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Taking Submissions: Blood, Sweat, and Steel

Deadline: September 1st, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Military Science Fiction
Note: Reprints Welcome

An anthology of Future Combat and Mechanized Warfare

Call for entries

Three Ravens Publishing is accepting entries for a military science fiction-themed anthology to be published in 2022. Focus will be stories in the genre that featured future combat centered around mechanized warfare, ie, tanks, APC’s, cavalry, mounted infantry etc.


Taking Submissions: Embers of Corsari

Deadline: August 1st, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: High fantasy set in a new world (bible available).

“Embers of Corsari”. An anthology set in A new world that will be available for other authors to dabble in. Yes, there’s a world bible you’ll have to look over and abide by. Genre is high fantasy.

Submission call: Enter a world of heroes, villains, monsters, and gods. Where magic is as common as the air you breathe. I’m looking for stories about the beginnings of heroes or villains. Or even their ends. The start of wars… or perhaps the end where little is left but devastation and the embers of hope. Fiery-tempered warriors or Red-headed temptresses. Or perhaps even Pyromaniacs. Everything begins with a burning ember: may it be hope or hate, love or revenge.


Taking Submissions: It Came From the Trailer Park: Volume 2

(Cover for Volume 1)

Deadline: July 1st, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Horror Comedy / Creature Feature

After the success of the first Trailer Park anthology, we’ve decided to bring it back next year for another go.

Stories should be original creature feature, horror-comedy with the same feel as The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Shaun of the Dead, or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. And of course, our heroes winning the day in all of their redneck glory.


Taking Submissions: The Big Book of Things That Go Bump in the Night: A Collection of Utah Horror

Deadline: October 31st, 2022
Payment: Poetry – $10 USD,. Flash – $15 USD, Short Fiction – $35 USD
Theme: Well-crafted stories and poems suitable for a middle-grade audience
Note: All entries must have a Utah connection (Either the author or the story.)

Timber Ghost Press is proud to present The Big Book of Things That Go Bump in the Night: A Collection of Utah Horror. With the help of the Utah Horror Writers*, Timber Ghost Press is excited to be publishing the ninth collection of Utah horror.

We are seeking well-crafted stories and poems suitable for a middle-grade audience. We’re looking for stories and poems in the same vein as Neil Gaiman, Victoria Schwab, Patrick Ness, Holly Black, and R.L. Stine. Please ensure your story/poem is suitable for a younger audience. If we deem the story too extreme for children, it will be rejected. For this anthology, all entries must have a Utah connection, either on the part of the author or the story itself (it is called Utah horror for a reason).

Taking Submissions: Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice (Early Listing)

Submission Window: April 1st-April 30th, 2022
Payment: $25 and a contributors copy
Theme: Tales of stone cold villains (literally on the cold!)

From castles atop snow crested mountains to the cold isolation of the frozen tundra, the lure of darkness beckons us all.

For Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice, Tourmaline & Quartz seeks your tales of stone cold villains. Show us the frosty ice queens, the conniving fae lords we love to hate and hate to love. Give us your dragons with hearts as cold as their gold, or the witch who summons a snowstorm to save herself from the hunters. Tell us about your morally gray outcasts that crave vengeance while the heroes are seeking warmth.

The winter months are dark, the snows are deep, and the ice is treacherous. But what if the bitter cold wasn’t the only villain?


Taking Submissions: Midnight in the Dying Garden: Fairy Tales for the End of the World

Deadline: April 30th, 2022
Payment: Literary horror with a fantastical twist
Theme: $25 – $150 CAD for original work depending on length, $10 – $70 CAD for reprints
Note: Reprints welcome

Nestled in a forgotten wood deep within a shadowed valley lies the hidden heart of the world: A dark, enchanted garden where every blossom holds a secret, every tree bursts with ten thousand memories, and each mushroom pulses in an endless relay, transmitting tales from half a world away. The wind itself whispers forgotten sorrows to the only creature left in the garden: The terrifying and enchanting Storyteller.

But the garden’s lushness is a lie. Its explosion of ferns and flowers hides a terrible secret: the garden is dying. Without listeners to sustain it – without imagination, hearts, and souls to feed it – the heart is fading, and taking the world with it.

Taking Submissions: Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao

Deadline: May 31st, 2022
Payment: 5 cents per word
Theme: Lovecraftian gods featured in the wildly successful The Gods of HP Lovecraft


Anthology Title: Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao
Edited by Aaron J. French
Based on The Gods of HP Lovecraft
Publisher: JournalStone Publishing

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