Taking Submissions: Well Said, O Sheriff

Deadline: September 30th, 2020
Payment: Contributor’s copy and an original book cover
Note: I think I got to this call before it was fully formatted as some of the language in it is a bit awkward, unlike their previous call.
Theme: Western aspect mandatory, Science Fiction and Fantasy takes on this are quite welcome

Why are we doing this Anthology?

My father used to say Well said, O, Toothless One as one of those typical dad jokes.

When my dad for the second time with I knew I wanted to put something out into the world to celebrate my father. My dad is dyslexic like I am but he always supported me in my writing. I’m hoping he will get to see a few of these in the time he has left.

Those judging the entries will be my sister who is my editor and my mother who along with being my Alpha reader is also a writer herself. I will also be part of the judging process and along with my sister will edit the anthology.

When to submit?

Submissions are open from now to the 3oth of September 2020. on 11th November 2020.

What are we looking for?

The genre is loose but Science fiction or Fantasy would fit fine with what I’m looking for but I will accept other genres as long as it fits in with the tone of the Anthology. The theme for 2019 is westerns. in a typical wild west setting or in a new frontier.

If you can fit a nice guy winning and diversity those are things that appeal to me.

It will be my family who will the stories as we want to pick stories that either reflects our father or something that would amuse him. So dad jokes allowed. jokes encouraged.

Humour after in your piece.

Keep it PG 13. Swearing and sex can but . Gratuitous violence though action and adventure are perfectly acceptable.

word count anything under 10k is acceptable, though I won’t quibble if it goes over a .

I’m not a fan of present tense but I will accept it if it .

I like romance but keep it PG and no love triangles.

Author benefits and rights

You keep all rights. You can also submit already published work. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable and you can publish elsewhere as well with no restrictions. If you gain a place in the you will get a paperback copy of the anthology. You can also order paperback copies at price. Each author featured will also get a book cover for any of their own books they wish to self-publish. For longer pieces 5K or more they will get two book covers. We only ask for non-exclusive rights to any story and also remember that once that you are giving up your first publishing rights and since this anthology isn’t offering actual you should keep that in mind. I am looking for reprints because of this, as reprints often pay little and it would be much better if you can get the best price for your story., a lot of work has gone into perfecting your craft.

Who will we accept submissions from?

As long as the story is primarily in English, pretty much anyone. The internet allows .

Submission requirements

  • Fiction up to 10k words though if it is we won’t quibble word count

  • We do not accept poetry or non-fiction

  • You can only submit one piece

  • Work must be original and you have the rights to it. must be your own story and you all rights to the story.

  • Unlike other places I want it single spaced 12pt Garamond with an indent at the start of a paragraph

  • A title and your name should be in the header

  • Email to [email protected] with the subject heading Anthology

  • No Fan Fiction

  • Include an Author Bio and a synopsis for your story

  • No PDF’s.

  • Do not put the story in the , instead have it as an attachment or shared as a link.

Other things to know

I will be the editor. I have an English degree from Auckland University and a diploma of proofreading and editing.

of your acceptance in October. If you don’t hear from us assume you .

This is not to solicit or sell you any other products. You will not get emails from us spamming you about our other services. EVER.

To check out our previous anthlogies please click on the image below.

Via: Reshwity Publishers.

Notes From Purgatory by Franklin Murdock

Are our stories our babies, or our soldiers, or is that a metaphor that doesn’t really matter except in the author’s mind? Franklin Murdock thinks of them as soldiers, and his version is actually a little sexy. 🙂

Taking Submissions: Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly 2019 Yearly Digest Edition

December 31st, 2019
Payment: Contributor’s Copy
Theme: Folk religion, spirituality, paganism

Submission to OPQ Magazine are ongoing.  Though in the past we have released Quarterly editions, we have recently changed to a biannual release which allows us the freedom to publish more articles than just thematic ones.

Deadline is July 31st for Submissions for Samhain Edition

Deadline is December 31st for Yearly Digest Edition


General Submissions Guidelines:

We have recently partnered with Green Submissions to coordinate our slush pile.  Our Submission Manager is located here: OPQ Submissions Manager

Green Submissions requires an email login, but you can track multiple submissions.  Note:  we do not accept Email queries any longer.

