Taking Submissions – Millhaven Horror/Dark Fantasy Edition 2018

Deadline: August 1st, 2018
Payment: Royalty Split


  1. You keep copyright and all rights associated with the story.  You give Millhaven Press first North American print rights, and permission to use the story in any anthology stemming from the original printing (such as a “best of” type anthology).

  2. Stories should be between 2,000-8,000 words (we may accept something shorter than 2,000 words or something longer than 8,000 but it has to be phenomenal).

  3. Do not submit a story for reprint.  We are only interested in previously unpublished material (a story published on a personal blog is ok).

  4. No simultaneous submissions.  Please do not submit the story to another outlet while waiting for a response from us.

  5. Multiple submissions are ok, but we will only print one story per author, per issue.  If you aren’t sure which is your best, send more than one and we’ll decide.

  6. Use an easily readable font, double-space as .doc or .docx.  Send as an e-mail attachment to [email protected]

  7. Send a cover letter with contact information.  Use story title, genre and approximate word count in the subject header of the e-mail.

  8. This is a quarterly print publication and the deadlines for the genre themes are as follows.

  • Spring: Science Fiction/Fantasy (Submission Deadline 2/1/19)

  • Summer: Mystery/Crime/Espionage (Submission Deadline 5/1/19)

  • Autumn: Horror/Dark Fantasy (Submission Deadline 8/1/18)

  • Winter: Action/Adventure/Western (Submission Deadline 11/1/18)

            We realize a lot of stories cross genres (the best usually do).

            Submit your story with all possible genres in the subject and we’ll sort it out.

    Not all submitted stories will be published.  Stories are chosen solely by the publishers.  We will read all submissions and respond with an acceptance or rejection letter via e-mail (Generally, within 2 weeks).  If accepted, a standard royalty contract will be sent shortly after the closing submission deadline for that issue.

    Each contributor will receive one free reader copy delivered to the address listed in the contact information.


    This is a royalty based publication (split among contributors after cost).

    80% Split evenly among the fiction writers.

    10% For cover artist (plus a $50 fee paid upon delivery of accepted design).


    Payment will be made via PayPal (no exceptions).  Royalty payments will be made at the end of each of initial three sales months and then quarterly thereafter.

Via: Books of the Broken.

Taking Submissions: Dark Rainbow

Deadline: July 6th, 2018
Payment: Royalties

Dark Rainbow Vol. 1 is the first book of an LGBT dark erotica series edited by Andrew Robertson. The anthology will be released by award-winning New York publisher Riverdale Avenue Books.
Dark Rainbow will explore a wicked hunger within the LGBT sphere with exciting short stories that thrill the reader and all of their senses, but also send shivers down their spine. Send us the type of horrific treats that can only come with a queer protagonist, and tricks that have a lasting effect on the reader…a werebear who longs for more than a full moon can offer, a polyamorous necromancer, a witch who has plans for a different type of coven, a vampire who can’t let go of their favorite same-sex snack, a voodoo tale of zombies with a hunger for bisexual brains…
We are looking for stories that cover all sexualities and have an exciting, horrific edge.  Blood and guts should be served with a sexy side course. There are several authors confirmed, so we are looking to complete the anthology with some stimulating new voices.
We welcome anything in the horror-erotica realm but no incest, no underage sex, no dubious consent, and be careful with age play. Horror should be relevant to the plot. Splatterpunk and extreme gore won’t be considered for this anthology.
Payment is a pro rata share of epub and print royalties, a pdf and a print copy of the book. All authors will receive an acknowledgement and response within four weeks. Please inquire about reprints. Original, unpublished work is highly preferred.
All submissions should;
·         Be submitted as a Word doc
·         Be between 2500-8000 words
·         Be proofread
·         Follow the Shunn Manuscript format
·         Use Times New Roman 12 point and underline italics
·         Use ### or *** centred for scene breaks, with a blank line above and below
·         Include title, last name and page number in upper right hand corner using the ‘Header’ feature
Deadline is July 6, 2018 at midnight, the witching hour…

Send submissions to: [email protected]

Via: Riverdale Ave. Books.

Taking Submissions: Overdue – Tales of Mystery and Adventure

Deadline: September 15th, 2018
Payment: 5% of the gross profit will be paid for each accepted story.


Throughout history, great books have been lost. Books with forgotten knowledge; books with information that could rewrite history as we know it; or simply books that could make someone a pretty penny.

Many of these works, are, no doubt, gone for good.

Some, however, may still survive as lone copies hidden in musty archives, quirky bookshops, jealously guarded private collections, dismal castles, or remote caverns.

A global effort has been launched to find them. These are the stories from behind the scenes.


