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JournalStone Is Currently Open To Novels, Novellas, And Fiction Collections


We are currently OPEN to fiction collection, novella and novel submissions. (9-14-2016)

Guidelines for all submissions:

  • JournalStone is currently accepting manuscripts with the following genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal in the Young Adult and Adult markets. We reserve the right to consider the subject matter and how best to utilize it. JournalStone does not practice censorship of any author’s work.
  • In your cover letter, tell us the word count, genre, and a brief synopsis of the plot. Submissions without this information cannot be reviewed.
  • Please attach your manuscript in your email as a .doc,. docx or .rtf file. Do not paste your text in the body of the email.
  • The title of your email subject line and file name should read: “Submission [type] – [title] – [genre] – [last name]”. For example: Submission Novel – Carrie – Horror – King.
  • For proper formatting of your manuscript, please follow the Shunn way.
  • We consider the quality of the editing in our review process. Please fully proof read and edit manuscripts prior to submission.
  • Do not submit a work-in-progress. We only accept completed works.
  • Allow two to three months for a response to your submission. We may respond more quickly, but we cannot guarantee timing.
  • Please do not send follow up e-mails. We will notify you when we place your work in the queue, and will contact you when we have completed our review.
  • Inform us if this is a previously published work. If you have self-published the same work, we would like to know the details about your effort. You may include website links in your email, to direct us.
  • Email your cover letter and completed manuscript to jess [at]


What happens when you submit to JournalStone?

JournalStone will review your submission and decide whether we can publish it. Often, authors receive comments about their text, prior to any approval, with suggestions for improvements, or clarifications in the story. While this does not guarantee a firm acceptance, it can certainly help, and can ease the next few steps.

If your work is approved for publication, our president, Christopher C. Payne, will contact you with a contract for your review. Upon acceptance of that agreement, we will begin to move your manuscript through the editing and development channels. This part of the process can take a few, to several months. You will be involved the entire way.

Once editing and development is complete, your new book will be printed in proof form, and it will be reviewed again for any additional work. You will get a chance to see it, too! When approved in that first printed form – your book is ready for the release! JournalStone will begin to distribute and promote your book, to make the world aware of it.

*These are general guidelines to the publishing benefits provided; the contract serves as the final agreement, between JournalStone (publisher) and all authors, for work undertaken.

Killer Reads Is Open For Novel Submissions


Note: This is a crime fiction market but if you’ve got a mix of crime fiction and horror it ‘might’ be worth checking out. No payment details are included though as a HarperFiction imprint chances are it will be pro-rates.

Specifications for submissions for Open Submission at KillerReads

KillerReads is an e-first imprint of HarperFiction at HarperCollins.

Mission statement for KillerReads:

We are on the lookout for commercial crime and thrillers ranging from police procedurals, to psychological thrillers, to high-concept thrillers and beyond.

We are looking for fantastic writing that hooks us, making us want to turn the page and find out what happens next; and characters that stay with us long after we finish reading. We want to feel moved, compelled, shocked, and intrigued.

We want to give a voice to exciting emerging talent in the genre that may otherwise go unheard.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to read your novel!

Email address for submissions: [email protected]

Entry rules:

