at heart. But if you have art without a home, and it kinda fits with the aesthetic above, and you want to be part of a faceless collective of weirdos who seem stuck in the 20th Century, please do query posthaste and ad hoc.

Send all submissions to [email protected], with the header ZINE SUBMISSION: Name of Your Work/Last Name. If you want to query, use the header QUERY. If you just wanna say “whaddup” use the header WHADDUP????? Please use five question marks. Please attach your submissions in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. (This shouldn’t need to be said, but include your name on at least the first page of the attachment, AND a byline that indicates what name you publish under in case this does not match the name that receives the money.) Include a short bio in the body of your email, so we get a sense of who you are and what you may (or may not) have published before.

Via: Strange Edge Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Slink Chunk Press

Payment: $5 per published submission

How to Submit to Slink Chunk Press

We use Submittable as our submission’s manager, so please submit via hereand not via email. All general queries can be directed [email protected]

When submitting, please include a short bio, just a few sentences about yourself, which we will use if your story is accepted! No cover letter is required, although you can include any places other work has previously been accepted in your bio if you would like (this is not mandatory.)

Things we think are really cool (in no particular order):

– magical realism
– urban fantasy and science fiction
– alternative depictions of women and men in these settings
– alternative depictions of women and men in general
– non-binary MCs
– diversity in race and ability of protagonists
– steam punk
– made up words
– unicorns
– not being homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist,  or a misogynist

If you can tick at least two of those boxes (the last one is pretty much mandatory), please, send us your art for consideration!

What we accept:

Written Word

Flash Fiction: min 500 – max 1,000
Short Fiction: min: 1,000- max 3,000
Poetry: 1-5 poems
Creative Non Fiction: max 3000

We’re not sticklers for length,but please try to keep within a couple of hundred words of the suggested limit (just remember that this is an online platform).

Visual Art

Paintings and or Photographs: There’s no real restriction on numbers here, you can submit one piece, or a whole series of pieces. Just don’t send us your entire iPhone camera roll!

Videos: We’re talking readings, performances, songs, rants, animations, you name it! We prefer videos to be submitted via Submittable in mp4 format.

However, if you’re video is already hosted and you would like us to feature it, please email the link to [email protected] If your video is yet to be filmed, and you would like to pitch it to us before creating it, please email us at the same address.

Comics: We are so keen to have web-comics on board! Ideally we’d like something short, say 6 pages max, but this is certainly up for negotiation; perhaps we could publish a longer comic over a series of issues, or if we really, REALLY like it, serialization could also be an option.

AND FINALLY: If your creation is cross-medium (eg. text and photos, collage etc.) and doesn’t fit into any of these categories, but you still think it would be a good fit for Slink Chunk Press, pitch it to us at [email protected]

Slink Chunk Story Time:

Slink Chunk Press will be inviting some of the writers published in the launching issue to read their stories via Google Hangout. Everyone will get a chance to read, we will talk about why we liked the story/why it was chosen for the issue/other general fun things. Readers of Slink Chunk Press will be able to watch via YouTube (this will be moderated by the EIC because the internet can be a scary place). Think of it as a magical, writer-ly slumber party. And if you have a character that has, say, a very distinct appearance, or expresses themselves in an aesthetically interesting way, you could perhaps channel that during your reading. In other words, dressing up as your character is certainly an option because dressing up is AWESOME and highly encouraged. FUN!

And a few other important things…

– We are currently interested in unpublished work.  If you are published in an issue of Slink Chunk Press, and then wish to publish it elsewhere afterwards, please feel free to do so! Just be sure to acknowledge Slink Chunk Press as the original site of publication.

– Simultaneous submissions are accepted, just please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

– If you have hosted the piece on a personal blog, art sharing site such as deviantART, or YouTube, please let us know in the body of your submission. We will still consider it for publication, but may request that you give us a shout out on these platforms and through your other social media networks. We’ll ask nicely, promise!

– Slink Chunk Press is not for profit, with all funds being channeled into paying our contributors. Currently, we offer a flat rate of $5 per published submission (if you are submitting multiple poems as a collection, they will be counted as one submission). We know it’s not much, we wish we could pay you what your stories are worth.

– All Publishing Rights are returned to the author on the event of their piece’s submission.

Via: Slink Chunk Press.

