Taking Submissions: Strangely Funny VII

Deadline: August 31st, 2019
Payment: $5, royalties, and a contributor’s copy

In the past, we opened for Strangely Funny submissions during the month of October, with the goal of publishing in April. Unfortunately, it rarely worked out that way. We get your great stories, we begin to process them, then NaNoWriMo hits, followed by the holidays. In January, the book fair season starts. So, we’ve moved the submission window for the anthology.
This annual collection of funny paranormal stories is the press’ flagship series. Your tale must be funny and have supernatural/paranormal elements. Examples of stories from previous collections: Homicide is summoned to a halfway house for the undead, a finger transplant from a serial killer leads to hilarious consequences, a mummy regrets hiring a cheap embalmer. Lovecraft humor is welcome; shaggy dog stories are not.

Story length should be 2000-6000 words. If you sub something longer or shorter, it better be really funny. The submission window is August 1st – August 31st, 2019. Please do not sub sooner. Publication of SF VII will take place in April/May 2020. 

Send your submissions to [email protected] with “Strangely Funny” in the subject line. If we buy your story, you will receive a free print copy of the book and a $5 USD advance on royalties. For further information on royalties and publishing rights, please go to our Submission Guidelines page.

Via: Mystery And Horror LLC.

Taking Submissions: Mother Ghost’s Grim – Creepy Stories For Children

Deadline: December 15th, 2019
Payment: Royalties

This is a horror anthology for children. Recommended ages are between 7-12, please keep that in mind when submitting!


Name: Mother Ghost’s Grim – Creepy Stories For Children

Word Count: ~ Under 1500 words

Pay: 20% royalty for project managers split, 20% publisher, 60% split between authors PER STORY

What we are looking for: Scary stories you heard as a child, or would have enjoyed. No graphic scenes, no rated R content; children will be reading it. If you have kids or young family members, what would you like them to read?

Format: 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, proper indentation, word document. Left hand corner: author name, title, email, and word count. *submission will be rejected if not in this format*

Kickstarter: N/A. Project managers will be funding this project.

We will be choosing approximately ~60 EXCLUSIVE stories. Meaning they cannot be posted ANYWHERE else. We would like to enroll this book into the KDP program with Amazon so we can all gain more $$$. We plan on keeping it in the program for 4 months. After that time, you are free to do with your story what you wish.

Email for submission: [email protected]

DEADLINE: December 15, 2019.

Publication date: Easter 2020

NBH will be publishing the anthology!

We look forward to your submissions! 😈

Via: Mother Ghost Grim’s Facebook Group.

Taking Submissions: The Killer Collection

ANTHOLOGY TITLE: The Killer Collection

THEME: Horror focusing on the human elements of violence, murder, serial killers, wicked people. Nothing supernatural. We’re looking for stories that get to the nature of human evil. No stories that are rape or torture porn, no killing fantasy stories and no abusive or victimizing stories. Stories focusing on stalking, obsession, murderers or slashers are acceptable. A certain amount of gore is acceptable. As we want to cater to a wide audience use our judgment on making a story appealing to horror fans of all ages and genders.

REQUIREMENTS: send a google doc or Microsoft doc to [email protected] with the subject line: SUBMISSIONS. Feel free to send multiple submissions however be aware that no more than 3 will be accepted unless they are of outstanding work. All documents should be no more than 3000 words, and written in .12 arial.
Inside the email be sure to also include your preferred pen name.

DEADLINE: we are looking to get this anthology filled by September 1st so that we can push for a Halloween release.

PAYMENT: All authors selected for the book will receive 50% divided evenly amongst all authors of the sales accrued
from Amazon and other marketplaces. (As an example if we have 20 authors and we make 200 dollars, then that would be 5 dollars each contributor per monthly sale) our goal however is to produce this anthology via Kindle Unlimited to generate higher sales so we ask you to please send only work that has never been published before. All work will remain exclusive to our publishing company for approximately 1 year. (A Contract will be sent out to you if you are chosen as a contributor of the collection detailing this and the royalty sales as well.)

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: Feel free to contact myself, Kyle Harrison at [email protected] or our publisher at [email protected]

Taking Submissions: Rogue Tales

Deadline: November 30th, 2021
Payment: Royalties

  • Publication – February 2022
  • Word Count – 5,000-20,000
  • Theme – Fairytales will never be the same in this reverse harem anthology. All versions of bedtime stories, folklore, etc are welcome. If unsure, message DSP’s Facebook page.

Submission Guidelines.jpg

* Introduction of yourself should be a short biography in 3rd Person between 100-200 words. Upon acceptance, this will be used within the anthology. Send a bio with every single anthology submission. We work with hundreds of authors and will not take time to retrieve yours from a previous anthology.

* Poetry submissions: All poetry needs to be contained within a single e-mail. Each poem should be in a separate document. Haikus may be grouped together.

* All e-mails should be addressed to “Dear Editor.”

After receiving edits back, the author has two weeks to return the submission for formatting.

All submissions will be reviewed within thirty (30) days of the anthology’s submission deadline. This ensures submission calls do not close early and gives everyone a chance to submit. You will know your submission has been received for consideration by receiving a generic response. Whether accepted or rejected, you will always receive a response.

