Author: Angelique Fawns

An Interview with Willow Croft, “Bringer of Nightmares & Storms”

Interview with Willow Croft “Bringer of Nightmares & Storms”

By Angelique Fawns


Willow Croft can spin a delightfully devilish short story, and is a self-professed animal nut. Croft and I both had stories published in the most recent issue of Econoclash Review. The world of gritty pulp fiction tends to attract male authors, but as more and more of us women add our poison pens to the craft, it will be interesting to see how the genre will evolve. Though Willow and I live in completely different parts of the world, I am amazed by how much we have in common (she has actually met one of my number one musical idols!- more on this in the actual interview.)

Willow had some profound insights into the power of writing as a life raft, and how she finds inspiration in the act of creation. Even if she is creating words that echo in the realms of horror….


AF: Why do you call yourself the “Bringer of Nightmares & Storms?”

Interview: Kade Draven Freeland, and the Common Tongue

Kade Draven Freeland, and the Common Tongue

What’s your dark fantasy?

By Angelique Fawns


Kade Draven Freeland wants his readers to enter dark fantastical worlds. He offers many different doors to alternate universes and each one is crafted with a different voice. The second issue of The Common Tongue was released on April 30th, and features an undead princess, a grave-robbing goblin, clouds that rain bones, and calamity in an Arthuruinian slums. I sat down with Freeland to learn more about his vision.


AF: Tell me about the conception of your project?

Jon Grilz and the Creepy Pod: Horror Legends come to life…

Creepy Pod was created by Jon Grilz. He writes himself and found himself wondering, “Where are all the creepy pasta podcasts? 

Creepypasta refers to horror-related legends that have been copied and pasted all over the internet. They are usually brief with paranormal flavour. 

“The Russian Sleep Experiment” is a modern creepy pasta. It tells a ghoulish tale detailing the descent into madness of five political prisoners deprived of sleep for five days. 

“Ted The Caver” is another one about man who goes on a journey with a friend to see what they can find in a small hole at the bottom of a deep cave. (The answer is nothing good.)

I sat down with Jon to learn more about his audio experiment and the remarkable following his podcast has gained in such a short time. There’s a dedicated Facebook Fan page called “The Creepy People” that has almost 3000 members.

The Horror Tree Presents: An Interview With J.D. Graves, Pushing the Boundaries with Econoclash

J.D. Graves, Pushing the Boundaries with Econoclash

By Angelique Fawns


The Econoclash Review harkens back to the days of edgy pulp fiction and promises, “Quality Cheap Thrills”. This bi-annual anthology is the home for “shady casino hosts, murderous junkies, pregnant prom queens, strange kaiju cults, small town larceny and Sasquatch love brides.”

There is a definite “pulp” subculture thriving in the publishing world; and I’m thankful this genre is being kept alive by editors like J.D. Graves. A couple of years ago, I wrote a strange short story about a pot-smoking Rasta-Fairy. Graves is the kind of editor all starting fiction writers need to find. I submitted it to an open call for Econoclash, and even though the story wasn’t quite working, he gave me some advice and let me resubmit. You can find “High Adventure” in the latest edition of The Econoclash Review which just hit the bookstands recently. 


AF: Can you tell me about the conception of Econoclash Review?

JG: Econoclash began as a conversation between myself and another writer. A two year off and on discussion led to us having very different ideas about the direction we should go, thus we decided to amicably split. I didn’t want Econoclash Review to compete with things like The New Yorker and Ploughshares or be another spot for those interested in “Literary Merit” as a selling point. At the time I just couldn’t see myself reading a bunch of Literary Fiction submissions. I kept Review in the name as an homage to my friend and I found delightful irony in calling something a Review while also calling it Cheap. Very satisfying. We put out four books before becoming an imprint of Down & Out Books.


On Podcasts And Beyond, A Chat With Luke Kondor of Hawk & Cleaver

Luke Kondor, Hawk & Cleaver

By Angelique Fawns


I found the Hawk & Cleaver family when I was trolling for good podcasts to help me endure my soul-sucking commute to work. A co-worker recommended The Other Stories, a horror podcast that promises, “these aren’t the stories your mother told you… these are the other stories.”

I immediately had a new favorite podcast and joined 150,000 other monthly listeners also captivated by the dark and delicious tales. Hawk & Cleaver started off as four fellows with a similar vision and has now grown to over 20 regular international contributors. Spinning scary stories since 2016, Hawk & Cleaver offers books, comics, and swag. I’m a member of several of their Facebook pages and find the groups funny, approachable and a great resource for horror fans/writers. 

The Other Stories podcast looks for stories according to themes, and I frequently submit to them. Last year, I was thrilled when they picked up my piece “MgS04” about “Silence”. Upcoming themes include; Alternate Realities; Space; Post Apocalypse; Mythology; and Doppelgängers.

My acceptance, (and rejections) usually come from “Kez the Hawk”, and I chased him for an interview. In a bait and switch, I heard back from Luke Kondor who informed me, “Kez is currently in the nether-dimensions, in an epic battle across space and time with the wizard-demons who provide his broadband connection. Apparently, he’s not getting the speed he’s paying for and there’s hell to pay.” (Kondor also provided me with a portrait he drew of Kez.)


AF: How did Hawk & Cleaver get its beginnings?


Matt Blairstone, Terrestrial Horror & his Green Inferno

Matt Blairstone, Terrestrial Horror & his Green Inferno

By Angelique Fawns


What happens when you find a horror writer/ indie comic creator with a passion for saving the planet? You get Tenebrous Press. Matt Blairstone is launching a new anthology this summer called Green Inferno: The World Celebrates Your Demise and it will be chock full of horror stories and unique comics. Blairstone explains, “Literary Horror and Underground Comix collide in a terrifying miasma that we call Terrestrial Horror: tales of terror bound only by the constraints of our angry world.”

Blairstone has created his own pulp comic series Mad Doctors, but this is his first foray into producing a full anthology featuring international writers. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about this green (yet potentially gory) project.


AF – How did Tenebrous Press get its beginnings? (more…)

Taking Submissions: Beneath the Yellow Lights

Deadline: July 31st, 2021
Payment: $10 and a contributor’s copy
Theme: A modern world overrun by fantasy, details below!

Thank you for your interest in Oddity Prodigy Productions! We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our latest anthology “Beneath the Yellow Lights” a collection of stories featuring urban magic and fantasy.
On the heels of our successful horror anthology “Scary Stuff” we decided to change gears and move into the realm of the mystical! The details are listed below in this email.
We look forward to your submissions,
Oddity Prodigy Productions

Oddity Prodigy Productions is proud to announce we are open for submissions on our latest anthology: Beneath the Yellow Lights!
This will be the second anthology published by OPP to accept submissions, following the success of Scary Stuff, our previous anthology. There is a planned kickstarter to cover publishing costs. Publishing date and distribution is as yet undecided.
The deadline for Submissions is July 31st, 2021

What We’re Looking For: (more…)

Interview with Mat Clarke, founder of The World Writer’s Collective

Interview with Mat Clarke, founder of The World Writer’s Collective
By Angelique Fawns

Mat Clarke is providing a place for new writers to learn, share, and get involved in a supportive community. The best part? Much of it is free, or costs only a nominal fee. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Clarke is creating an international destination for contests, editing, and writer promotion. His community provided me with my first contest win, my first author webpage, and my first taste of helpful short story feedback. Contest winners can have their work published in an anthology. The first edition is available on Smashwords called Melbourne Writers Social Group Anthology: A Winter Selection of Short Stories.
I sat down with Clarke to learn more about his vision and future plans.