Taking Submissions: They Come by Night: Original Vampire Stories Based on Traditional Lore

Deadline: April 1st, 2022
Payment: $10 or a contributor’s copy
Theme: Vampire stories based on traditional folklore from around the world.

Title: They Come by Night: Original Vampire Stories Based on Traditional Lore

Horror Tree Interview w/Kevin Lucia
Horror Tree Interview w/Kevin Lucia


Deadline: April 1st 2022 or until filled.


Payment: 10 USD via PayPal upon acceptance or contributor’s copy in printed form upon publication. (We know this is an insult to your talent and hard work, but it is all we can offer at this time.  We hope to offer more on future projects.)


Theme: Vampire stories based on traditional folklore from around the world.


3000-10000 words, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12pt.

Original stories, no reprints.  We ask for 6 months exclusive worldwide rights from date of publication after which all rights revert to author.


Email submissions to [email protected] with Submission: Title in subject line.  Send story as an attachment in .doc. .docx or .pages format.  In body of email, include a brief bio.


Shining Autumn Press is a new publishing house based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania conceived with the desire to promote quality fiction with supernatural themes.  This collection is indeed our first project and we are excited to receive submissions from talented writers.  Our projected date of publication for both ebook and print form is June 1st 2022.


At Shining Autumn Press we are avid lovers of vampire fiction but in recent years, decades really, we have been disappointed with the quality of vampire stories and novels and have decided to compile this anthology for readers who crave a more traditional portrayal of the children of the night.


We want vampires who are repelled by crosses, garlic, silver, wild roses and holy water and retreat to their graves at the first sign of dawn and the sound of the rooster’s crow.  Our vampires cannot see their reflection in mirrors and their presence in the village causes pumpkins to bleed and cows to give sour milk.  They can transform into animals or take the form of a fine mist.  They have become vampires by being bitten by other vampires, by being the seventh son of a seventh son, being excommunicated from the Orthodox Church, committing a serious sin on a holy day etc.  The general idea is that we want vampires in the traditional folkloric sense.  They can be of the strigoi and moroi variety from Romania, the Slavic upir, the Greek vykolakas, the Chinese jiangshi (殭屍), the loogaroo and soucouyant from the Caribbean or the New England vampires in the style of Mercy Brown and Sarah Tillinghast.  In fact, we would like a sampling of vampires from different cultures and geographic locations.


Other than the requirement that the vampires reflect a particular folkloric tradition, pretty much anything goes.  Romance, eroticism and straight up horror are all welcome and we would love to see stories with LGBTQ themes.

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