Enter To Win A Copy Of Reborn By Stephanie Ellis!

Reborn Book CoverStart the new year by entering to win a physical copy of ‘Reborn’ by our very own Stephanie Ellis! She doesn’t know that we’re doing this (well, she probably does now that we’re posting), but we wanted to spotlight her latest release, which is a new voyage into the world she first introduced in The Five Turns of the Wheel. Haven’t read the first outing? Don’t worry! This one can work as a stand-alone (though I highly suggest picking up a copy of her first outing as well!)

As a bonus, as this isn’t sponsored by Steph, we’re also racking up an additional sale to her release (and potentially a few others if anyone wants to pick up a copy instead of entering!) Unlike some of our recent contests, this one isn’t limited to just the UK!

Author Anthony Avina’s Review calls ‘Reborn’, “Twisted, captivating, and harrowing, author Stephanie Ellis’s “Reborn” is a must-read folk horror read of the 2022 season.”

You can enter to win a copy below!

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