Overdue is a shared-universe anthology joining together M.H. Norris’s All the Petty Myths and Jon Black’s Bel Nemeton.

Bring us stories about questing for lost books. The books may come from actual history, myth, literature (remember to check copyright status), or your imagination. Among the genres we will consider are Adventure, Gothic, Horror, Pulp, Mystery, Magical Realism, Thriller, Urban Fantasy, and Weird Fiction.

More important than the genre are meeting the five criteria below:

1) Feature innovative storytelling and excellent writing.

2) Revolve around the search for a lost book (see “The Set-Up” and “Sample Books” below).

3) Fit into the parameters of the Shared Universe (see “Defining the Shared Universe” below).

4) As part of the Shared Universe parameters, the main action must occur in the present day. Flashbacks and vignettes exploring the history of a book, however, are perfectly acceptable.

5) Also as part of the Shared Universe parameters, stories must take place in our world (Sorry, no alt-history, steampunk, stories set on other planets, etc.).


Over the millennia, many books have been lost.

The Booker Foundation (see Notable Bits of Worldbuilding below) is paying handsomely for any of these missing treasures that can be returned to the light for humanity’s benefit (at least that’s the foundation’s official story). To aid in the retrieval of especially desirable works, the Foundation may even pony up some cash or equipment in advance.

While the Booker Foundation is fronting the cash, the project is co-chaired by Dr. Vivian Cuinnsey, Professor of Linguistics, and Dr. Rosella Tassoni, pioneer of Forensic Mythology.

The call has been put out to respected archaeologists, historians, linguists, anthropologists, antiquarians, and book scouts. But the foundation is not fussy (indeed, the Booker Foundation’s founder has a shady reputation of his own). It is equally willing to work with mercenaries, morally ambiguous archaeologists, treasure hunters,  gentleman and gentlewoman rogues, warlords, and even the street kid who got lucky (or unlucky) and snatched the right backpack.


Parvus Is Open To Novel And Novella Submissions

Deadline: July 15, 2018
Payment: Advances of up to $1,000. Digital royalties start at 25% of sales and escalate up to 50%.

We’re entering our third year of operations here at Parvus and growing steadily. We released one title in 2016, two in 2017, and have five on deck for 2018. Right now, we’re buying for our 2019 and 2020 catalogs.

If you want to really get to know what we’re about, you may want to check out our publisher’s guest appearance on the Hybrid Author Podcast (Episode 19), where Colin talks about Parvus’ founding and some of our publishing philosophy.

But if you just want a quick overview, here it is:

Digital First

We are a digital first publisher. This means that our growth strategy is built around starting as a digital press and transitioning, when the time is right, into a traditional distribution model.

We give our books the same level of care and attention as any other publisher in the genre, and your books are available to readers through all of their favorite retailers. We market our books to the same industry blogs and reviewers. We advertise in the same trade magazines. We’re just smaller, faster, and you’re going to love working with us.

Author Driven

Our background is in building winning teams, and that’s the approach that governs us in the publishing process. You bring your talent as a storyteller and we bring together all of the designers, artists, editors, marketing, and production needed to help your book find the biggest audience it can.

And we never lose sight of the fact that this is your book. We will communicate and consult with you every step of the way.

Fair Pay

Our contracts are written in the plainest language our lawyer would allow. Which is pretty close to English.

We pay advances of up to $1,000. Digital royalties start at 25% of sales and escalate up to 50%. We pay on time, if not faster, and royalties are paid quarterly.

You write great books, we provide the capital, the sales team, and the resources to make them successful in the market. Plain and simple.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’re your team. We’re working for you every single day. Our editors are some of the best in the business and their one goal is to help you make your book the best possible version of itself.

Our sales and marketing team is promoting Parvus and Parvus titles every day, building relationships throughout the trade to help drive sales. And they’re here to help you with your own efforts, by advising on your own direct marketing strategies and blog posts or by providing support with graphic design.

We work for you and your book, and we’re thankful for the trust our authors give us every day.

How to Submit

Our general submission guidelines are below. Please read them carefully, because they spell out exactly what we’re looking for. We’re pretty careful about following the “say what you mean” adage, so if your book doesn’t match our criteria, it will not be accepted. This doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t personally love your psychological thriller novel the next time we’re on an airplane, but it means that we aren’t the right publisher for it. So please don’t submit them.

Also, we handle submissions differently than some other folks, so please pay extra special double secret attention to our guidelines. Thank you!

