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Taking Submissions: Women of the Woods

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: One cent per word
Theme: The lore, myths, and legends of women who dwell in the forest.

Women of the Woods is an upcoming collection about the lore, myths, and legends of women who dwell in the forest. Historically, it’s the witches, artists, and outcasts who make the dark forest their home. Whether you retell a piece of folklore or create something altogether new, Fabled Collective would love to see your story.

We are looking for spooky, eerie, gothic tales that leave out the gore and focus more on a feeling of dread and foreboding. We’re interested in stories with rich, haunting settings. Think dark fantasy or quiet horror. Give us complex characters, ghosts, witches, magical realism, and more!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Stories between 2,000-8,000 words.
  • Please format all submissions TNR 12pt, double spaced, with page numbers. Word documents preferred.
  • Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please let us know immediately if you’ve accepted publication elsewhere.
  • No previously published stories.
  • Only one submission per author.

Please Include:

  • A short bio.
  • Links to your social media and website.


One cent per word to be paid upon acceptance.

  • 2,000 words = $20
  • 5,000 words = $50
  • 8,000 words = $80


Fabled Collective is free to publish your work in ebook, print, and audiobook formats, but the author retains rights to sell, publish, and distribute their work in the future if desired.

All work must be original. Fabled is free to grammatically edit all works.

Send to:

Please send your work to [email protected]

Via: Fabled Collective.

Taking Submissions: Terraforming Earth for Aliens – Global Warming Themed

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: $20 for stories between 300 and 8,000 words, $10 for flash fiction (under 300 words not counting the title), and $10 for poetry.
Theme: Global warming causing or exacerbating a global epidemic or pandemic.

The initial submission window closed on January 1st, 2020, but I’m briefly reopening the anthology (until June 30, 2020) for submissions of an additional, very specific type of global warming story:

I’d thought the anthology was complete, but recent events proved that there’s one type of story missing from the cli-fi anthology: a story or stories about global warming causing or exacerbating a global epidemic or pandemic.  For example, malaria mosquitoes have been moving farther north, but rather than using malaria, write about a fictional pandemic that’s caused or exacerbated by global warming.  You can build on what we currently know about COVID-19, or even mention that your fictional pandemic is “worse than the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020/the early 2020s/the 2020s” (God help us if the COVID-19 pandemic lasts the entire decade), but your pandemic story must also have a tie-in to global warming. For an idea of some real science behind such a story, read this article: “The Next Pandemic Could Be Hiding in the Arctic Permafrost“.

Please follow the guidelines below. Payment is $20 for stories between 300 and 8,000 words, $10 for flash fiction (under 300 words not counting the title), and $10 for poetry. Again, the submissions window is now open only for pandemic stories involving global warming.

To all authors who submitted works in 2019: Feel free to submit a second story involving an epidemic or pandemic caused (or exacerbated) by global warming.

All submissions from 2019 have been reviewed, and 36 stories and poems were accepted, written by authors from nine (9) different nations representing four of Earth’s continents!  All authors have been notified if their story or poem was accepted.  I’m now in the process of sending out contracts and payments to authors (payments will be sent after the contract is returned to me), then editing the submissions.

Again, public submissions have been reopened only for cli-fi stories about an epidemic or pandemic that’s caused or exacerbated by global warming.

Other than the specific topic, follow the original call for submissions below:

Call for Submissions!

Short stories (originals or reprints), poems, or song lyrics wanted for a Cli-fi anthology titled:

Terraforming Earth for Aliens

(a Cli-Fi Anthology of Global Warming Fiction)

Payment is $20 for short stories (300-8,000 words), $10 for flash fiction (under 300 words), poems, or song lyrics.  All profits from the anthology will go to environmental charities, including the Sierra Club.


Cli-fi stands for climate fiction, which is usually (but not always) science fiction.

Cli-fi stories can take place in the present day, near future, distant future, or even the distant past.

Why is an anthology of climate change fiction needed?


Taking Submissions: Channel #3

Deadline: July 31st, 2020
Payment: €15 per poem and €15 per page of prose up to a total maximum fee of €60
Theme: A particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self

We are now inviting submissions across all forms for Issue 3, and will be accepting fiction and poetry until 31 July. Essay submissions, which will be considered for online publication as well as for future print issues, are accepted ongoingly.