  1. KillerReads is a subsidiary of HarperCollins Publishers (“HarperCollins”), The News Building, 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF
  2. All submissions must be sent by email to the designated Open Submission email address: [email protected]
  3. Submissions that have been sent by post or means other than email to the correct email address will not be accepted.
  4. Each submission must contain:
    • Full length novel with sequential page numbering included, with the first page being the title page;
    • Synopsis of whole book, including the complete plot and the story’s end (maximum 500 words); a one paragraph summary of the book; a short list of the main characters; and
    • Author biography, to include any blogs and/or social media information, any creative writing courses attended, short stories published, prizes won, literary or media mentors and contacts, etc (maximum 1 page).
  5. The submission must be in Word format throughout all documents; all documents must be submitted at the same time, attached to a single email (the attachments each to be clearly individually marked as ‘manuscript’, ‘synopsis’, and ‘author biography’); the chapters of the manuscript are to be in one document, NOT sent as separate documents. In addition, each of the three documents should be marked IN THE FILE NAME with the author’s name and the title of the novel and this information should also be marked on every page of each document [using the Header tool].
  6. In the ‘Subject’ area at the top of an entrant’s submission email, entrants should put the title and their (pen) name.
  7. In the body of the email, authors must provide their full name, address, and phone number.
  8. Submissions that do not meet requirements of points 4-7 inclusive shall not be read.
  9. Any submission containing incorrect, false or unreadable information will be rejected.
  10. Any submission made on behalf of or for another person, or multiple submissions, will not be read.
  11. Novels submitted must be within the crime thriller genre
  12. All novels must be in prose.
  13. All novels must be written in English.
  14. Submissions must never have been self-published.
  15. Submissions must never have been posted on publishing websites, forums or access platforms such as (but not limited to) Wattpad, Smashwords, Lulu, FanFiction, CompletelyNovel.
  16. All novels must never have had an ISBN.
  17. Authors must be prepared to undertake editorial work on their novel.
  18. Authors must be prepared to undertake publicity and promotional responsibilities.
  19. No correspondence between KillerReads, HarperCollins or the hopeful authors can be entered into, unless at KillerReads’s request, and we will not respond to unsolicited communications.
  20. KillerReads shall endeavour to read the submissions as quickly as possible.
  21. There is no obligation on KillerReads to publish any of the entrants to the Open Submission, in print or in ebook, or to offer any sort of editorial advice.
  22. KillerReads’s decision is final; we cannot guarantee that unsuccessful authors will be notified.
  23. You will retain all copyright in your submission and by submitting your novel you grant HarperCollins a licence to copy your submission and share it with its affiliates solely for the purpose of reviewing it.
  24. Neither HarperCollins nor KillerReads will be able to return any submissions, so make sure you have a copy stored safely before you submit.
  25. Any personal information you give us will be used solely for reviewing your submission and will not be passed on to any other parties without your agreement. HarperCollins’ privacy policy can be found at:
  26. HarperCollins will not be responsible unless required by law, for any loss, changes, costs or expenses, which may arise in connection with this open submission and HarperCollins can cancel or alter the open submission at any stage.

– See more at:

Voodoo Press Is Open For Horror Novels


Payment: 30% – 50% share of the net profit.

Voodoo Press accepts unsolicited submissions of apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic, survival horror, traditional horror novels. No reprints or self-published.

Payment: 30% – 50% share of the net profit.

Rights: You are willing to give us your ebook, print & audio rights for a minimum of 5 years

Formatting guidelines

Single spaced
Times New Roman 12pt
Page headers (in the right corner of every page except the title page should include: Author name/Title/Page No.)
Page break between chapters

Please use our Submission Manager Tool

The following informations must be included

1. Your bio
2. Synopsis for your book

We will review your submission and decide if it is something we are interested in. This process can take several weeks depending on how many submissions and how busy the staff is.

Via: Voodoo Press.

Novel And Novella Submissions Are Open At Dark Park Publishing


$150 advance, plus royalties to be paid every 6 months, plus 10 free copies of the print edition

Dark Park Publishing is currently accepting well-written novels and novellas in all areas of Dark Fiction.

Works can be Horror, Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Western, or Dark Comedy in any genre. What we are looking for, besides an entertaining read, is unique storytelling. Whether it’s a strikingly original premise, a mash-up of genres never done before, or a tale told in an unconventional (but effective) style, if your work presents fresh ideas and a distinctive voice, we’re interested!

Submission Guidelines (please read fully before submitting):
• Complete works should be 25,000+ words for Novellas and 50,000+ words for Novels.
• Work must be written in English.
• Work should be submitted as a Microsoft Word doc/docx. (See details below.*)
• Work must be received in proper manuscript format. See example HERE. (Except, please put only one space after a period, not two.)
• Work must be original to author. Persons submitting must hold copyright to the material, or have legal authority to submit work on behalf of author.
• Work cannot have been previously published in any form or market.
• No simultaneous or multiple submissions.

*Authors wanting to submit their work for consideration should initially send only the FIRST 50 PAGES OF THE WORK (double spaced) as an attachment. In the body of the email, author should provide a brief (1-3 sentences) description of the storyline, and word count of complete work.

Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]
Use “Submission – Title of Your Work – Your Last Name” as your subject line (and don’t forget to attach your work).

Authors of works accepted for publication by Dark Park will receive a $150 advance, plus royalties to be paid every 6 months, plus 10 free copies of the print edition of the book when available.