What We Are Looking For:

Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is looking for fiction and non-fiction submissions for our online Newsfeed and our yearly print edition. OPQ is a digital and print magazine dedicated to folk religion, spirituality, and paganism of all paths and stripes. Whether your article is over Witchcraft, Fey Work, Reiki, Heathenry, or other equally important paths, we would love to feature the independent voices of our community.  Though we are located in Oklahoma and as a result are focused on our local community, we also want to hear from those in other states, locations, and countries.

Part of the appeal of Paganism and other nontraditional paths is the diversity of thought and culture inherent in our worship and way of life. To that end, we will not accept work that is derogatory, violent, or condemnatory of other ways, walks, or paths in life. We will not judge submissions based on the client’s gender, gender identity, religion, age, spirituality, ethnicity, race, veteran status, country of origin, or other protected class. We prefer to focus on uplifting, positive articles that focus on spirituality as a tool for enlightenment, for whatever enlightenment means to the individual pathworker.


Non-fiction Guidelines:

We are looking for articles on specific beliefs, paths, or other. Maximum non-fiction article size is 4,000 words, tops.  You can submit either finished articles or query us about article ideas, though we would prefer you send the whole thing up front.  Endless back and forth queries are unlikely to be answered.

Please attach a small bio (a paragraph or three, 500 words, tops) detailing your publishing history, your writing credentials, your knowledge on the subject, etc.

Contributors, upon acceptance, will receive a single contributor’s copy (digital or print) for payment.  Note that at this time Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is unable to pay contributors, however, we are looking to change this at a future date.


Fiction Guidelines:

We are accepting poetry and prose in fiction, both fantastic and literary. We would prefer more spiritual-based fiction, which focuses on one’s relation to the Unknown, the Divine, etc. However, we all love a good period piece.  Sword and Sorcery or Sci-fi, we want fiction that makes us think outside of ourselves.

Please attach a small bio (a paragraph or three, 500 words, tops) detailing your publishing history, your writing credentials, your knowledge on the subject, etc.

Though we don’t want to have a hard line, we have to: Poetry is restricted to 2500 words and Fiction to a maximum of 10,000 words.  A little above or below is fine.

Contributors, upon acceptance, will receive a single contributor’s copy (digital or print) for payment.  Note that at this time Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is unable to pay contributors outside of ad space and contributor copies, however, we are looking to change this at a future date.


Art Guidelines:

We love art in every form. Unfortunately there are some minor restrictions we must impose for each issue.  Each issue of OPQ has a seasonal theme for its cover.  We invite artists to submit their original, non-licensed black and white, theme-appropriate art for print in our magazine. (Unfortunately we are not able to publish fan art, as that falls outside of copyright.)  Please ensure that your art submission, cover or otherwise, falls under the following guidelines:

Cover Art can be black and white or color, though we prefer color for our covers.

Interior Art must be black and white at this time, though we have plans on changing this in the future.

We accept: Character studies, scenes, doodles, cartoons, and even some single-page comics.  If you have art you’d like showcased please submit it.

Contributors, upon acceptance, will receive a single contributor’s copy (digital or print) for payment.  Note that at this time Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is unable to pay contributors except in the form of advertising in-magazine and via contributor’s copies.

Via: Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly.

Taking Submissions: Red Line: Fast Reads. Insane Content – Novellas

Deadline: March 31st 2020
Payment: 50% Royalties
Theme: Hardcore horror

We crave hardcore horror stories that keep readers glued to the page. Fast-paced, edgy tales based on creative concepts and well-developed characters. Our goal is to engage our audience with a mix of extreme horror and vivid narratives that haunt readers long after finishing our books.

We’re a professional market publishing high-quality writing in the bizarro, erotica, splatterpunk, body and extreme horror genres. We accept dark fantasy and sci-fi, supernatural thrillers, neo-noir and other sub-genre mashups as well, but all manuscripts should contain strong elements of the taboo. After all, this is Red Line!