Taking Submissions: Monsters Of Any Kind

Deadline: July 10th, 2018
Payment: $100

Independent Legions Publishing is seeking original horror stories in English for the new anthology MONSTERS OF ANY KIND, edited by Alessandro Manzetti and Daniele Bonfanti, to be published in October 2018 in print and digital editions. Cover art by Wendy Saber Core.
We’re looking for horror stories containing at least one non-human monster/creature (and not vampires, ghosts, werewolves, zombies). Unusual creatures will be particularly appreciated. All subgenres and forms of speculative fiction are welcome.

Word Count: We are open to stories of 3,500-5,000 words.
Submissions Close: July 10, 2018
Pay Rate: We pay $100 for each original story.
We buy first exclusive English-language rights for three years.

We do not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions, nor do we accept unsolicited reprints.
Submissions should follow standard manuscript format (12 pt Times New Roman or Courier fonts, 1” margins all around, line spacing 1½ or 2 spaces). It must be in .doc or .docx format or it will not be considered. Your name and contact information must be at the top of the first page of the story. Page numbers with author’s last name and/or partial story name on subsequent pages would be appreciated.
Cover letter is optional, but if you do include one, please add a short bio (up to 200 words).
Response time is currently within four weeks. After that, if you haven’t heard from us, please query. We will not be sending confirmations of receipt.

To submit a story, go to our story submission form below. To submit your story via email, put “SUBMISSION – MONSTERS OF ANY KIND” in the subject line and send to:[email protected] 

Via: Independent Legions.

Taking Submissions: Blood Bound Books “Best Of” Anthology

Deadline: May 31st, 2018
Payment: 5¢ – 8¢ per word

On Thanksgiving weekend 2009, we opened to our first anthology. Ten years later we plan to celebrate this long strange—and wonderful—trip, with our biggest anthology yet! Our “Best Of” will feature your favorite Blood Bound stories from the last decade upgraded in a limited edition, illustrated hardcover. The hardcover will also be loaded with brand new stories to lead us into the next decade of horror. That’s where you come in:

What we’re looking for:

Genres: All sub-genres of horror accepted—extreme, bizzaro, erotic, new weird, splatterpunk—if it’s dark, we want it!

Stories must be previously unpublished in any form

Email: [email protected]

Length: 500 words up to 6K—query for longer works

Deadline: May 31st 2018

Payment: 5¢ – 8¢ per word (We’re shooting for 8¢ if we get a few more Patreon supporters before contracts go out, but it will NEVER be lower than 5¢)

Patreon rewards

Via: Blood Bound Books.

Taking Submissions: TBA Scifi Asexual Romance

Deadline: April 15th, 2018
Payment: $25
Note: While many of Circlet’s calls tend to fall into speculative fiction, we’re still in a gray area on anything that would be erotica. However, this one doesn’t have that push unline many of the publisher’s titles so we thought you might want to take a look at something a little different.

Possible Titles: The Romantic Ace; Acethetic
Edited by Victoria Pond

It seems like every romance movie, book, and song out there equates lust with love, and that means some of us are left out. Not everyone feels lust. Not everyone even wants romantic love.

Here’s your chance to talk about romance for the characters uninterested in sex. Give me your space pilots in serious relationships with their sentient ships. Think about how an incubus would patiently court a demi-sexual. Maybe you have a regency fantasy where only a virgin can wield the talisman, and thank goodness we’ve got an adult countess who can step up.

Let’s not define this by what it isn’t. Allosexuality dominates the rest of the media. Here’s a chance for ace pride to shine. Submit your stories from all over the spectra—from science fiction to fantasy, from sex-repulsed to demi-sexual, from romantic to platonic.

This romance anthology celebrates asexuality in all its forms, in all its levels. Maybe your characters will take things to their allosexual conclusions, but maybe they won’t. And, as it ought to be in reality, that’s up to you.

“Ace” puns highly encouraged. (You know: the dogfighting “flying ace” who has a closer-than-lovers arrangement with his mechanic.)

Email your submissions to [email protected] We do not publish poetry. Stories should generally be between 2500 and 8500 words (though we’re flexible for a great story). Originals only, no reprints. We purchase first rights for inclusion in the ebook anthology for $25, with the additional rights to a print edition later which would also pay $25 should it happen. Authors retain the rights to the individual stories; Circlet exercises rights to the anthology as a whole. Submissions are open now, and close on April 15th.

Via: Circlet.

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