**Follow @DarkParkPub on Twitter for the latest book updates.

Via: Dark Park Publishing.

Dark Minds Press Is Open To Novellas

Payment: £40 advance against a 50:50 split of royalties.

We are looking for novellas of up to 30k words with a strong horror or dark fantasy theme.

Please submit the full manuscript in a word file in an easily readable font and type size – eg. Times New Roman 12pt

Successful submissions will be published in both paperback and kindle editions.

Payment will be a £40 advance against a 50:50 split of royalties.

We would particularly like to encourage female writers to submit as previous open submissions have had an alarmingly low ratio of female to male writers. We are a nice bunch and all feedback given will be constructive and fair so please don’t hesitate to give us a shot

The submission window will be open indefinitely with the view of filling four quarterly release slots per year.

Please send submissions to [email protected] with the topic line as Novella and the title of your story.

Via: Dark Minds Press.

Sitting On A COMPLETED Novel? May 12th Be Prepared For #PitDark


#PitDark is the first and only Twitter pitch event to highlight literature of a “darker” nature. Importantly, this is not limited to horror works; however, any pitched manuscript must contain an element of horror or darker writing. Examples of such categories include pure horror novels, dark fantasy, murder mysteries, psychological horror stories, non-fiction works about darker subjects, etc. YA, NA, and adult age categories are welcome.

The first #PitDark will take place on May 12, 2016.

The Basics

The contest will happen on Twitter under a common hashtag (#PitDark). During a 12-hour window on the chosen day, authors with completed manuscripts who are seeking representation or publication can tweet a pitch for their books (at most, once per hour).

Agents and publishers will make requests by marking pitches as a favorite on Twitter. If your tweet is favorited, please follow the agent or publisher’s submission guidelines.

General Pitch Party Rules

  • Pitch limit. Please do not pitch more than once an hour, per manuscript.
  • Time-frame:  8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern.  Please do not pitch before or after this twelve-hour period.

Please follow these guidelines to keep this event fair to everyone involved!

When to Pitch

This event happens annually.  The first #PitDark is scheduled for May 12, 2016.  On pitch day, we will go from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern.

What to Pitch

Participants get one pitch per hour, per manuscript.  

This contest is for completed, unpublished manuscripts. Complete means that it’s proofed, polished, and ready for submission. Unpublished means you haven’t self-published it online, on Amazon, or in print. For more information on genres, please see below.

Genre mashups, such as dark fantasy, are welcome, as long as you’re not just trying to pass off your book as something that doesn’t contain “darker” themes.

How To Pitch

Your pitch should contain four elements:

  1. First and foremost, the hashtag for the contest, #PitDark.
  2. An indication of the book’s age category. 
  3. An indication of the books’s genre in existing terms. See below for hashtags.  A genre hashtag is mandatory.
  4. pitch for your book. Ideally, it should tell us character, desire, obstacle(s), and stakes

You should tweet your pitch no more than 10 times throughout the day. Make sure each tweet is slightly different, as tweeting identical text is a violation of Twitter’s guidelines.

Hashtags for Age Category

Please use these hashtags to indicate the target age group for your book:

  • #YA – Young adult
  • #NA – New adult
  • #A – Adult

Hashtags for Genre

Please use a hashtag to indicate the genre of your book. The following are example hashtags that may be relevant to your manuscript:

  • #H – horror
  • #PH – psychological horror
  • #GH – gothic horror
  • #CH – cosmic horror
  • #BH – body horror
  • #CH – comedy horror
  • #SFH – science fiction horror
  • #PH – paranormal horror
  • #ZH – zombie horror
  • #MH – monster horror
  • #MM – murder mystery
  • #FA – fantasty
  • #DF – dark fantasy
  • #EF – epic or high fantasy
  • #HF – historical fantasy
  • #LF – literary fantasy
  • #AH – alternate history
  • #PN – paranormal
  • #UF – urban fantasy
  • #MR – magical realism
  • #SF – science fiction
  • #AF – apocalypse fiction
  • #ML – military science fiction
  • #PA – post-apocalyptic SF
  • #SFT – sci-fi thriller
  • #SH – superhero / superhuman
  • #SO – space opera
  • #DS – dystopian
  • #SP – steampunk
  • #TT – time travel
  • #WW – weird west
  • #NF – non-fiction

Feel free to use two genre tags, as long as they’re compatible (e.g. #FA #DF), but there’s no pressing need to have more than one. For a description and some examples of these subgenres, see the Genre Subcategories post by Connor Goldsmith of Fuse Literary. Please let me know — by e-mail or Twitter — if I haven’t specified your subgenre!

