Author: Stuart Conover

Taking Submissions: Short Story Substack May 2024 Window (Early Listing)

Submission Window: May 1st – 31st, 2024
Payment: $100 for the chosen story + 50% of subscription revenue
Theme: Any genre, short story

Mission = Revive the art of the short story, support artists, and produce something wonderful.

Payout = Base Pay of $100 for the chosen story + 50% of subscription revenue to be sent by Paypal, Zelle, or check.

Wait, you mean if this substack gets thousands of subscribers, the winner would get thousands of dollars?

Yes! The New Yorker pays roughly $7,500 per story and I sincerely hope to go way past that.

What does the timeline look like?

Submit stories by the end of the month, winner to be announced on the 15th. There is ONE story that wins and receives the full payout.

Where do I send submissions?

Ongoing Submissions: Neon Dystopia

Payment: $20
Theme: Cyberpunk

We have a pretty broad idea of what cyberpunk as a genre is and isn’t. We’re living in it, so why stamp it down to some cookie cutter bullshit? Neon Dystopia looks for nuanced takes on genre fiction, talks on the writing process, the world around us, and what these things mean to us NOW, not later or then.


Third Estate Books Is Open To Novel Submissions

Deadline: May 15th, 2024
Payment: $300 and 50% royalties on all sales
Theme: Horror novels between 50k-100k words

Third Estate Books, publishers of Spectrum: An Autistic Horror Anthology and the forthcoming The Monologist, is proud to announce our first Open Submission period.

From April 15-May 15, 2024, we will be accepting submissions for horror novels that give voice to the voiceless. Three books will be selected for publication in 2025.

We are looking for:

  • works that align with the philosophy of Third Estate Books. Click here to read the vision statement.

  • horror, and only horror. If you have any doubts if your book is horror, don’t send it to us.

  • previously unpublished novels. Do not send us previously published material. This includes self-published and traditionally published material.

  • word ranges of 50k-100k. Anything more or less will be rejected outright.


Taking Submissions: Eggplant Emoji Volume 4

Deadline: May 6th, 2024
Payment: $25 and a contributors copy
Theme: Hilarious short stories that are character-driven and culturally striking

Eggplant Emoji, the comedy literary journal is currently seeking previously-unpublished comedic short fiction submissions for its fourth volume.


Contest: Imagine 2200: Write the future

Deadline: June 24th, 2024
Prizes: First place: $3,000, Second place: $2,000, and Third place: $1,000
Theme: Near-future to 2200 stories that are rooted in creative climate solutions and community-centered resilience, showing what can happen as solutions take root, and stories that offer gripping plots with rich characters and settings, making that future come alive.

Grist is excited to open submissions for the fourth year of our Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors short story contest.

Imagine 2200 celebrates stories that envision the next decades to centuries of equitable climate progress, imagining futures of abundance, adaptation, reform, and hope. We are looking for stories that are rooted in creative climate solutions and community-centered resilience, showing what can happen as solutions take root, and stories that offer gripping plots with rich characters and settings, making that future come alive.

In 2,500 to 5,000 words, show us the world you dream of building.

Your story should be set sometime between the near future and roughly the year 2200.

A great Imagine story is not afraid to explore the challenges ahead – the path to climate progress will involve struggle and adaptation, and we invite you to show that – but ultimately offers hope that we can work together to build a more sustainable and just world. We want to see stories that incorporate real world climate solutions and climate science, as well as cultural authenticity (a deep sense of place, customs, cuisine, and more) and characters with fully-fledged identities. We especially want to read – and share – stories that center solutions and voices from the communities most impacted by the climate crisis.

If you’re newer to climate or climate fiction, check out our FAQs page for some resources to get you started in finding inspiration from existing solutions, and some past Imagine stories to look to for examples. Feel free to use these as a jumping off point, or to bring in any climate and justice solutions you find inspiring.

Your story can bring these principles into any genre – we love seeing climate themes show up in love stories, mysteries, adventure, comedy, and more. Climate connects to every part of life, and all sorts of stories can be climate stories, so dream big — envision a world where climate solutions have flourished, and where we prioritize our well-being, work to mend our communities, and lead lives that celebrate our humanity. We can’t wait to read what you come up with.


Check out the ‘Voyage Into Genre’ Book Tour to see Andrea Hairston, Nghi Vo, Rebecca Thorne, & Veronica Roth live!

In a captivating fusion of the speculative and the sensational, Tor Publishing Group, in partnership with Lit Hub, invites you to an evening imbued with the fantastical—a live rendition of our beloved Voyage Into Genre podcast. For the uninitiated, Voyage Into Genre brings forth bi-weekly dialogues hosted by Drew Broussard, where the luminaries of Tor narrate their tales, discuss the trajectories of their genres, and occasionally, spring a surprise or two. This spectacle aligns with the podcast’s ethos, presenting a cadre of Tor’s trailblazers, each accompanied by a distinguished guest moderator. Make your presence known—RSVP to join the conclave of narrative nomads.


Taking Submissions: Circe

Deadline: June 23rd, 2024
Payment: 8 cents/6 pence per word for original stories, 6 cents/4 pence for reprints.
Theme: Enchantress, goddess, witch, predatory seductress. That isn’t all Circe is, it is time to expand on her story. More details below
Note: Reprints Welcome

We are very excited to announce a new call for submissions which is now open! Please read through the details for submissions carefully before submitting your stories.

Flame Tree are bringing you a brand new gorgeous hardcover series brimming with myths and short stories.

Discover the mythology of humankind through its heroes, characters, gods and immortal figures. Myths, Gods & Immortals brings together the new and the ancient, familiar stories with a fresh and imaginative twist. Each book brings back to life a classic mythological or folkloric figure, with completely new stories alongside the original tales. New and emerging writers from open submissions reveal hidden themes, casting fresh perspectives on well-known stories, alongside specially commissioned text on the origins and the cultural background of the mythology. We’ve already closed submissions for the first two books in the series, Medusa and Odin, where stories are still under consideration. We’re now opening up submissions for the next two books, Circe and Anansi.


Taking Submissions: Electric Spec August Issue 2024

Deadline: July 15th, 2024
Payment: $20 per story or artwork
Theme: Electric Spec prefers science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we’re willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres.

submissions at electricspec (dot) com
Please don’t query us about your story submission. We don’t have the manpower to answer such queries. An editor will email you back as soon as possible with the decision about your story. This can take a few days, or, up to three months. We make every effort to get back to authors in a timely manner but we get a lot of submissions so sometimes it’s not possible.

A note on our editorial policy: before publication we may work with the author to edit the story for length or readability. However, we always remain true to the spirit of the story and the author has final approval.

Issues are published at the end of February, May, August, and November. We reserve the right to shift publication date slightly, as necessary.

We have reading periods for each issue, though we never close to submissions.