What We Publish
We publish new, previously unpublished work that engages with the natural world. We have a particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self. Each issue includes a mix of poetry and fiction, alongside a selection of essays which may include creative non-fiction, criticism, and the occasional review of new creative work or of community-based environmental projects. We also welcome submissions in translation.

Essay – [email protected]
We accept both completed essay submissions and proposals. Completed essays (including creative non-fiction, reportage, commentary, and criticism) should generally not exceed 6000 words. We ask that you send your essay as a Word document attachment to the above-listed email. If you have a proposal for an essay or an interview, please contact us directly with a brief description of same.

Essay submissions exclusively will be accepted on a rolling basis, regardless of the dates of submissions windows.

As well as accepting essay submissions for print, we welcome submissions for online publication on the Channel blog. Pieces of 1500 words or fewer which explore a particular issue in current events or explicate upon a community-based environmental project are particularly encouraged for blog publication. If we feel that a piece submitted for the magazine would do well online, we may also offer blog publication as well as, or as an alternative to, a place in the upcoming print issue.

Short Stories – [email protected]
We believe that stories should be free to occupy the space their development requires, and so do not place a strict limit on word count. However, taking into account economy of space within the magazine, as a general rule we encourage stories to not exceed 6000 words. Please send no more than one story per submission window as a Word document attachment.

Poetry – [email protected]
You may submit up to 4 poems, regardless of length, per submission window. Please include all poems in one Word document, with each new poem starting on a new page. Channel has no limitations on form or style.

Please email all submissions directly to the relevant address, clearly stating your name within the body of your email. Please do not include any identifying information within the attached Word document submission.

Although based in Ireland, Channel welcomes submissions from all writers regardless of origin.

We believe in paying writers, and can offer a fee at this time of €15 per poem and €15 per page of prose up to a total maximum fee of €60. Contributors will also receive a copy of whichever issue their work appears within.

When a piece is accepted for publication, Channel buys first publication rights. All other rights remain with you and you are welcome to republish your work following the launch of the issue in which it appears. We would be grateful if you mention Channel as the place of first publication.

Via: Channel.

Taking Submissions: If I Die Before I Wake: Volume 3

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: $25.00 and a contributors copy
Theme: A strong female Main Character who will do whatever it takes to protect/avenge those she loves and must be written in the horror genre

Do you want your story to appear in the next volume of the Better Off Dead Series?


Submission Guidelines
Please read carefully. Submissions that don’t meet the guidelines will be automatically rejected.
  • All submissions will be reviewed after the submission deadline and chosen stories will be published in IF I DIE BEFORE I WAKE- TALES OF DEADLY WOMEN AND RETRIBUTION – The Better Off Dead Series Volume 3, which will be released in the fall of 2020

  • Submissions must be between 5,000 and 10,000 words

  • Title, submitter’s name, pen name (if different), word count and email address must be centered at the top of your submission

  • Submissions must be 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced with special first-line indentation of 0.5″

  • Submissions must be in .Docx format with 1″ margins all around

  • Submissions should be clean and edited

  • Submissions must have a strong female Main Character who will do whatever it takes to protect/avenge those she loves and must be written in the horror genre

  • Submissions cannot contain graphic sexual or rape scenes

  • Submissions must not have been published elsewhere before in any medium

  • The number of stories published will depend on word count of the chosen stories, but will be no less than ten stories and no more than twenty

  • Authors may submit as many stories as they want for review, however, there will be a limit of one published story per author

  • The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2020

  • Authors will be notified by July 31st, 2020 if their story was selected

Authors That Are Selected For Inclusion Will:
  • Have their story published in the anthology

  • Receive a one-time payment of $25.00 (USD) per selected story

  • Receive a free softcover copy of the anthology within 45 days following the release date

  • Have access to buy author copies of softcover and hardcover editions at publisher’s cost, plus shipping

  • Agree to sign a Memorandum of Agreement giving permission for the story to be used in the anthology

Via: Sinister Smile Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Mythaxis

Payment: $20
Theme: Science fiction both hard and soft, fantasy both high and low, horror both harsh and humorous, along with whatever mash-ups or sub-genres can be conceived.

