Taking Submissions: Heroes of the Apocalypse

Deadline: October 31st, 2018
Payment: Royalties and a contributor’s copy

Off the Beaten Path Press is proud to announce a call for submissions for a brand new anthology titled “HEROES OF THE APOCALYPSE”. We’re looking for submissions in the 5,000 – 15,000 word limits with stories of the end of the world. You pick the way. Whether it be natural disaster, zombies, pandemic, alien invasion, space asteroids, killer AI, supernatural demons or ghosts, giant monsters, nuclear war, or however you envision the end of everything coming for civilization. The only thing that these stories need to share are the heroes who fight against all odds to prevent the end (either in success or failure). This is what the stories need to be all about. The human response to the end. So even if you have a 1000 foot Lovercraftian demon stomping on major cities, we need to see the courage on the ground before the boot goes to ant.

Please send your story copied into an email with your contact info to [email protected] We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got. Payment will include royalties paid for sales and a copy of the print version of the anthology. Close Date: Oct 31. Thanks!

Taking Submissions: Weird Mask: Zombie Fiction

Deadline: September 15th, 2018
Payment: Contributor’s Copy

Accepting submissions for October issue!

Looking for zombie short stories or flash fiction.

As a monthly zine, we are always looking for short stories, flash fiction and even artwork.

Genre fiction is a PLUS! Normally the weirder the better, but that isn’t always true.

Short stories should be around the 3k word mark. Flash fiction could be as short as you want.

As of now, the only payment we can offer is contributor copy. We hope to change that in the near future.

If you are wanting to submit a serialized story, please message us first with a small pitch and how many issues you would need to tell the story and we will get back to you promptly.

To submit a story, please copy and paste it in the form below. No need to format your piece in any special way.


Via: Weird Mask.

Taking Submissions: Quoth the Raven

Deadline: August 30th, 2018
Payment: Royalty Split And Contributor’s Copy

With the recent closing of Black Mirror Press, their planned anthology celebrating the works of Poe sits orphaned. After giving this situation a great deal of thought, and discussing it with our partners and staff, we at Camden Park Press have decided that the efforts of the authors who have been working on stories for the past several months should not be wasted, and Black Mirror Press’ efforts in inspiring the project and motivating the authors to create their own, re-imagined versions of Poe’s work need not be in vain. To that end, we are now opening submissions for Quoth the Raven, a contemporary re-imagining of the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Quoth the Raven

~ Call for Submissions ~

The works of Poe were dark and often disturbing. From dismembered corpses, rivals bricked behind cellar walls, murders in back alleys, and detectives on the trail of devious villains, his stories have had a profound impact on both the horror and mystery genres to this day.

In Quoth the Raven, we invite you to revisit Poe’s work, all of which is now in the public domain, and re-imagine it for the twenty-first century. We’re not looking for a simple retelling of the classic tales, though we’d love to see what you can do with them. Consider also the more obscure but equally compelling work. Or, if you’re so inspired, write your own, original, story in the style of a modern-day Poe. No matter what approach you choose, we’re looking for stories with a unique 21st century perspective, that incorporate twists that reflect present-day technological and societal changes and life in today’s world, married to Poe’s distinct form of storytelling.

These should be contemporary tales, set in the real world. While it’s fine to incorporate some element of magic realism or the supernatural, we’d prefer to see psychological horror rather than gratuitous violence or gore. Stories incorporating the current political landscape (particularly in the U.S.) will also be a hard-sell, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate political elements if you don’t go overboard with them. Strong suspenseful elements are key. We’re looking for a good mix of both horror and mystery, and will also consider your wonderfully re-imagined versions of Poe’s poetry.

Short stories: 3000 – 7000 words; only one per author
Poetry: 1-3 pages (double-spaced); only one per author
Note: You may submit both a story and a poem; but please send each item separately.
SEND TO: editor AT camdenparkpress DOT com
In your cover letter, please indicate which Poe story/poem your story is based on.
Our goal is to release this collection of updated tales on October 7th, 2018, the 169th anniversary of Poe’s mysterious death. It’s going to be a fast turnaround, but we know you can do it!
PAY RATE: Royalty Share + one contributor copy of each format (print and electronic)
FORMAT: Please use Standard Manuscript Format, i.e.: Microsoft Word .doc/.docx file, 1″ margins, 12-14pt Times (or other serif font), double-spaced, contact info and word count on first page, running header w/name, title, page #, etc. The usual stuff.
Please include both your name and the story title in the filename, like this:AndyAuthor_SiriTheRaven.docx

Via: Camden Park Press.

Taking Submissions: Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly Autumn 2018

Deadline: August 15th, 2018
Payment: Contributor’s Copy

Submitting to Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly

As the name suggests, submissions to OPQ have a quarterly window.

