WIHM: A Legacy of Horror

By: Angh Chu

I’ve always had a disturbing passion for the macabre. Not to say I would want myself or anyone else to experience the bleak outcomes that come with the territory. I feel there is a unique sense of awareness when theoretically indulging in the psychological notions associated with characters enduring horrific events. 

For myself, love and happiness are emotions I enjoy, but something as pivotal and awakening as fear holds a stronger bond and can be the most impactful. It can be found even in the most sought after emotions, fear to have love broken, fear for happiness to end. It is the underlying precipice many face in their daily waking lives. 

Not a living soul can escape it.

I knew one day I would be asked to divulge why horror is my preferred genre for writing. For many writers, I believe the greatest reward is when we can convey our art form to evoke such powerful feelings in our readers. I think in order to successfully do this, to convey with the intention to evoke, one must identify the underlying cause. 

I feel vulnerable divulging that I have shared many horrific events in my life. Pivotal and detrimental moments which have left me with my own opinions of fear and what that encompasses. I prefer to write visceral horror because of these experiences. I find the greatest terror to be the existential “monsters,” palpable horrors that occur every day. I am intrigued by the seed which spurs inherently good people to commit atrocious acts. I find the spectrum of societal association intriguing with who/what can be classified as frightening. These psychological, physical, emotional and environmental elements all contribute to a person’s well-being or state of mind. 

Everyone is capable of becoming a monster. 

Writing has played an instrumental role, for my consciousness, and therapeutically helped me accept some of the everyday “monsters” I’ve encountered throughout my life. Writing has given me an opportunity to dissect the circumstances; to understand the nature and intention of the conflict. 

The process of writing assists with viewing circumstances from both the protagonistic and antagonistic perspectives. Bringing your characters through their conflict and climax is essential to developing a story and can be an enlightening experience. 

If a piece of my writing can evoke emotion and/or resonate with my reader, I have successfully accomplished my prerogative. Writing is not a lucrative career. In fact, it can be devastating, painstaking, and horrendous for self-esteem. However, the rewards of a single positive interaction supersedes the negative aspects ten-fold. Touching an audience is liberating. More than passion, it can feel risky, exposing my soul, dignity and sometimes even my sanity. All the frustration and draining thought processes will allow me to complete a final piece that is unique to me and my essence. When a draft is finished (is a draft ever really finished?), the outcome is emancipating. 

I cannot think of a greater legacy to leave my children than my art, my craft, a lingering remnant contributing to my immortality.

Angh Chu

Angh Chu

My name is Angh Chu, born 2013 to fateful circumstances. I guess you could say it was kismet.
Sharing my sometimes-bleak outlook with my readers is a favorite pastime. As a prisoner in my own mind, I’m fond of the outdoors.
When I am not writing, I’m usually in an undisclosed location garnering experiences to write about.

Stay tuned.

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3 Responses

  1. Scott Pyle says:

    Absolutely love Angh Chu! The type of storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat while Messing with you psyche on the deepest of levels!

  2. Kismet Dawn Schilling says:

    I am definitely looking forward to the writings by THIS author. She has definitely hooked me ❤

  3. Keishia says:

    Angh Chu is by far my favourite horror wordsmith! She will keep your eyes glued to her pages in sheer suspend and terror. Often a literal and figurative mindf*ck but in an advantageous and delectable way I adore! I cannot wait for her next novel to hit shelves ❤