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Taking Submissions: Antifa Splatterpunk (Extended Call)

Submission Window: August 1st through 7th, 2021
Payment: $100
Theme: Anti-fascist splatterpunk stories
Note: This extended period is for women and non-binary writers

This summer, I’ll be editing ANTIFA SPLATTERPUNK, an anthology dedicated to–you guessed it–anti-fascist splatterpunk stories. In addition to pure splatterpunk, I’m also open to extreme horror with weird, bizarro, historical, or science fiction elements. Just keep it anti-fascist.

The anthology is open to all writers, but I would especially like submissions from antifascist writers of marginalized groups. Note that some writers have specifically been invited to contribute. The anthology will be a mix of solicited stories and stories selected from the open call submission period.

Stories should be between 2,000 and 4,500 words.

Multiple submissions are not allowed. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but withdraw your submission immediately if it gets accepted elsewhere. No reprints.

Open for submissions July 1st, 2021 – July 31st, 2021.

I will announce accepted submissions by August 31st, 2021.

Anthology will be published as both an electronic and print book in winter 2021.


Taking Submissions: Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth

Deadline: August 7th, 2021
Payment: 8 cents per word (USD), plus a pro-rata share of 50% of royalties.
Theme: speculative stories on the theme of plants and growth, featuring queer characters
Note: Apologies for the short window, just stumbled across this one.

The basics

Editors: Isabela Oliveira (she/her) and Jed Sabin (they/them)
Deadline: Saturday, August 7th, at 9pm Pacific
Length: We’ve set the upper limit at 10,000 words to allow for flexibility, but most acceptances are likely to be under 7,000 words. There is no minimum.
Rate: We pay a minimum of 8 cents per word (USD), plus a pro-rata share of 50% of royalties.
Simultaneous submissions: No, please do not submit an original (non-reprint) story anywhere else while we are considering it.
Multiple submissions: Yes, you may submit up to 3 stories to us at once (filling out the submission form separately for each story). There is no limit on total number of submissions as long as there are not more than 3 under consideration at one time.
Reprints: We will consider previously published stories, including those that have been self-published online, as long as previous publication is disclosed in the submission form. Reprints are paid at the same rate as originals. Audio rights must be available.
Identity statements: We do not require or expect authors to disclose queer or other identities to us, and if authors do choose to share their identities, we will not disclose that information to others without permission.

We aim to respond to every submission by the end of August.

Taking Submissions: War

Deadline: October 31st, 2021
Payment: $50
Theme: War

BLACK HARE PRESS is—and has always been—an inclusive publisher. LGBTQ+ characters always acceptable.

This call will be open for submissions until midnight 31st OCTOBER 2021 (last place on Earth).  Submissions received outside of this timeframe will not be read.

Reading will start once the submission period has closed. Please allow 12 weeks after the call has closed before querying.

THEME : War/conflict. Must be dark, any genre.

Word count : 5,000+, excluding title. Please ensure your first chapter hooks the reader.

Author eligibility : Open to all.

Reprints : Not allowed.

Simultaneous Submissions : Not allowed.

Taking Submissions: The Periodical, Forlorn: Moonlighting

Deadline: September 2nd, 2021
Payment: $15
Theme: Agents of evil who are Moonlighting

Submissions are currently open for one issue of The Periodical, Forlorn:

Volume II, Issue I

Theme: Moonlighting

They say crime doesn’t pay, but does evil? Do vampires, werewolves and other agents of mischief have to take on odd jobs to pay the bills? What about those who serve them?

For this issue, we’re looking for stories about agents of evil and their minions whose employment situation is something other than we might expect.

Deadline: September 2, 2021

Word Limit: 6,000 words

Compensation: flat $15 fee upon publication, plus a digital copy of the magazine (which you’re free to share).

Format: We will accept short-form fiction any way you want to write it. This can include poetry, flash fiction or short stories.

We’re particularly interested in the subversion of form. We don’t care about hard and fast rules, so don’t worry too much about formatting. If you feel its good, chances are that shines through in the writing. And we want to read it.

Genre: Anything that’s dark, creepy, weird and just a little off-kilter. We’re open to genre fiction, particularly anything related to horror, science-fiction, speculative fiction or weird fiction. But we’re also interested in anything that twists or subverts these genres in some unexpected way.


Taking Submissions: Electric Spec November Issue 2021

Deadline: October 15th, 2021
Payment: $20 per story
Theme: Electric Spec prefers science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we’re willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres.

Fiction Submission Guidelines


submissions at electricspec (dot) com
Please don’t query us about your story submission. We don’t have the manpower to answer such queries. An editor will email you back as soon as possible with the decision about your story. This can take a few days, or, up to three months. We make every effort to get back to authors in a timely manner but we get a lot of submissions so sometimes it’s not possible.

A note on our editorial policy: before publication we may work with the author to edit the story for length or readability. However, we always remain true to the spirit of the story and the author has final approval.

Issues are published at the end of February, May, August, and November. We reserve the right to shift publication date slightly, as necessary.

Taking Submissions: And the walls Came Crashing Down

Deadline: September 1st, 2021
Payment: $15
Theme: Stories taking place at the Rangeley Park which all of the details are below.

There’s hardly a mansion in New England that’s been spared the aesthetic travesty wrought by the march of time. Ivy carpets stone; paint peels and shingles crack. And weeds force asunder the masonry. No longer home to families who command pocketbooks big enough for their upkeep or who can afford to house and employ a cadre of servants, the stately old homes of centuries past, the pride of the towns in which they sat, a beacon of wealth and power, today stand abandoned and in ruins. Or, worse still, have been crudely apportioned into apartments, populated by drunken students with no regard for the lifetime of attention and energy countless maids, who must surely now lie spinning in their graves, dedicated to keeping their rooms spic-and-span. In other cases, it is not educated men who hold the world in their fingertips who tread the squeaky floorboards of stately parlors, once symposiums that rivaled Socrates’ himself, but dentists, who encourage their patients to spit in the open, utterly in contrast with the rules of social decorum.


Taking Submissions: Slice of Paradise

Deadline: September 1st, 2021
Payment: $0.01 per word for new stories and/or $25 for reprints PLUS $5 for complimentary flash fiction.
Theme: Beach Vacation Horror

Please read carefully. Submissions that don’t meet the guidelines may be automatically rejected.

Submissions will be accepted until September 1st, 2021– please submit to [email protected], ensuring ’Slice of Paradise’ is in the subject line.

What we are looking for:
Horrorifying stories that occur on a tropical beach paradise. We also encourage writers to have good representation of POC, LGBTQ+, and strong female characters.

What we are NOT looking for:
Please, do not submit stories that do not take place on a tropical beach. Submissions cannot contain graphic sexual or rape scenes. Please ensure any scenes of a sexual nature are necessary and non-exploitative.