Deadline is February 15th for Submissions for Spring Quarter (Ostara and Beltane)

Deadline is May 15th for Submissions for Summer Quarter (Litha and Lugnhasadh)

Deadline is August 15th for Submission for Autumn Quarter (Mabon and Samhain)

Deadline is November 15th for Submission for Winter Quarter (Yule and Imbolc)


General Submissions Guidelines:

Please send your submission in an email where the subject line is Submission: Title, where Title is the name of your article or piece, to [email protected].  Note that our submissions can often become backed up due to the number of people on staff, so please allow up to four weeks for us to respond.  If queries or submissions have been unanswered after six weeks, please send us an email with ‘QUERY’ in the subject line.

Please indicate which prospective issue your piece is being submitted for.

What We Are Looking For:

Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is looking for non-fiction and fiction submissions for our new quarterly publication. OPQ is a quarterly magazine dedicated to folk religion, spirituality, and paganism of all paths and stripes. Whether your article is over Witchcraft, Fey Work, Reiki, Heathenry, or other equally important paths, we would love to feature the independent voices of our community.  Though we are located in Oklahoma and as a result are focused on our local community, we also want to hear from those in other states, locations, and countries.

Part of the appeal of Paganism and other nontraditional paths is the diversity of thought and culture inherent in our worship and way of life. To that end, we will not accept work that is derogatory, violent, or condemnatory of other ways, walks, or paths in life. We will not judge submissions based on the client’s gender, gender identity, religion, age, spirituality, ethnicity, race, veteran status, country of origin, or other protected class. We prefer to focus on uplifting, positive articles that focus on spirituality as a tool for enlightenment, for whatever enlightenment means to the individual pathworker.


Non-fiction Guidelines:

We are looking for articles on specific beliefs, paths, or other. Maximum non-fiction article size is 4,000 words, tops.  You can submit either finished articles or query us about article ideas.

Please attach a small bio (a paragraph or three, 500 words, tops) detailing your publishing history, your writing credentials, your knowledge on the subject, etc.

Contributors, upon acceptance, will receive a single contributor’s copy (digital or print) for payment.  Note that at this time Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is unable to pay contributors, however, we are looking to change this at a future date.


Fiction Guidelines:

We are accepting poetry and prose in fiction, both fantastic and literary. We would prefer more spiritual-based fiction, which focuses on one’s relation to the Unknown, the Divine, etc. However, we all love a good period piece.  Sword and Sorcery or Sci-fi, we want fiction that makes us think outside of ourselves.

Please attach a small bio (a paragraph or three, 500 words, tops) detailing your publishing history, your writing credentials, your knowledge on the subject, etc.

Though we don’t want to have a hard line, we have to: Poetry is restricted to 2500 words and Fiction to 5,000 words.  A little above or below is fine.  Please query for pieces that you feel fit the theme that exceed this word count.

Contributors, upon acceptance, will receive a single contributor’s copy (digital or print) for payment.  Note that at this time Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is unable to pay contributors, however, we are looking to change this at a future date.


Art Guidelines:

We love art in every form. Unfortunately there are some minor restrictions we must impose for each issue.  Each issue of OPQ has a seasonal theme for its cover.  We invite artists to submit their original, non-licensed black and white, theme-appropriate art for print in our magazine. (Unfortunately we are not able to publish fan art, as that falls outside of copyright.)  Please ensure that your art submission, cover or otherwise, falls under the following guidelines:

Cover Art can be black and white or color, though we prefer color for our covers.

Interior Art must be black and white at this time, though we have plans on changing this in the future.

We accept: Character studies, scenes, doodles, cartoons, and even some single-page comics.  If you have art you’d like showcased please submit it.

Contributors, upon acceptance, will receive a single contributor’s copy (digital or print) for payment.  Note that at this time Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is unable to pay contributors, however, we are looking to change this at a future date.

Via: Oklahoma Pagan Quaterly.

Taking Submissions: Grimm, Grit, and Gasoline

Deadline: September 30th, 2018
Payment: $0.01 per word + contributor copy

GRIMM, GRIT, AND GASOLINE: An anthology of Dieselpunk and Decopunk Fairy Tales
Anthologist: Rhonda Parrish
Open for Submissions: August 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018
Expected Publication: mid-2019
Story Length: up to 7,500 words
Payment: $0.01 per word + contributor copy

Dieselpunk and decopunk are alternative history reimaginings of the WWI and WWII eras beginning with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and ending before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I’m looking for tales with the grit of roaring bombers, rumbling tanks, of ‘We Can Do It’, the Great Depression and old time gangsters or the glamour (real or imagined) of flappers, Hollywood starlets, smoky jazz, elegant cars and Radio City Music Hall.

Plus fairy tales.

For example: a ‘mend and make do’ take on the Elves and the Shoemaker, a trench warfare version of The Emperor’s New Clothes, or Hansel and Gretel as Bonnie and Clyde. The possibilities are limitless.