We want stories that are frightening, unsettling, shocking, well-written, and imaginative. Some of the writers we like include Bentley Little, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, KJ Moore, John Skipp, Edward Lee, Wrath James White, Poppy Z. Brite, Clive Barker, and Kristopher Triana.

An easy way to tell if your manuscript is right for Red Line, is to familiarize yourself with our publications. Before you submit, please review issues 1, 2, & 3 & the D.O.A. series, so you are comfortable with the content we’re expecting.

In addition to the details below, editor John McGuiggan is  holding a special “rural exploration” call for Red Line. Click here for more details.

Formatting & Guidelines

● Novellas under 50K words

● Previously unpublished in any medium

● Bizarro, Erotica, Neo-Noir, Body, Extreme, Rural Exploration, & all dark sub-genres that push the boundaries of traditional horror

● We will also consider short stories (500 – 3,000 words) for website-only publication

● Open from Dec. 1st – March 31st 2020

● Times New Roman, 12 pt. font double spaced

● Attached as a .doc or .docx – saved as “Title_Author Last Name”

● Please alert us if it is a simultaneous submission

● 50% Royalties

Acquisition Editors

When emailing, please include a two-sentence description of your work, previous publishing experience (if you have any) and a short bio. Attach the manuscript as .doc or .docx file, saved as “Title_Author Last Name”.

Please direct your emails accordingly:

John McGuiggan

[email protected] is reading for Rural Exploration Red Line submissions – listed below

Hernan Salvarezza

[email protected] is reading for general Red Line submissions

Follow him on Twitter @Hsalvarezza

“Rural Exploration”- Submission Call

Urban exploration has had its time to shine in the past few years, but horror doesn’t only dwell in abandoned mental hospitals and condemned factory buildings.

For our next Red Line novella, we’re looking to explore those areas where cell phone signals don’t reach, where the nearest neighbor may be a few miles away, and where that scarecrow in the field just doesn’t seem to stay put.

We’re looking for rural exploration, and the horrors that lurk in the natural world around us. Be it Big Sky Country, the Green Mountains, or the otherworldly hoodoos of the desert, we want to hear about the terror that lives where the population numbers are low. Where the main mode of transportation is the tractor. Where there’s plenty of room to breathe, but nowhere to run.

What Will Thrive on Our Land

Original ideas and/or unique takes on existing tropes. Pagan rituals, creatures from folklore, your fellow man—let your imagination run wild through the mountains of madness. A good example of a tale we love is Clive Barker’s “In the Hills, the Cities”.

What We’ll Put Out to Pasture

Retreads of The Hills Have Eyes, Off Season, Kin, etc. Anything goes with Red Line, and we want your extreme tales. Just steer clear of the backwoods cannibals stories we’ve seen and heard before unless you’re certain that you’ve got something new to add.

● Email Subject: Rural Exploration_Story Title by Author Name

● Multiple Submissions: No

● Simultaneous Submissions: No

● Rest of the guidelines are the same as the general Red Line call

● Email: [email protected]

Via: Blood Bound Books.

Taking Submissions: A Room is Locked…

Deadline: December 25th, 2019
Payment: $0.01 per word and royalties
Theme: Mystery, locked room

A Room is Locked…

Due Date: December 25, 2019

Word Count: 1,000-7,500 words

Payment: $0.01 per word and a percentage of royalties. Payment made upon publication

In the mystery genre, the idea of a locked room puzzle is one of the standbys. Everyone from Agatha Christie to Edgar Allen Poe has done it, and now it’s your turn.

Your story, to be considered, must feature the idea, concept or tool of a locked room. It can be figurative or literal, the choice is yours. The challenge is to take this old idea and make it new again.

Please email your submissions in standard manuscript format, along with a short bio for consideration to [email protected] Please put “Locked Room Submission” in the subject line.

Expected publication date is sometime July/August 2020.

Via: Antimony and Elder Lace Press.