Pitching Guidelines

Here are some general guidelines to ensure fairness and respect during the contest.

Please DO:

  • Pitch completed, unpublished manuscripts that represent your best work.
  • Include the contest hashtag, #PitDark.
  • Use appropriate hashtags for age category and genre/subgenre.
  • Pitch your book once an hour to give everyone a chance to see it.
  • Make sure that your tweets are not identical. Twitter will block multiple instances of the same tweet, so be sure to move the hashtags around or change a character each time.
  • Follow submission guidelines. Scroll up in an agent or publisher’s tweets to see what they are, and be sure to follow them.

Please DON’T:

  • Pitch more than once an hour, per manuscript. This ensures that no one spams the hashtag, and gives everyone a fair shake.
  • Pitch directly to agents or publishers (unless invited to do so). In other words, don’t use @ at the beginning of your pitch.
  • Use weird formatting or images to get attention. No ALL CAPS or multiple lines. These are annoying.
  • Use the hashtag to self-promote. This is not the place to hock your e-book, editorial services, etc.
  • Favorite other pitches unless you’re an agent or publisher. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting notification that your tweet was favorited, only to find out it was just another author.

Who Is Participating? 

See below for a list of a few of the participating agents and publishers. This is not an exhaustive list, and since #PitDark is a public event, many more agents and publishers are likely to join in on the day! Please be sure to research any agent or publisher that likes your pitch. There is no obligation to submit your work to anyone you don’t want to.


The Bent Agency

Chalberg & Sussman

Inklings Literary Agency, LLC

McIntosh & Otis

Rees Literary Agency

Talcott Notch Literary Services

Writers House


ChiDunnit (ChiZine Publications)

ChiGraphic (ChiZine Publications)

Jolly Fish Press

Pandamoon Publishing

If you are an agent, editor, or publisher who would like to be listed as a #PitDark participant, please contact me.

Pitching Tips & Advice

The following are a few great articles for Twitter pitching advice:

Via: Jason Huebinger.

Ongoing Submissions: Gallery of Curiosities Podcast

Payment: 1 cent per word
Notes: Reprints Allowed

Gallery of Curiosities is a story podcast that comes along whenever we have managed to put together a new show. This is a paying audio fiction market catering to the steampunk and retro-futurist niche, as well as those who like good audio fiction during their commute. Our early episodes from 2010 to 2015 went under the title Tales from New Babbage and were a mix of public domain and original stories which were originally broadcast on Radio Riel Steampunk before being made available for download.

What we’re looking for:
Weird fiction. Steampunk. Horror. Mad science. Monsters. Machines. InsertRetroEvocationWordHerePunk. Strong narratives. Vivid imagery. Holiday themes on the above for when those times of the year roll around. Original short stories up to 7500 words. We don’t like flash fiction as much as short stories but you never know, we might need to tuck one in now and then. Did we mention how much we like to be scared?

What we’re not looking for:
Modern/mundane settings. Vulgar language. Serialized novels. Fan fiction. Futuristic settings that do not have an appropriate level of technology to a retro-futurist genre. For example, we would be perfectly happy with with you outwitting cannibal mutants in a post apocalyptic wasteland, but we want to see a technology that has collapsed to an interesting level of anachronism.

At present time we are offering a penny a word. We know, this is not the pro rate, but right now, it is the best we can do.

How do I get paid?
Paypal. No exceptions.

What about Rights?
We are purchasing one-time, non-exclusive, audio and archiving rights to your short story. You retain all other rights. The podcasts will be archived online for perpetual free download under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs license.

Is there a contract?
After we are both satisfied with the terms of the contract, it will be sent for electronic signature via a service such as HelloSign.

Are you going to publish an anthology or post my story for online reading?

What about simultaneous submissions?
Yes, but do tell us if you sold it somewhere that would not want us to produce it after they bought it so we don’t waste our time.

My story has already been published. Can I still submit it?
Yes, as long as you are not violating any terms of your previous contract. We do want to know if it is a reprint. That would be splendid of you.