View our blog articles on how to submit to a publisher and how to write a proposal.


Failure to submit following all of the guidelines will result in an immediate refusal. You are able to submit again before the submission call deadline.


Rating – Check each anthologies‘ rating.
Word count – Check each anthologies‘ word count requirements.


E-mail address to submit to – [email protected]


NOTICE –  Failure to submit correctly will result in refusal of submission.

Via: Dragon Soul Press.

Open Novel Submissions: Mobius Books

$1,000 advances on royalties for original full-length manuscripts. We do accept un-agented and simultaneous submissions.


Möbius Books is searching for novel-length fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime/mystery) and non-fiction of no specific word count. Our submission acceptance window will remain open until we fill the 2019-2021 catalogs. 

We offer non-negotiable $1,000 advances on royalties for original full-length manuscripts. We do accept un-agented and simultaneous submissions. 

We offer $0.05 per word for original articles and essays between 1,000 and 3,000 words relating to fiction of any media platform in the genres we publish, and we’re very interested in furthering  the discussion on what it means to tell a great story, so articles and essays about the craft of writing are especially welcome.

Möbius will contact you after we’ve reviewed your manuscript. Please resist the urge to send follow-up emails beyond your original submission, as they clog up our inbox and make us pissy. We’ll try to respond within a few weeks.  

If this sounds good and you have a project you’re sure will pique our interest, please follow these guidelines and send your materials to [email protected]


Subject heading should include the genre of your project, followed by the title and your name.


Subject: Sci-fi – Title – Name
Subject: Non-fiction – Title – Name

Send a brief description of your story along with the first ten pages in the body of the email. We will contact you for additional materials.

Subject heading should include the topic, followed by the title and your name.

Subject: Game of Thrones – Title – Name
Subject: How to write characters in fantasy – Title – Name

Paste the complete article or essay in the body of the email with no attachments.

All other inquiries not related to submissions can be sent to [email protected]

Many thanks for your interest in working with Möbius, and good luck. 

Via: Mobius Books.

Ongoing Submissions: KZine Magazine

Payment: Royalties of 50% of profits per issue divided between authors based on story length with an advance against royalties of £3 per 1000 words will be paid one month after publication

Submissions should be crime, science fiction, horror or fantasy stories or a mixture of these genres.
We are looking for very readable, original tales with well realised characters.
Length should be from 1,000 words to 8,000 words.
Stories should be submitted as attachments to an email to [email protected]
If possible please format the attachment as an MS Word DOC, Apple Pages, RTF or TXT file.
Only one submission at a time, please.
Stories must be in English.


The editor will reply with an acknowledgement as soon as he receive the story. So if it’s been a few days without response send it again, just in case.
In the acknowledgement there will be an estimate for when to expect the decision.
The editor will try to give some constructive criticism of the story if it is not acceptable.


We are afraid only token payment can be made at the moment, however if the rate increases in the future we will try to apply it retrospectively. So previously published stories benefit as well as new ones.
Royalties of 50% of profits per issue divided between authors based on story length will be paid.
An advance against royalties of £3 per 1000 words will be paid one month after publication.
So at least 450 copies would need to be sold before the author would start to receive any further royalty payments.
Advances and royalties can be paid by cheque in the UK . In other parts of the world Paypal or Amazon gift voucher may be more appropriate.


The only artwork in KZINE will be the cover and currently no submissions of artwork are required.


Kzine agrees to pay the royalties and advance as detailed below for accepted and published stories.
The author must agree that the story is previously unpublished and once accepted agree not to allow publication in another periodical or anthology from acceptance until 6 months after the publication of the issue the story was in.

Kzine requires First Print and Electronic Publishing rights. Copyright is retained by the author who grants permission for Kzine to publish the story world-wide on electronic media and print-on-demand version of the same issue. This permission covers one issue of Kzine in perpetuity. Any re-publication in another issue or other form will be re-negotiated between Kzine and the author. It is requested that reprints in other print or electronic magazines or anthologies be delayed for six months afar the Kzine publication date.

Bear in mind that most publications will not publish pieces that have been published in print, eBook, or on the web, so for all intents and purposes after your work is published by us it can only be marketed as a reprint, which severely limits the number of markets that will accept it, and drastically reduces the pay rate it can receive. It is up to you, the author, to decide if publishing your work in eBook format and giving up your First Publishing Right for a token payment, is really what you want to do.

Stories are taken in good faith and assumed to have been by the sender. Kzine will aid any official investigation into fraudulent use of an authors work sent in by another person, but is unable to accept responsibility.

There will be times that Kzine will promote an issue by offering it free of charge on Amazon for a limited period. Royalties will not be accrued for these. Promotional periods will not exceed five days per issue.

Royalties are paid at the rate of 50% of profits divided among the authors based on story length. Advances amounting to £3 per 1000 words will be paid one month after publication of the relevant issue. For any print-on-demand sale of the issue, royalties will be treated as an electronic copy.
Royalties over the advance amount will be paid annually.

The personal information you supply (e.g. email address, home/work address, name) will be retained for the express intention of contacting you in relation to your story. It will not be used for marketing or supplied to any third party.

Via: Kzine.

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