The Spooky Six with Willow Croft, Jen, and Jen’s Feline Daughter, Nicki.

For this interview, I’m hosting a special tea for not only writer/artist Jen of MoronicArts, but their “feline daughter” Nicki as well. And, yes, as a cat lover myself, I’ve made a special catnip tea brew for my additional guest!

Jen (they/them/theirs) is a gothic weirdo who makes up stories about fake people doing stupid things, and posts them to their blog called MoronicArts. Sometimes Jen draws strange pictures. Size matters; over 400 of these short and even shorter stories might be found at Maybe. Jen spent five years of Hell living in Illinois before they moved back to Utica “Steamed Hams” New York where they live in a quiet neighborhood along with feline daughter Nicki.

Meet Jen at Youtube where they post their music and their show called “Welsh Made Easy” along with their sweet pointy-eared fluff named Nicki. Jen talks about how learning Welsh has helped them cope with their brain disease and how to overcome language anxiety. Jen and Nicki give basic lessons in Welsh, using real-life examples to help make learning accessible, easy and intuitive — and they take requests. All this is posted free of charge with no begging for Patrón, Patreon or any other crap. To join Jen and Nicki on their adventures, simply hit the bell (“bwrw y gloch” in Welsh).

Keep up with the Moroniverse on Facebook:

If you see Jen hanging around a local café, say hi and Jen might make you a sketch out of appreciation. Jen has been known to leave drawings as tips for the local baristas, some can be seen here:

Do you like weird music? Jen, too. Download and stream Jen’s tracks here at Soundcloud:

Willow Croft: “Hey, look at that derelict Victorian mansion…let’s go explore it!” What’s the most unusual setting you’ve read about in a horror/thriller book, or included in your own creative works?

Jen: Unusual setting for me would be the washroom (Chicago/Northeast Illinois slang for bathroom/toilet). Communal narcissist, entramanure and poopyburner Bern Cacca spends a lot of time there before she burns her own poopie and those from Peppi’s Portapotties in her fireplace to watch them gleam. Her neighbors Gothic Diana Ross & The Midnight Supremes are not too keen on the smell.

Willow Croft: “It was a dark and stormy night…” What are your go-to comfort foods, drinks, or other ways to wind down after a long day (or night) of writing?

Jen: “Dw i’n hoffi coffi” is the Welsh phrase for “I like coffee.” Coffee is love, coffee is life; bottoms, drink it up, pour me down another cup.

Willow Croft: “Did you hear that noise?” Everyone, even us horror writers, have our night terrors. What is it that frightens you the most?

Jen: Ghosts don’t scare me at all. In fact I have a house ghost I call my roommate. His name is Howard. I also have a ghost “buddy” named Linda, who loves lasagna, chips and dance competition television. Things that scare me most are home invasions, floods, fires and rapists. I am also pretty agoraphobic, as in I don’t fare well in crowds, nor crowded waiting rooms.

Willow Croft: “I’m sure it was nothing. But I’ll just go outside and check, anyway. Alone. With no weapons.” Have you ever gotten writers’ block? If so, how do you combat it? Do you have certain rituals or practices that help get you into the writing (or creating) mindset?

Jen: Since I love to draw, sing, and produce (video and audio), I rotate between activities to prevent writer’s block. Learning languages helps my brain, as does walking. I speak seven languages, Welsh my favourite. On my walks I get more ideas than anything else – and I feel like crap when I don’t go. 12/10 recommended.

Willow Croft: “Don’t go into the basement!” Are you an impulsive pantser or a plotter with outlines galore? What other writing/industry advice would you share with your fellow writers & creators?

Jen: The “pantser/plotser” trope has me lost. I write what comes to mind. Real life morons inspire pretend ones. I will only run out of story ideas when the world runs out of dolts.

Willow Croft: “Ring ring!” It’s the middle of the night and the phone mysteriously rings. Which notable writer, or person from history, would be on the other end of the line?

Jen: In the middle of the night, my phone gently sleeps. Whoever invented the auto-warranty scam would have to leave a message.

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