Friday Update: Pandemic Book Launches

Pandemic Book Launches and Hot Off the Indie Press 24.04.20

In addition to Jim McLeod’s Pandemic Book Launch group on Facebook – go here for more infomation – Joe Mynhardt has set up a collaborative Facebook group for the independent presses: Hot Off the Indie Press. This one carries all sorts of posts from indie publishers to ‘promote sales, sales and opportunities for authors’ amongst other things, if you want to see what they’re up to and what’s available, check it out here.  

If you buy, please also consider leaving reviews for the authors and even dropping them a line on twitter or their websites to have a chat with them about the book.

If you see that an announcement has been removed from the listing, don’t panic! Horror Tree uses a program which drip-feeds its posts across social media at defined intervals over the coming year so you will continue to receive publicity that way. 

Important: I understand Amazon is preventing a number of publishers selling their work and are delisting them. Although I will continue to put amazon links here, I will make sure the publisher’s names are linked to their sites so you can go directly there and see if there is a different way of purchasing. Amazon doesn’t have to have it all its own way! If I haven’t got your site linked, send it to me and I’ll update; I’ve updated for those I could find.

Pandemic Book Launches 


The Ruin of Delicate Things by [Beverley Lee]

 Seven Cleopatra Hill by Justin Holley, pub. Silver Shamrock Publishing 7th April, 2020.,

The Ruin of Delicate Things by Beverley Lee, pub 7th April, 2020. Available for pre-order., Kindle only at present.

The Tainted Souls by Matt Shaw & Shaun Hutson, pub 10th April, 2020.,

Awakening: Queen of Spades Book 1 by EJ Dawson, pub 10th April, 2020.,

We All Hear Stories In The Dark by Robert Shearman, pub. PS Publishing, 10th April, 2020


*** Charity Anthologies ***

Infected 1 - Tales to Read at Home: A Charity Anthology for the Save the Children Coronavirus Response (Things in the Well Book 49) by [Lisa Morton, Lee Murray, Darren Todd, Kevin J. Anderson, Ben Monroe, Tabatha Wood, Stephen Herczeg, Dawn DeBraal, Eugene Johnson, Paul Moore]



Infected 1 – Tales to Read at Home: A Charity Anthology for the Save the Children Coronavirus Response, ed Steve Dillon, pub Things in the Well, 12th April, 2020.,


Infected 2 – Tales to Read Alone: A Charity Anthology for the Save the Children Response, ed Steve Dillon, pub Things in the Well.,



Wayward Magic (Magic Underground Anthologies Book 2) ed Melinda Kucsera, pub Magical Mayhem Press, 14th April, 2020.,

Shallow Waters Vol. 5: A Flash Fiction Anthology, ed Joe Mynhardt, pub Crystal Lake Publishing, 15th April, 2020.,

Walk in the Dark by G.A. Miller, pub 15th April, 2020. books2read.

Semen by CC Adams, pub KGHH Publising16th April, 2020.,

Scavenger Summer by Steven Savile, pub Horrific Tales Publishing, 17th April, 2020.,



Glorious Beasts by [Gary McMahon]

Isolation Cover 1.jpg


A Death Dream in Isolation by Justin Park, pub Sinister Horror Company, 17th April, 2020.

Glorious Beasts by Gary McMahon, pub Hersham Horror Books, 18th April, 2020.,



Dark Choir by [Paul Melhuish]Dark Choir by Paul Melhuish, pub Silver Shamrock Publishing, 21st April, 2020.,

Velocities: Stories by Kathe Koje, pub Meerkat Press, 21st April, 2020. Purchase options available here.

John McNee’s Doom Cabaret by John McNee, pub Sinister Horror Company, 24th April, 2020.,



Cult of the Gator God by Paul Lubaczewski, pub 50/50 Press, 28th April, 2020.

Q by Christina Dalcher, pub HQ/Berkley, 30th April., Note: this is titled Master Class in the US.

Black Shuck Books:  – all 30th April.

The Watcher in the Shadows by Charlotte Bond. amazon.,

Voices by Kit Power.,

Green Fingers by Dan Coxon.,

Three Mothers, One Father by Sean Hogan.,

Uneasy Beginnings by Simon Kurt Unsworth and Benjamin Kurt Unsworth.,

TImage may contain: texthe Adventures of Mr Polkington by Tina Rath., no as yet.

Till Human Voices Wake Us by C.S. Johnson, audiobook here.

The Mud Ballad by Jo Quenell, pub Weirdpunk Books. Buy here.

Sabbath of the Fox-Devils by Sam Richard, pub Weirdpunk Books.


***Charity Anthology***

Stories of Hope and Wonder: In Support of the UK's Healthcare Workers by [Ian Whates, M.R. Carey, Peter F. Hamilton, Lesley Glaister, Stephen Baxter, Tim Pears, Francis Hardinge, Paul Cornell, Tade Thompson, Adrian Tchaikovsky]Stories of Hope and Wonder in Support of the UK’s Healthcare workers, ed Ian Whates, pub Newcon Press.,

A treasury of quality stories. All proceeds from the sale of this digital anthology are being donated to support NHS staff and other healthcare workers. 53 stories, 253,000 words of fiction, including several pieces that are original to this volume, featuring some of the finest writers of science fiction, literary fiction, fantasy, horror, and more.







!!!Book Packages!!!

Night Worms Book Club PackageNight Worms Boys of Summer June 2020 package featuring exclusive edition of Brian Keene’s Ghoul. Buy here.


(Order the above now for delivery June.)


Silver Shamrock Publishing have a number of Book Boxes available, including their Coffee and Corpses boxes.








B is for Beasts (A to Z of Horror Book 2) by [P.J. Blakey-Novis, Holley Cornetto, Dona Fox, R.E. McAuliffe, Joshua Bartolome, Mark Anthony Smith, Kristofer Kinsella, P.L. McMillan, Carl Hughes, Patrick C. Greene]

Dark Divinations, ed. Naching T. Kassa, pub HorrorAddicts, 1st May 2020. Purchase options given at HorrorAddicts here.

Don’t Smell the Flowers! They Want to Steal Your Bones! by Duncan P. Bradshaw, pub EyeCue Productions, 1st May, 2020.,

B is for Beasts (A to Z of Horror Book 2) pub Red Cape Publishing, 13th May, 2020.,




Image may contain: food, possible text that says 'WHAT HELL MAY COME REX HURST'What Hell May Come by Rex Hurst, pub Crystal Lake Publishing, 12th June, 2020.

Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling, pub Silver Shamrock Publishing, 16th June, 2020.,'s Creek by [Todd Keisling]





Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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