June 2024: Tarot Cards for Creative Inspiration

Deck: Oracle of the Trees by Francesca Romana Valente

This is a time. Note that I said “a time” not “the time”. It’s a very strange time out there. It’s summer but people may be leaning towards a time of introspection and reflection. To not just figure things out and how to create a better future, but a time to meet yourself anew. I usually don’t wax too new-agey since this is a horror/spec fic blog (or I try not to, anyway) but you, as creators, may find yourself not just feeling unusually still, but you may also be experiencing a deeper-than-usual profundity as you navigate your world(s), both inner and outer. It may also be a bit confusing, as you may find yourself suddenly craving a food or a dish that you usually don’t like, or discovering an area of interest that previously bored you, or that you treated more lightly in the past.

I’m actually going to gear this to the HT readers that are in the southern hemisphere, as it’s a time that feels more appropriate to winter in terms of quietness of being and of landscape, over the busyness of summer. But since it’s summer where I am, I’m going to draw on the symbolism of trees.

It’s a time to meet yourself anew, as I said above. It could also be a time to take active steps to cultivate deeper connections, perhaps by way of making a new friend or a new professional relationship, or a preexisting relationship could suddenly take on a new depth or branch out in strange and unusual (and fascinating) ways that perhaps defy logic. It’s a good time to be mindful of not just having surface friendships, but putting out strong roots within them, or within your community. If you don’t feel at home in your present community, try something new and maybe you’ll find the deeper connection you seek.

Here’s a spread of three cards to inspire and support you in this wild and wonderful (and quite terrifying one, if I’m being honest) of a journey during the month of June.

14 The Bay Tree (Reversed). This card is generally represented by positivity and hope. Paradoxically enough, it’s reversed here. I’m interpreting this to mean that obstacles may not be as insurmountable as they seem. It could indicate there’s a need to relinquish control and let the currents take you where you need to be, during this month of June. It’s a scary concept, I know, but this is really a time to trust in the universe. At the very least, grant yourself a timeout from your usual activities and approaches, especially before any major decisions or attempting major accomplishments or goals. Everyone has to take a break sometime, and this is the optimum time to do it. Cut yourself some slack if you feel like you’re not operating at your usual peak capacity.

27 The Sitka Spruce. This is a card that represents a number of opportunities available to you. You may be tempted to chase after all of them with all the passion and fire of a blazing summer sun, but it’s wise to channel the patience of winter. Be still, look around you, and take the time to fully understand the deeper nature of the opportunities, the personal connections, the wisdom and insights that are drifting into your life. It’s time to wait and receive, so please be patient with yourself and others during this time of stillness and quiet growth. Perhaps look around for organizations that work in the communities on a grassroots level, such as those that have seed banks or manage community gardens or other public spaces.

 30 The Giant Reed. This is a card that represents potentially unorthodox ways of navigating transitions, important life decisions, and obstacles. It may require an intentional “letting go” of the most practical and logical approach to situations. While you shouldn’t abandon all caution to the winds, it’s definitely time to utilize other tools to help you obtain clarity and to see the path forward. Music is one of the most essential tools you can draw upon during this time. Use it in meditation, and branch out into genres of music you may not typically be a fan of. For example, if you like heavy metal or punk, put on some classical or dark ambient music instead. It may be hard, but you may really need to temporarily reduce some of the noise. Even listening to birds chirping out in nature can help you regain your focus and clarity of thought when the answer may not be as obvious as it usually is.

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