Epeolatry Book Review: Whoops! I Woke the Dead by Joseph Rubas


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Title: Whoops! I Woke the Dead

Author: Joseph Rubas

Genre: Horror Comedy

Publisher: Nightmare Press

Release Date: 24th September, 2020

Synopsis: Alex Warner was just your average sixteen-year-old gal – wait, no she wasn’t. Alex Warner was the coolest person to ever live. She had a hot, dorky boyfriend, a nerdy little sister who was actually her cousin, and a book – a really gnarly old book made from human skin. But you see, that’s right up Alex’s alley, because not only is she completely awesome, with her job at Pissy’s Pizza, her volunteer work at the library, and her VSCO friend who gives everyone scrunchies, but she also loves Halloween. And this book is perfect for this year’s witch costume. Only…it’s not a costume book, and when she reads it aloud in the graveyard…

Whoops I Woke the Dead


Joseph Rubas’ Comedic Horror novella, WHOOPS: I WOKE THE DEAD, leads the reader through a fast-paced rollercoaster ride filled with emotional dips, comedic hills, and horrific twists all in the name of giving Halloween its due. When 16 year-old Alex uncovers a spellbook buried beneath junk in the Library’s basement, she refuses to recognize the evil within the human-skin covers, only to realize too late how horrific conjuring the perfect Halloween (and zombies!) can be to those she loves.

Rubas brought life to settings with descriptive prose, earnest wit to his characters in dialogue, and references to many classic horror tales to embrace the mood.

I enjoyed the read and look forward to reading more from this author. Five stars.

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