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Taking Submissions: Queer Sci Fi 2021 Flash Fiction Contest

Deadline: April 30th, 2021
Prizes: The top three winners will receive cash prizes of $75, $50, and $25 respectively, runner-ups will be printed in the collected anthology
Theme: Ink
Note: There are 4 criteria to follow: Is there at least one queer character and/or obvious queer content? How well does the work incorporate speculative fiction (sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror) tropes and concepts? Is the work well-crafted, with a plot, a beginning, a middle, and an end? How well/cleverly is the theme used in the work?

Every year, QSF holds a flash fiction contest to create an amazing new anthology of queer speculative fiction stories. We ask authors to do the nearly-impossible – to submit a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror LGBTIQA story that has no more than 300 words.

Our 2021 contest launches on March 1st, and closes on April 30th, but we do accept early entries. The theme for 2021 is “Ink”:

1) A colored fluid used for writing
2) The action of signing a deal
3) A black liquid ejected by squid
4) Publicity in the written media
5) A slang word for tattoos

Taking Submissions: Dates From Hell

Deadline: June 30th, 2021
Payment: $5
Theme: Dates that have gone horrifically wrong

We have all had dates we would much rather forget, but how many tragic souls have had the misfortune to swipe right on a serial killer, lycanthrope, one of the undead, a denizen fresh from hell itself, or any other manner of nefarious beings?

We want your stories of dates gone horrofically wrong, seemingly innocent meetings that deliver death and terror instead of romance, of psychopathic stalkers who will stop at nothing to possess their love’s still-beating heart…

Taking Submissions: The Book Of Carnacki

Deadline: Pitch Deadline: April 16th, 2021. Final Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2021.
Payment: $100 or $50 plus 1% of the Kickstarter net profits, whichever amount is GREATER, and a paperback copy of the anthology.
Theme: Stories featuring William Hope Hodgson’s character Carnacki the Ghost Finder in a major role. Carnacki’s general behaviour and mannerisms should be canonical, much as in the original tales, though inventive and reasonable extrapolations from those are welcome. We may take a handful of stories with non-supernatural resolutions.
Note: Reprints are potentially welcome



A Belanger Books Project, edited by John Linwood Grant

Core concept: 5,000–10,000 word stories featuring William Hope Hodgson’s character Carnacki the Ghost Finder in a major role. Carnacki’s general behaviour and mannerisms should be canonical, much as in the original tales, though inventive and reasonable extrapolations from those are welcome. We may take a handful of stories with non-supernatural resolutions.

Also: For this particular book, we are interested in 3000–5000 word non-fiction articles relating to Carnacki and his world (see LONG VERSION below).

Your pitch must be accepted for your completed story or article to be read. See PITCH section below.

Pitch Deadline: 16 April, 2021.

Final Submission Deadline: 30 September, 2021.

Payment: Authors shall receive a payment of $100 or $50 plus 1% of the Kickstarter net profits, whichever amount is GREATER, and a paperback copy of the anthology. The Kickstarter will run March 2022, and publication of book is expected early Spring 2022.

PITCHES AND QUERIES ONLY TO [email protected] BY 16th APRIL 2021, PLEASE

Taking Submissions: Speculative Philosophical Fiction Contest 2021

Deadline: March 1st-March 31st 2021
Payment: Winner: $500, two runner ups: $50
Theme: Philosophical, Metaphysical, or Epistemological fiction

Speculative Philosophical Fiction Contest

A new contest will be coming to Theme of Absence this year. The theme of this contest is Philosophical, Metaphysical, or Epistemological fiction. Keep reading for the details.

The contest is sponsored by a donor who whishes to remain anonymous. It will open March 1, 2021 and remain open for submissions until March 31, 2021. The winning story and runners-up will be published on June 1, 2021.

Entry and submission guidelines:

Taking Submissions: Blood on Your Hands

Deadline: April 15th, 2021
Payment: 3 contributors copies and payments range up to $75, based on length
Theme: Previously published erotic stories about male vampires. These bloody assignations and trysts and relationships should be homoerotic.
Note: Reprints only

We are seeking previously published erotic stories about male vampires. These bloody assignations and trysts and relationships should be homoerotic.
So far we have accepted:

“Invite the Night” A story from L.A. Fields about a boarding school student who finds at his window a boy reported missing…

“Black Samba” Jeff Mann’s story features an ancient Scottish vampire encountering another while in Rome.


