Taking Submissions: Dreamforge

Deadline: October 31st, 2018
Payment: $0.06 and $0.08/word

DreamForge Magazine is now open for limited submissions.

We’re a new and exciting magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Our first issue is scheduled for publication in early 2019.

Limited Submissions?  If you’re reading this page, it’s probably because:

  • We have sought you out in the hope you would consider submitting a story for one of our early issues.
  • One of our friends or contacts has passed this link on to you.

If, after you review what we’re looking for, you know a writer whose work might be a good fit for us, please feel free to share a link to this page.

Submissions for DreamForge Magazine
By Tithi Luadthong

That said, we are not open to general submissions, so we ask that you not post this link to social media, your website, or otherwise generally broadcast.  It will only lead to disappointment for us all.

An Overview of DreamForge Magazine

At DreamForge, our goal is to publish positive science and fantasy fiction. You can gain some sense of what we mean by this in reading our Rules of Fiction page.

While we agree there will always be new and often tremendous struggles for humankind to overcome, we do not subscribe to hopelessness or futility as a vision of the future or of any setting or situation.

DreamForge is about the triumph of reason and of humane-ity.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions Guidelines for DreamForge Magazine

To aid us in reviewing (and hopefully working with) your manuscript as efficiently as possible, it would help for you to read and follow our guidelines as presented here.

Once you have everything in order, submit an electronic file in Word DOC or RTF format to [email protected]

One submission at a time, please, but simultaneous submissions are OK.

Our Current Submission Deadline: October 31, 2018

Pick Your Sub-Genre and Have Fun

At DreamForge, we are eclectic readers, and we hope our audience shares our love of, well… freakin’ everything.

Your story may take the shape of space opera, urban fantasy, military sf, magical realms, hard science fiction, sword & sorcery, time travel, cyberpunk, steampunk, hopepunk, and whatever else comes before punk.

A bit of light fare, including comedy is appreciated from time to time. We even have a soft spot for zombies and vampires. We’ll occasionally consider some short poetry too.

In all our tales, we would prefer NOT to see the prevailing power structure portrayed as a corrupt police state. You might try contentious humans engaged in fierce debates over right and wrong instead.

Future City
By iurii

Violence, profanity, and sex.

Tone it down.  All are permissible to a degree, yet any instance must be integral to the story in such a way that removing the element truly diminishes the effectiveness of the story.

At DreamForge, we are neither prudes nor are we overly offended by colorful language. That said, we have an explicit mission with this magazine to elevate the artful and the humane. Actually, if you’re going to show violence, we’d prefer realistic violence, the kind that hurts people; because that’s what violence does.  No form of pornography will be accepted.

Word Counts:

We’re looking for works in the following word lengths:

  • Flash Fiction: 600 – 1000 words
  • Short Stories: 3,500 – 7,500 words
  • Novelettes: 7,500 – 12,000 words

Keep in mind that we can accept very few novelettes and pieces of flash fiction. We are looking mainly for short stories, and short stories under 6,000 words are preferred.

asian woman mystic
By Atelier Sommerland

Submission Formatting

Top Left of First Page:

  • First and Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date
  • Word Count


  • Font: Arial, Size 12
  • Indented paragraphs (no extra line break between paragraphs)
  • Section breaks, as needed, should be three ### symbols, centered on the page.
  • Turn off curly quotes if possible; straight quotes are preferred.
  • In the document Header, include Last Name/ Title/Page #
  • After your Name, Address, and Identifying information, center the Story Title and, beneath that include your byline.
  • If using a pseudonym, place it in the byline, with your legal name for identification in the top left of the first page.

In your email or as a cover page, tell us a bit about yourself and your story. What excites you about your story; what do you think makes it worth reading?

FAce Among the Stars
By Nataliya Turpitko

Inclusion Policy

We have an inclusion policy.  You can read more about it on our Policy page.  Basically, we would like to see story submissions from anyone and everyone who believes we can build a better future together.

Payment and Contracts

Payment rate varies between $0.06 and $0.08/word, depending on word length, quality of story (subjective to us), and professionalism in manuscript preparation.

Our contract is based on the model provided by the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA). A copy of our contract language is available upon request.

Contract terms are negotiable within reason (subjective to us).

Payment is on Acceptance

Once we agree on a contract and have it signed by both parties, you can expect payment within 60 days.  Most of the time, it should be much faster than that.

If we think of anything else, we’ll let you know. Of course, we just hope from the start that your ideas and craftsmanship reach a level we haven’t even thought possible.  We believe in you.  Let’s do this!

[email protected]

Via: Dream Forge Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Zooscape

Payment: 6 cents/word up to 1000 words and a flat rate of $60 for longer stories. $20 for reprints.
Note: Reprints Welcome

We pay 6 cents/word up to 1000 words and a flat rate of $60 for longer stories.  $20 for reprints.

What we’re interested in:

Stories up to 10,000 words; query for longer.  All stories must be furry.  That means an anthropomorphic animal figure should be significantly featured in your story — it could be anthropomorphic in body or only intelligence. We’ll consider any type of furry fiction from secret life of animals to fox in Starbucks.  We love science-fiction with animal-like aliens and fantasy with talking dragons, unicorns, or witch familiars.

We are interested in underrepresented voices. If you have personal experience relevant to your story, feel free to mention it in your cover letter. For instance, if your story is about a space unicorn and you are a space unicorn (or a research biologist who studies space unicorns), let us know. We welcome and will be looking for diverse voices. We are not interested in stories that give voice to racist or sexist ideologies.