Mythaxis is open for submissions! We seek and offer the following:

  • Length: 1,000-7,500 words. This is a firm limit. Generally speaking, the further a story goes beyond 5,000 words the more it will need to impress, but the door is not shut in advance.
  • Compensation: $20 on acceptance and return of contract. Payment via PayPal.

We aim to acknowledge submissions the same day they are received. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours of submission, please get in touch.

We aim to accept or reject within 14 days of that acknowledgment, but rl (real life) and rl (reading load) can get in the way. If you do not hear from us after 30 days, feel free to query.

We require First Print and Digital rights with a six month period of exclusivity from the date of publication. We also ask permission to potentially include accepted pieces in future anthologies, in event of which an additional full payment and digital copy will be offered in compensation. All other rights remain entirely with the author.

Simultaneous submissions are not only accepted, they are encouraged. Put your work out there, as many places as you can! We merely ask that you notify us of acceptance at another market as soon as possible. We do not currently invite reprint submissions.

Submissions should be anonymous, and do not require a cover page. Only include the story title, the approximate word count, and the story text. Do not include the author’s name in or on the file.

All submissions must be the original work of the author. We anticipate an adult readership in the sense of maturity, but this is not a market for pornographic or offensively extreme content.

We welcome writers of any and all backgrounds, be they cultural or personal, and submissions exploring diverse perspectives and experiences, provided they do not seek to attack or demean those of others.

We look forward to reading your work… but first:


A friendly word of advice

It’s important for authors to understand what they are giving up when they assign “first” publishing rights to a magazine. After we publish your story, you will only be able to offer it elsewhere as a reprint, which may mean you can only sell it for less money, or for free – and some markets don’t accept reprints at all.

We want to publish great writing but our budget is modest, there are certainly better-paying markets out there. So why not try to land your masterpiece at the big markets first? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all – and when they prove themselves blind to your glory, we’ll still be here to help you prove them wrong!

Okay, we’ve said our piece. If you’re still keen to roll the dice…



Email files as an attachment to:



Please use the email subject line “MYTHAXIS SUBMISSION – [STORY TITLE]” to evade spam filters.

Feel free to include a concise cover letter and/or author bio, though neither is mandatory. Mythaxis has a history of publishing first-time authors, and we mean to continue this tradition.



Acceptable document types are RTF, DOC, or DOCX.

Straightforward manuscript formatting is preferred for editorial convenience:

  • Please use an easy-reading font (Times New Roman 12pt, etc.).
  • Do not manually insert empty lines between paragraphs, or use tabs for first-line indents. Use paragraph formatting to set automatic indents or paragraph breaks.
  • Use a single centred # to represent essential section breaks.
  • Use italics for italics, don’t underline instead. Smart (“curly”) punctuation is fine.
  • If your manuscript includes any unusual formatting, please alert the editors when submitting and have a really good, story-related reason.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the editor at the above address. We look forward to reading your work!

Via: Mythaxis.

Taking Submissions: Lovecraft In A Time Of Madness

Deadline: August 22nd, 2020
Payment: $10-20
Theme: Cosmic horror that celebrate the ideas of H.P Lovecraft

Sentinel Creatives has opened up for submissions for the “LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS” anthology.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sentinel Creatives, we’re an indie publishing and production house based in Cape Town, South Africa. Though our focus is on books and ebooks, we also do audiobooks, and will be doing audio dramas in the near future!


As the title suggests, we’re looking for stories of cosmic horror that celebrate the ideas of H.P Lovecraft! While it is not necessary for submissions to form a part of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, or other works, it is necessary for there to be some connection to the ideas and themes he grappled with in them.

While Lovecraft is known for, among other things, his own particular writing style, we’re not looking for stories that try to mimic his prose! Nor are we looking to play a game of “Lovecraft Bingo”! Rather, we’re looking for stories that are faithful to the spirit of Lovecraftian horror. Show us to the dark corners of the earth, and the mind, but show us your particular take on it!

These stories need not be set in our past, present or even our future. If you think you can do justice to a retelling of folklore or legend, go for it!  We’d love to see stories about King A’rtur’og and his knights of the non-Euclidian table, or Sir Gawain and the Eldritch Knight!