Ongoing Submissions: Polar Starlight

Payment: Poem (regardless of length–maximum 60 lines): $10
Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Poems
Note: Canadian authors or residents of Canada onlystrong>

POLAR STARLIGHT is ALWAYS OPEN to poetry and cover art.

Contributors must be Canadian, or at least resident in Canada.

I prefer Science Fiction over Fantasy, though of course SF can include fantasy elements, so I’m flexible. Weird Fantasy would intrigue me. Also interested in Horror with SF aspects. Have a weakness for Lovecraftian Horror. Nothing obscene or ultra-violent. Idea-driven combined with character-driven would be ideal.

Particularly interested in beginning writers who haven’t made a sale yet. The primary purpose of this zine is to encourage beginning writers. I welcome experienced authors but will judge unpublished writers as a separate category so they won’t have to compete with pros. Ideally at least two to three first-sale stories will be in in every issue. Be sure to mention whether you have been published or not so I’ll be sure to place you in the proper category.


I offer First Publication English Language World Serial Online (PDF) Internet Rights with a post-publication exclusivity period of just one week, after which the author/artist is free to sell as a reprint to anyone anywhere.

The exclusivity period is unusually short because I have no financial stake in holding on to rights and am more than willing to encourage the author to sell again ASAP.

Note that reprints are less desirable to most publishers and are more difficult to place. On the other hand, my payment rates are so low you might even make more money selling your work as a reprint than you did selling it to me as a first publication!

The advantage of selling First Publication to me is that I want to publish at least two or three works per issue which are first sales for previously unpublished authors, so I am more likely to buy than magazines concentrating on known authors with proven sales records.

I am also willing to publish reprints under the same rights as First Publication, but no exclusivity period is involved. You can sell it again even before I publish it.

Please bear in mind:

Short stories must be three thousand words or less. For budget / financial reasons I prefer stories 1,000 words or less, will look at stories 2,000 words or less but will only accept a few, and just one story 3,000 words or less per issue.

Up to 2 stories may be submitted. Doesn’t matter if simultaneous submission elsewhere.

Short stories can be Science FictionFantasy, or Horror.

Subgenres can include:

Science Fiction: Alternate History, Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, Contemporary/Near Future, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Hard SF, Humorous SF, Mystery cross genre, Space Opera, Steampunk, Time Travel, Weird Tale, Weird Western, etc.

Fantasy: Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Heroic, Mythological, Science Fantasy, Shapeshifter, Steampunk, Supernatural, Sword & Sorcery, Weird Tale, Weird Western, etc.

Horror: Creature Horror, Gothic, Historical, Horror Western, Lovecraftian, Monsters, Noir, SF Horror, Shapeshifter, Steampunk, Supernatural, Weird Tale, Weird Western, etc.

In other words, almost anything goes as long as it is genre-related and imaginative.

Note: all poems received are considered submissions to both Polar Borealis and Polar Starlight. Can be sixty lines or less on any of the above themes

Up to 5 poems may be submitted. Can be submitted together. Doesn’t matter if simultaneous submission elsewhere.

Not currently open to themed interior art for specific stories (hope to be some day) or interior fillo pieces, but am currently open to potential Cover Art.

Be aware normally contributors are paid after they have signed the contract but before publication. (See “Contract” for a sample contract.)

Everyone submitting should include a short, one or two paragraph bio which confirms Canadian status, publication status, and makes you appear quite the character.

Include word count (if story) or line count (if poem).

Also, be sure to let me know if the work being submitted has been previously published or not, and whether my acceptance would constitute your first sale ever.

And please include your full mailing address as I will need to put that into the contract.


E-mail a word doc (not a PDF) to me at <  [email protected]   > and include “PB Sub” in your heading.