Please do not simultaneously submit a story to us and another market.  For multiple submissions, please query.  For reprints, please tell us where and when the story was published before.

How to submit:

Please send us an email at [email protected] (except with fewer koalas) with the subject line, “SUBMISSION:  Title, Word Count.”  Attach your story in Standard Manuscript Format as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.  Please keep your cover letter brief.  Something like the following is fine:

Dear Story Wrangler,

I would like to offer my attached story, “Awesome Furry Story,” for your consideration.  I hope you like it!

I’ve previously had stories published in Awesome MarketAnother MarketYet Another Market.


Hopeful Author

If you haven’t had any stories published before, don’t worry!  We love discovering new voices.

Via: Zooscape.

Taking Submissions: Ombak Magazine

Deadline: December 30th, 2018
Payment: 0.08 USD per word for accepted fiction
Note: Authors must be from the Southeast Asia region.

We purchase first worldwide distribution rights to the English copies of all submitted texts.

We specialize in short fictions, up to 4000 words.

We pay at a rate of 0.08 USD per word for accepted fiction.

We accept the following formats: .odt, .rtf, .doc, and .docx.

Your submission must NOT have been published anywhere else.

Authors must be from the Southeast Asia region.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, though do inform us if they are accepted elsewhere.

Aside from the quality of the work, submissions are viewed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Once the limit to an issue is reached, submissions will close and the remaining entries will be queued for the next volume.

Submissions may also close based on the volume of submissions.

Given the volume of submissions, it may take us months to respond to each submission.

Please submit one story per call.

Via: Ombak Magazine’s Submittable.

Ongoing Submissions: Constellary Tales

Payment: US $0.06 per word

Constellary Tales is a pro market for science fiction and fantasy. Submissions are currently OPEN.

  • Read our welcome editorial for an idea about the kind of stories we want
  • We will consider stories from 1,000 to 3,500 words in length
  • Our target turnaround time is one month
  • We pay US $0.06 per word upon publication for first publication rights (print and audio) and nonexclusive reprint rights
  • Submit stories in William Shunn manuscript format

And a short list of no’s

  • No simultaneous or multiple submissions
  • No stories published elsewhere (including anywhere online)
  • No stories without a necessary speculative element
  • No horror stories
  • No stories set in someone else’s intellectual property (i.e., no fan fiction)
  • No email submissions

Via: Constellary Tales. (This is also where you can find the submission form!)

Taking Submissions: Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Vol. 6

Deadline: December 15th, 2018
Payment: $0.06/word and 2 contributor’s copies

This anthology offers new, vividly futuristic adventures featuring diverse characters, including humans from all over Earth as well as ET kids from other planets. One of the qualities that makes this yearly anthology such a treat to read is the wide range of futuristic possibilities that planet Earth and its occupants may encounter, realities that will keep readers wondering long after the book is closed. Starred Kirkus Review for the 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide


  • Have a main character that a middle grade reader (ages 8-12) can identify with;
  • Show a diverse set of real characters;
  • Are well written, fun to read, and encourage a love of reading science fiction;
  • Tell of adventure, space, science.  Give us rockets, robots and alien encounters, and we’re pretty happy; Steampunk, time travel, weird west and alternate history are all fine;
  • Are between 3,000 and 6,000 words.

To be super clear – we’re looking science fiction, in all its variants. While we love fantasy as well, please don’t submit fantasy stories for this anthology.

We’re especially looking for stories:

  • Of adventure!  We love a good dystopia as much as the next robot, but remember – this is the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide;
  • Where the main character is of a population that has traditionally been under-represented in science fiction, e.g. girls, people of color, differently abled people;
  • Where the main character has agency, exercises it, and isn’t just along for the ride.

We are strong supporters of both the #weneeddiversebooks and #ownvoices movements.


We’re not interested in:

  • Stories where the female characters primarily exist to be rescued or as a prize for the males;
  • Stories where the primary plot or subplot is romantic in nature;
  • Stories with graphic violence or any form of sexual activity;
  • Stories with any violence towards animals;
  • Stories about the first girl to do X, surprising everyone;
  • Stories that depict any ethnicity or gender as universally bad or stupid.

Please note:  although we’re aware kids have a wide and varied vocabulary, we’d prefer not to have swearing in the stories. If your story has swearing, please rephrase before submitting.

Submission deadline, mechanics and planned schedule:

  • Anthology will be open for submissions from July 15, 2018 – December 15, 2018, with a reading period of January and February 2019.
  • We read blind. Please do not put identifying information on your manuscript. We’ll track it by the form information.
  • While we prefer original stories, if you have something perfect that had a limited run elsewhere, query us and we’ll talk;
  • Acceptance notices will be sent by March 30, 2019;

Rights and Payments:

  • Authors will be provided with a complete Anthology Contract for review and consideration with the notice of accepted submissions. Click here for a sample contract.
  • In keeping with SWFA’s guidelines, we pay $0.06/word on final edited word count for one-year exclusive worldwide English rights and  nonexclusive right to republish, print, or reprint the complete anthology in any language or format after the first year, print and electronic, and two contributor copies. Payment upon final edit.
  • We will provide professional editing, primarily for issues of grammar and spelling.
  • If authors have other questions about rights or payments, please contact us before submission. We want to make sure all concerns are addressed.

More questions?  Check the full description page for last year’s anthology here. Have more questions? Contact us!

Via: Dreaming Robots Press.

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