Taking Submissions: Frozen Wavelets

Deadline: December 15th, 2019
Payment: For fiction (US $ 0.08/ word) and US $ 1/ line per poetry.
Note: Apologies for the short notice!
Theme: Speculative fiction, dark fantasy is a big win


Frozen Wavelets is an e-zine of speculative flash fiction and poetry, offspring of The Earthian Hivemind. This means that some of the accepted pieces will appear on the dedicated section of this blog, before being included in one of the e-zine issues (published quarterly).

Where: we use Moksha to handle the submissions. All submissions sent to our email address will be deleted unread.


What: Original flash fiction of 750 words or less. No minimum. If you can write a (convincing) story in six words (and Hemingway showed it’s possible), go for it. Twitterfiction, Drabbles, 50 words, all welcome. We love haiku, tanka, senryu, and short poetry in general, but no more than 10 lines anyway. [We welcome speculative art too, even though we’ll commission most of the initial stuff. Please contact us with proposals.]

Rights asked: First worldwide exclusive rights for 6 months from the first appearance, be it on the blog or in the ezine; non-exclusive electronic/print rights afterwards (archival and for possible inclusion in thematic / Best of anthologies). All other rights remain with you.

Payment: we pay pro-rate for fiction (US $ 0.08/ word) and US $ 1/ line per poetry. We pay on acceptance.

Reprints: we do accept reprints for fiction pieces between 500-1500 words, paid at semi-pro rate (US $ 0.01/ word), provided you own the rights and let us know the publication history. Reprints for microfiction and poetry by invitation only.

Simultaneous and multiple submissions: no simultaneous, please. We’ll get back to you with a hold or a pass within 30 days at the latest (but generally sooner than that). No multiple in the same category. One original and one reprint are allowed at the same time for fiction. Up to 5 poems/haiku can be submitted in the same document.

Topics, Language & Hard Sells: nothing is forbidden here, provided is original (i.e., NO fanfiction) and remains in the SSF&H domain. We encourage writers to push boundaries, in format and topics. Tell us something we haven’t thought of (yet), and tell it well.

Hard Sells from the Editor’s desk:

  • Torture porn (or porn tout court; I found it boring, sorry)
  • Vampires
  • Gore and splatter for the sake of it (I had too much of that in my teen years as any true horror fan). Incidentally, I am a HWA Active Member, so I read every year submissions for the Stoker Awards. You need to do pretty well to sell me this stuff.
  • Romance (the genre, of course; see above for porn)
  • Racist / misogynist / white-supremacist discourse. No comments here, but you get my drift. If I want to hear any of it, I’d tune on my BBC channel: plenty of assholes who offer it for free. Needless to say, this e-zine is a QUILTBAG safe place. If you don’t like it or it offends your sensibilities, it’s your own business. Don’t read, don’t submit.
  • Vampires (I know I’ve already written it. It’s to impress on you how much I *don’t* like them). Unless you’re Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

On the other hand, I love dry humour, and foul language doesn’t put me off. I prefer rigorous science in my SF, but I read everything and like even other types. I appreciate (good) horror in all forms and declinations, while I’m definitively pickier for fantasy, and I tend to favour dark fantasy above all. Genre-bending and slipstream welcome, and so they are mystery and thriller in a speculative context. Oh, and I love speculative fiction in translation. You’re welcome to send your translated pieces, but in this case, also include the original.

Format: the usual stuff. 12-p Times New Roman or Arial, double-spaced, indentation, 1-inch margins, no header or footer.

Please DO NOT put your name on the manuscript. Add anything you deem necessary for us to know in the cover letter, but we encourage you to keep it short and to the point (no idea how to write one? Have a look at this post by Alex Shvartsman). We’re buying (or rejecting) your story, not you; there’s not a lot we need to know anyway. If you make a sale, we’ll ask for a proper bio and social media links.

Rejection letters: we use forms, so don’t read anything in them apart from the fact that we have time constraints. Remember: we buy what we think it’s right for this particular zine, not a piece of literature, as good as it can be. Like many things in life, it’s a matter of (personal) taste, nothing more, nothing different.

If you need to query, please write at submissions AT frozenwavelets DOT com and put QUERY in the subject line, otherwise it will land straight into the trash folder.

We look forward to reading your work!

Via: Earthian Hive Mind.

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