Original fairy tales are welcome, as are retellings. If you choose to retell a familiar favourite, make sure your story offers something new and interesting. I’d rather see stories that reflect the long history of fairy tales as social commentary than those which simply tell the same story with a different setting.

And while dieselpunk tends to be focused on North America and Western Europe, this anthology needn’t be. I am open to stories set all over the world, and would love to see ‘Own Voices’ stories.

Need inspiration? Check out The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, Amberlough, or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Simultaneous submissions = okay. Multiple submissions = no.

How to submit: Between August 1 and September 30, upload your story here: https://niteblade.submittable.com/submit

About the Anthologist: Rhonda Parrish is driven by the desire to do All The Things. She was the founder and editor-in-chief of Niteblade Magazine, is an Assistant Editor at World Weaver Press, and is the editor of several anthologies including, most recently, Equus and D is for Dinosaur. In addition, Rhonda is a writer whose work has been included or is forthcoming in dozens of publications including Tesseracts 17: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast, Imaginarium: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing (2012 & 2015), and Mythic Delirium. Her website, updated weekly, is at rhondaparrish.com.

Via: World Weaver Press.

Taking Submissions: Unfading Daydream

Deadline: August 31st, 2018
Payment: 1000-3000 words will receive $5. Stories that are longer than that will receive $10 and a contributor’s copy.

Unfading Daydream is looking for unique and exceptional fiction to be showcased in our quarterly literary magazine. We strive to feature stories within the genres that have inspired us (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc) as well as stories that feature LGBTQ+ themes.

We are currently not seeking submissions – but our next reading period starts in August which is for Issue 6 (published in Octoboer 2018).

Basic Details

  • We are open to established and new, emerging authors.
  • In terms of length, we’re looking for stories between 1000 and 7000 words. Shorter or longer stories will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • No previously published works.
  • Please no simultaneous submissions
  • Reading periods are MayAugustNovember, and February. 
  • All submissions must be in by 11:59pm CST on the last day of the reading period (May, August, November, or February)
  • Please do not send submissions outside of our reading periods. Submissions received outside of reading periods will not be considered.
  • Expect a decision within four weeks
  • See full guidelines below


Stories that are between 1000-3000 words will receive $5. Stories that are longer than that will receive $10.  All contributors receive a hard copy of the magazine. In time, we would like to pay contributors more!


  • We accept submissions only by email.
  • Free to submit!
  • Please send your submission to submit [at] unfadingdaydream [dot] com with the title of ‘Unfading Daydream Submission’.

Full Guidelines

We want to see your unique sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. We prefer stories that are between 1000-7000 words, but if you feel that your 8000 word story or your 700 word story is brilliant, we’d love to see it.

The Submission Piece

  • One submission per author per reading period please. Contributors are allowed to include one story on their submission*. Please attach the stories individually to the submission email.
    *this is new as of the reading period for Issue 3*
  • Unless there is a theme stated for a particular reading period, there is no theme.
  • Previously unpublished works only.
  • No erotica or explicit sex scenes please. Romance and alluding to sex scenes are both okay though!
  • We would prefer the file format be MS Word or RTF. Please no PDFs or links to Google Docs! Please do not put the story in the body of the email.
  • Each story should be double spaced and in an easy to read font like Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier. Preferred font size is 12 as one of the editors has vision problems.
  • Your name, address, and email should be on the left side of the first page header and the approximate word count on the right side. Example:

  • The right side header on the pages following the first should include your last name, the story’s title, and the page number. Example:

  • The title of the piece and the name you would prefer to be published under should be on the first page of the story before the text of the story. Example:

  • If you have made an error during the submission process, please contact us rather than sending another submission email.

The Cover Letter

We say cover letter, but this is going to go in the body of the submission email.

  • We want to know more about you! Briefly tell us about you and your accomplishments.
  • Everyone has something unique about them. Between our editors, we have a third degree black belt, two cosplayers, and a computer programmer. And there’s only two of us. We want to know the interesting bits!
  • And as we said before: keep it brief.
  • In case you are chosen, please include a 3rd person, brief (less than 100 words) bio/byline

Ways to Get Banned

We’re pretty easy going people, but there are a few ways to get banned/blacklisted.

  • Depictions of rape or sexual assault.
  • Depictions of child molestation or brutalization of children.
  • Any sexual depictions of children. Anyone under 18 is considered a child.
  • Depictions of brutalization of women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, or any other marginalized people for reasons of hate.
  • Depictions of animal abuse.

The Legal Bits

No one likes the legal bits, but we have to go through this.

We at Unfading Daydream reserve the right to the exclusive first run of your story as well as the rights to include your story in a non-exclusive yearly anthology. Rights to the story are claimed upon acceptance. After your story runs in Unfading Daydreams, you have the rights to publish it as you see fit.

Via: https://unfadingdaydream.wordpress.com/submissions/

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