How to Take Your Love of Horror to The Next Level

How to Take Your Love of Horror to The Next Level 

By Kelly Florence and Meg Hafdahl 

As we’re celebrating the re-vamp of our podcast and YouTube show Horror Rewind, we thought we’d talk about turning horror into more than just a pastime. 

Sure, when we were reading Stephen King books and watching slasher flicks on summer breaks, we had a vague idea that a few, special people got to live and breathe horror as a career. Meg even used to pretend to be interviewed with a fake microphone in her mirror as the “next Stephen King” in grade school. 

But then that stupid thing called reality came settling in, you know, rent, gas, diapers, the popcorn and movie ticket fund. Horror was our hobby, and for you, maybe that’s all it needs to be. Meg’s husband is content painting and playing Warhammer for fun, and Kelly’s husband is an avid golfer who doesn’t have ambitions to go pro. Though, if you’re like us, and have an inkling of interest in making horror more than a pastime, let us give you a few tips from our years in the gory trenches. 

1) You’re opinion matters. 

Have you spent countless hours watching horror films? Playing horror games? Reading horror books or comics? Good news! You’re an expert! Don’t let those trolls on the internet fool you, you have vital things to say about the genre you love. Now is the time to start compiling notes, and getting confident about what you have to say. Because, yeah, there are a lot of opinions out there, but we need YOURS. 

2) Find what works for you. 

Think about your personality first. Are you someone who won’t mind being on camera? Have interest in editing? Maybe a vlog is for you! Dabble in writing? Have a penchant for vocabulary? Blogs, newsletters, and online review magazines are still viable options to spread the word. 

3) Create horror.

As we said your opinion matters, we also need you to MAKE horror! Don’t be intimidated by all those creators you follow, be inspired by them! Knit, paint, write, draw, bake, sing. This world needs less AI and more human makers of all things spooky. Then once you’ve made it, share it! 

4) After lots of arduous work comes the “secret sauce.” 

After you’ve begun to figure out what you are passionate about, and what your talents are, it’s going to become clear what makes you stand out. For us, it became an academic approach to horror, as well as a feminist angle. We love to talk nerdy when we talk horror, and we’re writers and researchers at heart. For you it might be that you have a special talent for video editing, as well as a filmic eye. Maybe you can make great 30 second slashers? Create hilarious, viral horror book t-shirts? Maybe you don’t even know what it is yet? How exciting! 

So now, you’re asking, but Kelly and Meg, what about that money? In this economy I need that cash! 

We’re not going to lie to you, quitting your day job to make slasher merch or review speculative books isn’t going to be an overnight recipe for success. Unless you know something we don’t? But, if you have the dedication to start a side hustle, add a dash of networking, plus a sprinkle of luck, you might just make some money. And then that side hustle, over time, may become your career! 


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