How do I submit?
Send your story in an email or email attachment to [email protected] with SUBMISSION: Your Story Title in the subject line. We’re not picky about the format. Kevin the mailroom guy strips all identifying information from your manuscript before sending it on to our slush readers. Make sure all commentary has been removed from your document before you convert it, that could be embarrassing as it does show up after reloading it into our Google Doc files.

I have more questions!
[email protected]

Via: Gallery of Curiosities.

Ragnarok Publications Is Open To Novel Submissions


Deadline: March 20, 2016

Ragnarok Publications will be open to submissions for a limited time, starting on Feb 20, 2016 and closing on March 20, 2016. We’ll take into account differing time zones so a day either way is fine.

Please follow our submission format guidelines below.



We here at Ragnarok Publications have decided that sanity is an overrated state of being. What we need to make our lives better is to read hundreds of awesome submissions from YOU, all squeezed into a short period of time. We’ve our straitjackets fitted, meds filled, and psychologists on standby so we’ve got everything we need. Now here’s what we want:

  • We’re looking mainly for original fantasy of the dark variety. It can be urban fantasy or epic or horror-tinged, or sword and sorcery, or mainstream, or weird, or whatever, but quality fantasy is our primary interest this time around.

  • Dark science fiction is also a good bet. Something epic and explody would be perfect.

  • We’re looking for novels, say 60,000 to 120,000ish words.

  • Series or standalone.

  • Diversity in characters AND authors is a good thing.

Here’s what we DON’T want:

  • Straight-up horror, romance, hard sci-fi, or anything that doesn’t fall into the categories of fantasy or the softer side of sci-fi.

  • Poetry or collections or anthologies or short stories or plays or movie scripts or comics/graphic novels.

  • Works under 60,000 words.

  • Works for children. (Young Adult will be considered, but we don’t want anything for kids.)

  • Already published works (either in part or full.)


  • Provide a SINGLE doc/docx/rtf file containing your query letter and the first 10,000ish words of your manuscript, in the order it’s written. If there’s a prologue, that counts as part of the 10k.

  • Use standard manuscript formatting: 12-point font, double spaced, italics for italics (no underlining), no crazy fonts or formatting.

  • One submission per author. If we pass on your project and the open sub period is still going you are welcome to submit a second project.

  • You DO NOT need to provide a full synopsis, but we do expect the query to contain a short, one to four paragraph hook to give us an idea as to what we’re looking at.

  • Anything submitted outside of the submission window will be deleted unread, to include any submissions sent via the Ragnarok Publications site.

There is wiggle room in some of the above stuff, so use your best judgment. There’s no specific response time but we will do our best to get back to you quickly. You can login to the submissions managerto check your status at any time.

We offer competitive royalty rates on all projects and we do, on occasion, offer small advances with reasonable contract terms. We are also distributed worldwide by IPG.

Please follow the HOW TO SUBMIT terms or your submission will be deleted unread

  • We accept ONLY electronic submissions.

  • Please include a cover letter/email describing the project and your experience. Experience is not necessary, we just want to know who we’re dealing with.

  • All manuscripts must be in doc, docx, or rtf format.

  • All manuscripts should be in a single file, not separate files for each chapter.

  • Use Times New Roman, Courier, Palatino Linotype, or some other easily readable font. Manuscripts submitted in hard-to-read fonts will be rejected unread.

  • Use 12 point font.

  • Please space manuscripts between 1.5 to double. No spaces between, before, or after paragraphs.

  • Do not justify text.

  • Use standard margins (1″ all around.)

  • Use italics where italics are required, not underlining.

  • Single space between sentences.

  • Use paragraph formatting for indention (.3 to .5) instead of Tab.

  • Insert page breaks between chapters.

  • Limit extraneous formatting. Avoid tables or Word formatting beyond those listed above. Headers and page numbers are not necessary.

  • Include your name, contact information (email at the very least), genre, and approximate word count at the top of every manuscript submission.

  • All manuscripts must be at least 60,000 words to be considered. Manuscripts over 130,000 words are a hard sell given production costs. It doesn’t mean we won’t occasionally accept a larger book but the story has to wow us for us to take it on above 130,000 words.

  • We do not publish short stories, poetry, or collections without invitation.

Via: Ragnarok Publications.