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Taking Submissions: Strange Sunsets: Terrors on Distant Planets

Deadline: August 31st, 2022
Payment: $30USD
Theme: Terrors on Distant Planets

Title: Strange Sunsets: Terrors on Distant Planets
Theme: Science fiction stories that take place on another planet. There must be an element of horror. Gore and splatterpunk is welcome, but may not be a first choice.
Word Count: Preferred 2500-7500. Hard cap on 10,000 words for exceptional stories.
Payment: $30USD


Taking Submissions: Aurealis Magazine Australian and New Zealand 2022 Window

Deadline: September 30th, 2022
Payment: Between A$20 and A$60 per 1000 words, but assume the lower rate for unsolicited submissions
Theme: All types of science fiction, fantasy and horror that are of a “speculative” nature
Note: This portion of Aurealis Magazine’s open window is just for Australian and New Zealand writers

Fiction guidelines

Aurealis is looking for science fiction, fantasy or horror short stories between 2000 and 8000 words. All types of science fiction, fantasy and horror that are of a “speculative” nature will be considered, but we do not want stories that are derivative in nature, particularly those based on TV series. We do not publish horror without a supernatural element.

Although we are an Australian-based publication, we are open to submissions in English from anywhere in the multiverse during specific reading periods.

Stories containing an unacceptable number of spelling mistakes and typos, and those that do not conform to our guidelines in other ways, will be rejected automatically. This may seem harsh, but we are being honest about it. Please take the time to polish your work in every way before you send it to us.

Aurealis pays between A$20 and A$60 per 1000 words, but assume the lower rate for unsolicited submissions.  Payment is made soon after the publication of the issue containing your story. Minimum payment is A$20. You will also receive a free electronic copy of the issue containing your story.


Ongoing Submissions: SFS Stories

Payment: $25
Theme: sci-fi or fantasy

SFS Stories is a throwback to the golden age of fantasy and science fiction. Think of authors like Bradbury, Clarke, Asimov, and the sci-fantasy pulp magazines that published their delectable stories. Each issuecontains sci-fi or fantasy tales for lovers of flash fiction.

Taking Submissions: Grandpa’s Deep-Space Diner

Digital Generated Image

Deadline: March 31st, 2022.
Payment: $5 USD per 1000 words
Theme: Speculative fiction food stories!

My grandpa had a drive-in diner in Rupert, Idaho in the 60s called Chuck’s In-and-Out. It was well known and all the kids went there. My aunt served the burgers (sans roller-skates—Grandma put a stop to that notion! ) and Grandma made the best french fry sauce in the galaxy. Grandpa taught me that food, from the production to the preparation to the partaking, could be a simple personal pleasure or a means of bringing groups together in a shared meal. This book is dedicated to him. Miss you, Grampsy.

Whether you’re growing your produce in a magical garden, storing your rations in your lunar bunker, or enjoying a delightful picnic in the outer rings of Saturn, we want your speculative fiction food stories!

Taking Submissions: Electric Spec Spring Issue 2022

Deadline: April 15th, 2022
Payment: $20 per story
Theme: Electric Spec prefers science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we’re willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres.

submissions at electricspec (dot) com
Please don’t query us about your story submission. We don’t have the manpower to answer such queries. An editor will email you back as soon as possible with the decision about your story. This can take a few days, or, up to three months. We make every effort to get back to authors in a timely manner but we get a lot of submissions so sometimes it’s not possible.

A note on our editorial policy: before publication we may work with the author to edit the story for length or readability. However, we always remain true to the spirit of the story and the author has final approval.

Issues are published at the end of February, May, August, and November. We reserve the right to shift publication date slightly, as necessary.

We have reading periods for each issue, though we never close to submissions.


Raven Canticle Press Is Open To Novels And Novellas

Payment: Royalties
Themes: Fantasy, Horror, Espionage/Thriller, Science Fiction

Raven Canticle Press is a specialty press that focuses on limited run and small press horror, fantasy, and science fiction genre fiction. Located in the high peaks of Utah, the creative team behind Raven Canticle Press has years of publishing experience, small business financial management and distribution and logistics experience.

Raven Canticle Press is focused on high-quality fiction and limited run content, and as such works with a variety of new technology and delivery methods to provide the very best content to its readers.

Taking Submissions: JOURN-E Volume #1

Deadline: December 21st, 2021
Payment: 1 cent per word
Theme: Adventure, detection and mystery, fantasy, horror and the supernatural, and science fiction



  • SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS ARE ALLOWABLE, but if the work is accepted by another publication, it is expected that the author/poet/artist will immediately contact JOURN-E about the acceptance by another publishing entity. Failure to do so will result in no further acceptance of material for JOURN-E.
  • First World Publication Rights (both online and in print) are expected. With the acknowledgement that the online version will remain available for the life of the publication in its archive of issues. Reprint/Republication rights will be re-negotiated in the event of a “Best Of” future print and/or online publication. All other rights revert to the creator of the work.
  • WORD COUNT RANGES: We are looking for SHORT FICTION in the general range between 3000 to 7000 words, with the median of 5000. We are looking for SCHOLARLY NON-FICTION ARTICLES OF LITERARY CRITICISM relevant to the genres covered in a general range of from 2500 to 5000 words, with a median of 3750. We are looking for REVIEWS relevant to the genres covered in a range from 500 to 2000 words, with a median of 1250. We are looking for POETRY of between 3 and 210 lines (the length of a “Wreath of Sonnets”) with the preference in the case of longer poems for narrative and descriptive poetry over personal, especially introspective, lyric.
    • NOTE: A little leeway might be granted either below or above the abovelisted parameters.


Taking Submissions: Felis Futura: An Anthology of Future Cats

Deadline: December 31st, 2021
Payment: 1/word ($5 minimum.) for accepted fiction, $10 per accepted poem
Theme: Stories about the future which feature cats

Submissions are open for Felis Futura: An Anthology of Future Cats (working title) from Manawaker Studio, edited by CB Droege.

Felis Futura is an anthology focused on stories about the future which feature cats. This volume will contain stories, poetry, and visual art.


Submitted works should be of any genre, as long as the work depicts a world that is noticeably in the future. Hard and Soft Sci-fi, (Post-)apocalyptic, Solarpunk, Slipstream, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Alternate (future) History, Supernatural, Retro-futurism etc. are all fine names for genres that often take place in the future, but your story doesn’t have to fit into one of those. In fact, if it manages to miss all of those labels, we may be even more interested to see it (unless it thus falls into what we specifically don’t want (see next paragraph)). All works must also prominently feature at least one cat. It does not have to be a cat of the genus Felis. Other members of the cat family are also acceptable, as are non-biological cats, metaphorical cats, robots with the acronym K.A.A.T., and so on.