Got a story about Anarchists v the Cult of Cthulhu in London during the industrial revolution? Let’s see it!


Send your submissions to: [email protected] with the subject “Lovecraft Submission”.

All manuscripts should be sent as a word document. Our preference is for Times New Roman, or another clearly legible text.

Submissions should be between 5,000 and 9,000 words. This is not a hard limit, but preference will be given to those stories that meet this requirement.

Please include a short summary of the story in the body of the email, as well as a short bio and a list of any previously published works.

We’re looking for original works that have not been previously published! 

All accepted stories will be paid for up front!
As a small time indie press, our budget is limited! Accepted stories can expect between $10-20.

In exchange, we ask for exclusive rights to publish the story, said rights will maintain for the duration of one year. After that, we retain the non-exclusive rights to the story, but you’re welcome to submit and publish elsewhere after that!

It is likely that we will produce an audiobook version of LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS, and we ask for the same rights as the book and ebook rights.


LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS will be the focus of our first Kickstarter campaign! The anthology will be published regardless of the success of the campaign, however, if successful, we’re hoping to be able to pay the authors significantly more, and commission short stories from some of our favourite authors to include in the anthology.

The first tier in the Kickstarter campaign will be devoted to increasing the remuneration of the accepted authors, while later tiers will focus on bringing in more established authors.

Obviously, if the campaign goes incredibly well, the accepted authors can expect further remuneration. We’ll also dedicate a portion of the funds to increasing the remuneration we can offer in the future.

Via: Sentinel’s Mailing List.

Taking Submissions: Tales From Omnipark

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: $100
Theme: Must take place in Omnipark (details linked below.)

House Blackwood is putting together a brand-new anthology of original fiction, set in the world of OmniPark.

This anthology will feature stories from Brian Evenson, Gemma Files, Orrin Grey, Jesse Bullington, and other leading lights of the weird fiction community.

The deadline is June 30, 2020.

You’ll find much more background information on the OmniPark Wiki, which documents all the park’s original Realms and attractions, as well as many of the personalities who shaped its development.

We are paying $100 for short stories of 2,000 to 5,000 words, set in and around OmniPark.

Send submissions as Word (.doc) files, formatted according to Shunn manuscript format, to:

tales from omnipark (remove spaces)

Only manuscripts submitted as Word docs, following Shunn format, will be considered.

Via: House Blackwood.

Taking Submissions: Page & Spine

Deadline: June 1st, 2020
Payment: Flat rates $5-$30 depending on length and type (listed below.)
Theme: Genre, literary, poetry, and beyond! Sadly, not spelled out directly below but they do have an area for genre fiction.
Note: Apologies for the short window, we just found out about this one!

Page & Spine is a paying site (paid via PayPal or company check in USD only).  Because of the large number of submissions, we will no longer accept work that does not comply with our requirements.  Emails containing attachments will be deleted unopened and without notice.

Please research our site for appropriate style and content of submissions.  Our readers like what we publish.

Page & Spine considers only unpublished work conforming to the requirements listed below.“Published” is defined as any piece that has been on public view anytime, anywhere.  Members only critique sites where work is viewed only by paying members is not a publication venue.  Reprints will not be considered.

Because we have bulging pending files in our short story and poems categories, submissions will be accepted only between October 1 and June 1 in these categories and may take 8 months to be vetted. Simultaneous submissions will not be considered.  Please plan your submissions accordingly. If you haven’t heard from us after eight months, please check back with us.  Sometimes the volume of submissions causes further delays, but be assured we’re not ignoring you. 

Author generated photography will not be paid, but may be published at the editor’s discretion with the understanding that Page & Spine can neither control dissemination nor protect copyrights and will not be held responsible for theft or misuse. Do not send photos to which you do not hold the copyright.(If you did not snap the shutter or purchase or inherit the copyright–not permission to use, but the actual copyright–don’t send it.)   

For additional information or to share your writing with us, please send your submissions in the body of an e-mail to [email protected] .  Please mark the subject line: “Submission” or “Inquiry” and add the page (“Story”, “Poems”, etc.) your work is intended to appear on, as appropriate.  

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