Submission Guidelines


  • We’re a publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  • We’re accepting only completed novellas (Minimum 17,500 words) and novels (Minimum 60,000 words). Do not query manuscripts on spec.
  • We’re accepting only works that have not been previously published in any form (including self-published).
  • We are not accepting translations of foreign language works.
  • Manuscripts may take up to 90 days for a response. If you haven’t heard back in 90 days, please feel free to ask for an update. Really, we’re very approachable.
  • Submissions are only accepted electronically through our submission management system; Word Document or PDF attachments only, please.
  • We welcome submissions from authors without representation.
  • We have an impartial reading system in place. Please be sure to strip all personally identifying information (name, address, etc.) from your manuscript. (See “Policies” tab for more information.)


Impartial Reading

On first read, our submission team does not have access to any of your personally identifying information (Name, email, address, etc.) They have only your manuscript. This is to limit the impact of unconscious bias on our evaluation process.

Be CERTAIN to remove ALL personally identifying information from your manuscript before uploading it into our system. You will enter this data into our submission manager, and it will remain associated with your manuscript.

Failure to adhere by this requirement will result in your submission being rejected unread.

Focused Calls

All authors are welcomed to submit their manuscripts for our open submission calls. We may, however, have focused calls periodically that are targeted at certain authors, genres, sub-genres, etc.

Please do not submit your manuscript in response to a focused call for which you do not meet the requirements. It’s not a great way to establish a relationship with us.


We are currently interested in the following:

Novels and Novellas.

Epic, Dark, Contemporary, and Urban Fantasy and Modern Myth.

Both YA and General Trade.

Books with compelling characters, new settings, and depth.

Stand-alone books.

First books of series.

We are currently not interested in:

Completed, unpublished, multi-book series.


Sexual content masquerading as character development.

Hard Sells:

Fantasy works where the hero is the hero because of who they are instead of what they do (unless you subvert the trope).

Re-treads of Western European high fantasy epics without true innovation or depth.


We are currently interested in the following:

Novels and Novellas.

Military SF and Space Opera, Near Future, Dark Future, and Post-Apocalyptic.

Both YA and General Trade.

Stand-alone books.

First books of series.

Humor. (Please, oh please, send us some amazing SF humor)

We are currently not interested in:

Multiple books (If you have books 1-4 written of a series, we’re only going to evaluate book 1 and we encourage you not to highlight that there are other completed books.)

Re-treads of The Walking Dead.


Sexual content masquerading as character development.

Abstract, absurd, or non-conventional narrative styles.


Hard Sells:

Hard SF (unless it contains some amazing characterization and a compelling story)

Zombie apocalypse.


Our open call can be found here: https://parvuspress.com/2018-open-call/

Thank you!

Via: Parvus Press.

Taking Submissions: Deadman’s Tome: Real American Horror: Texas

Deadline: July 15th, 2018
Payment: Royalties

Announcing call for submissions for Real American Horror: Texas

All Submissions should meet this criteria:

Works: short stories and flash fiction

Genre and theme: Horror and dark fiction based on true events in Texas from people in Texas or that have lived in Texas.

Deadline: July 15th

Format: Attach the .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX

Word Count 5k – 7k words approx.

Payment: 60% of net earnings divided evenly among the authors.

Multiple Submissions okay.

Submit a brief bio, we don’t care if you have no work history, give us a brief bio of yourself.

Send submission to
[email protected]

Via: Deadman’s Tome.

Taking Submissions: Extreme & Bizarro Submission Call Novels and Novellas

Deadline: July 4th 2018
Payment: 50% Royalty split – print/digital release

Extreme & Bizarro Submission Call – (30-80K words)

Our final submission call… well, until we reach our Patreon goal, that is.

However, since no one knows when we’ll reach the ‘year-round submissions’ benchmark, we want to give authors one last chance to show us their best work for 2018—we’re only looking for bizarro and extreme manuscripts for this round though. As long as the work can be categorized as extreme and/or bizzaro, no other limits apply. All sub-genres of horror are welcomed, we’ll even look at classic monster tales—provided it’s bizarre enough to stand out among the generic books of werewolves and zombies. Just remember: Blood, Guts, and Story.  Blood Bound Books is all about the story and how it’s told. We don’t want poorly written torture porn and rape fantasies. If you’re not familiar with our vision of extreme, controversial novels, check out this link, especially BODY ART, THE CITY, & MONSTER PORN


Manuscripts must be previously unpublished in any form

Email: [email protected]

Email Subject: “Novel/Novella Submission” Without this heading, your manuscript will not be read.

Length: 30K words up to 80K. Do NOT ask if you can send in longer or shorter works. If you think your story is good enough to be an exception, just send it in and wow us with the email message. Sell us!

Deadline: July 4th 2018

Multiple Submissions: Yes–two max–but please attach them in one email

Simultaneous Submissions: Yes–please inform us at time of submission as well as if you are accepted elsewhere

Payment: 50% Royalty split – print/digital release – worldwide in English language

Via: Blood Bound Books.

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