The format of your submission should be as follows: A word doc. in either Courier or Times Roman font size 12, black print on white page, double spaced, beginning of paragraphs indented, ragged justification, your name and title on each page in the header, each page numbered, and your name, address and contact info on the title page. In other words, the standard, traditional, classic format.

Note: prefer single space between the end of one sentence and the start of the next sentence.

Note concerning poems: indentation, and justification albeit left, centred, or right, is entirely according to the visual pattern the poet has laid out. To ensure the layout is printed as intended, it would be best to submit the poem with Bookman Old Style font, point size 13, and line spacing 1.5, as this is how the poem will appear in the magazine.

Note concerning cover art: Must be portrait-shaped (as opposed to landscaped shaped) in JPEG form about 1,000 kb in size. It will fit under title on cover page and be surrounded by white space, no bleed. I will adjust size of JPEG to fit space.

Note: I do accept both reprints and multiple submissions, and don’t care if simultaneously submitted elsewhere.

Via: Polar Borealis.

Ongoing Submissions: Shelter of Daylight

Payment: Original Stories: $25.00, Reprint Stories: $15.00, Flash Fiction: 1 cent/word, Poems: $5.00, Articles: $20.00
Theme: Original science fiction and fantasy stories that are upbeat and positive in their mood
Note: Reprints Welcome

Shelter of Daylight began with Sam’s Dot Publishing back around the turn of the decade. After some years, it was discontinued. Now, under Hiraeth Books, it has revived.

Shelter of Daylight is now published semi-annually, in January and in July, in print [and, eventually, as an eBook]. It presents original science fiction and fantasy stories that are upbeat and positive in their mood. It also presents a few original poems, again along the overall mood.

Shelter of Daylight wants original stories with plot, tension, suspense, conflict, and character development. Remember, if readers do not care what happens to your main character[s], they won’t read the story. The narrative should maintain a sense of wondering what’s going to happen next; of what’s lurking just around the corner. Showing is better than telling. Frex, instead of telling the reader that it’s cold, show your character shivering, stomping feet, or having ice form on beard or hair. The inner thoughts and emotions of your character[s] are just as important.

Stories submitted to Shelter of Daylight should be between 4K and 8K words long. Longer or shorter stories will be considered; however, anything less than 4K will be a difficult sell. Anything 1K or less will be considered flash fiction. We will consider reprint stories, provided they adhere to the guidelines; however, they are difficult sells.

Submit your stories as rtf or .doc attachments [NO .docx, please] to sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com [you must recombine this address for it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Blame spammers].

Please submit one story at a time, and wait for the response before submitting another. We hope to keep the response time down to two months. If you haven’t heard from us in three months, please query.


Taking Submissions: Road Kill: Texas Horror By: Texas Writers, Vol. 6

Deadline: June 1st, 2021
Payment: A contributors Copy and: 10,000 words – $200; 7,500 words – $150; 5,000 words – $100; 2,500 words – $50; 1,500 words – $30.00.
Theme: Texas Horror By: Texas Writers

HellBound Books Publishing is excited to announce that it’s now accepting submissions for Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, Vol. 6.

Author Madison Estes will be editing the latest incarnation of the series, and she’s looking for original horror stories 1,500-10,000 words in length. The stories must be written and submitted by Texas authors and they must take place (or be based) here–hence the title. Two cents per word and contributing writers will receive one free copy and a 50% discounted wholesale price on any copies of the book that he or she purchases to carry and sell on their own. The scale for writer stipends will look something like this: 10,000 words – $200; 7,500 words – $150; 5,000 words – $100; 2,500 words – $50; 1,500 words – $30.00. All payments will be made upon official acceptance, and when acceptance is communicated each author will need to send a short bio.

HellBound will be requesting two-year non-exclusive rights. This means we will use your story in this anthology and we can print excerpts of it online and otherwise (for promotional purposes, etc.), but two years down the road you can do with it what you like. The DEADLINE to turn in stories is June 1, 2021 and our intent is to have the book printed and available by October 1, 2021, in plenty of time for Halloween.

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS to [email protected]

– Make sure that you check your mss for grammar and punctuation, use our guidelines to help you:

Deadline: June 1st, 2021

Via: Hellbound Books Publishing.