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Being part of a Writing Group
Being part of a Writing Group

September 2022: Tarot Cards for…Planning? Really?

I know, I know, but what better time to do a more practical-minded reading than in the zodiac month of Virgo? I mean, this sign is (in)famous for their attention to detail and their predilection for organizing and, of course, striving endlessly to reach a nirvana-like state of perfection. And, if I may make the assumption, it’s tough times even among already difficult times, what with money worries, food shortages, drought, fires, and more, so this reading may prove to be just as inspiring for my fellow writers and creators as my writing inspiration reads. So, let’s dive in and see if the cards have provided us with some much-needed clarity, in addition to tips on ways to regain our focus and motivation!

(I used Kat Black’s Golden Tarot deck for this reading. I figured it might be an appropriate choice to draw success and good fortune to us, and not just because of the name. If you’ve seen this deck, the edges are gilt, so when the deck is stacked, it shimmers with all the richness of actual gold. Once I pulled the cards for this reading, I knew it was an excellent choice! They may feel like they need to be reordered so they resonate better with you, but I’ve listed them in the order I laid them out on the table. Oh, and it’s my birthday month, too, so I’d love a visit from you all over at my blog,!)


September 2022 Horoscopes: Where Are All Our Work Automatons?!?!

These days, it seems, even the industrious Virgo is loath to return to work. And, with last month’s tarot card fictional look into the end times on top of the real-life continued horror of the pandemic, who can blame them? So, let’s launch an appropriately horror-filled celebration of Labor/Labour Day (United States/Canada) with September’s batch of horoscopes. Read on to find out how each horoscope sign is most likely to kick the bucket at work!

(What better time to form that labor-free utopian community, right? Embrace the Age of Automatons!)

Disclaimer: Although I am dangerously “sitting still” in order to create these mock horoscopes, please note that they are completely fictional, made up, a figment of my imagination, and are for entertainment purposes only. They aren’t meant to actually represent any particular person, workplace, company, workforce, scientific practice, nonhuman animal, plant, extraterrestrial life form, or even the actual horoscope sign. I did, however, research common workplace-related deaths on the National Occupational Safety and Health website, but any errors in the horoscopes are the fault of me and my research.


August 2022: Tarot Card Inspiration for…the End Times!


I took inspiration for this reading because of the current state of things, of course, and a little borrowed inspiration from all the talk of the Four Horse-people of the Apocalypse that seems to be floating around!

Curious about what fate could await your character(s) in your speculative, near-future novel or story? Read on!


July 2022 Horoscopes: What’s your Evil Archetype Alter Ego?

It’s not a surprise that horror aficionados and creators spend a good bit of time immersing themselves in the darker side of life. Paradoxically, some that are drawn to all things nightmarish and spooky often have the most gentle and mild of natures. So, for July’s collection of horoscopes, I chose to explore the common archetypes of villains that appear in creative works—but with a twist. I chose the evil archetype that could be a sign’s secret, and completely diabolical, alter ego!

July 2022: Tarot Card Reading for Author and Artist Inspiration

Last month’s reading took us into space—this month’s reading will bring us back down to Earth. And what better way to represent Earth then by the wisdom and presence of trees? I was inspired, myself, to use the deck The Oracle of the Trees, as written by Francesca Romana Valente and illustrated by Mariuccia d’Angiò, and interpret the cards to reflect the lives of those who create.


June 2022 Horoscopes: The Horror Tree’s Spooky FilmFest!

Summertime is here…it’s time to put the top down and cruise on over to your local drive-in movie theatre! Whether your spooky cinematic appetites run to creepy, campy, chilling, or classic, there’s something for each bloodthirsty zodiac sign at the Horror Tree FilmFest!

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(Please note that these mock horoscopes are for entertainment only and have no reflection on actual people, situations, and such.)


June 2022: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

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It’s summer here in this corner of the globe, and even though the world may not be fully opening up to travel, one can still have virtual adventures! Many museums and historic sites offer virtual tours, and there’s always camping expeditions in remote locations. But, for this reading, which is only limited by the imagination, I decided to take us off-planet—into the deep reaches of space!