Category: Ongoing Submissions

Ongoing Submissions: IZ Digital

Payment: (EUR) 1.5¢ per word
Theme: science fiction and fantasy stories

IZ Digital is currently open to unsolicited submissions of science fiction and fantasy stories up to a maximum of 5000 words.

We are looking for original, unpublished stories. Please do not query about reprints.

We accept simultaneous submissions.

We do not accept multiple submissions.

If you receive a rejection from us, please wait three weeks before submitting again.


Ongoing Submissions: Vast Chasm Magazine

Payment: $50
Theme: bold work that explores the expansive human experience

Vast strives to be an engaged literary press that explores the expansive human experience and celebrates complex, diverse voices.

Our mission is to publish bold work, champion distinct artists, and cultivate literary community.


Ongoing Submissions: Menagerie

Payment: $50
Theme: the wild and weird and uncanny not told in a standard story format (read below!)

Things aren’t all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space no word has ever entered, and more unsayable than all other things are works of art.


Menagerie publishes fictions, essays, and poems. We believe in sentences so sharp they draw blood, the strange and inexplicable, the wild and weird and uncanny, words in thickets, clusters, and flocks, pieces that move us beyond caring what others think about said pieces.

Things we like: fictions ala Borges, Link, Calvino, & Sparks; weird lyric essay; engagements with the environment and natural world; poems that explode form; bricolage, masala, & sagul sagul; forays into the omnipresent information-saturated online architecture we live in.

Things we don’t: lukewarm prose, sentences bereft of emotion, formulaic attempts at being on trend, conformity, pat endings, sentiment-drenched rhyming poems, neat and orderly stories.


Ongoing Submissions: Illustrated Worlds

Payment: Fiction: 1 cent per word and contributors copy, Poetry: $10 and a contributors copy, Artwork: contributors copy and $50 for cover and $10-20 for interior
Theme: Stories should contain an element of fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, whimsy, magic realism, mythology, folklore or fairy tale type inspiration. Looking for moody, mysterious, fantastical art in the genres of horror, dark fantasy and fantasy. Poetry is a HARD sell.

Illustrated Worlds is a new quarterly magazine specializing in fantasy, dark fantasy and horror. Publishing both new and established artists and authors, the following guidelines will give an idea of the sort of submissions we’re currently looking for.

          Fiction – Short fiction should be 5,000 words or less. Stories should contain an element of fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, whimsy, magic realism, mythology, folklore or fairy tale type inspiration. Send a Word document attachment to [email protected]. Please do not type the body of the submission into the email.
Poetry – Poetry is NOT the main focus of this publication, but I am open to publishing poetry if it is particularly outstanding, but I’m sorry to say that the chances of poetry being accepted are not high.
Art – Looking for moody, mysterious, fantastical art in the genres of horror, dark fantasy and fantasy. Needs are for one piece of art for a cover printed in color, but plenty of black and white art is needed for the inside. Please send good quality JPEG images to [email protected].


Ongoing Submissions: The Dark Door

Payment: $25 per illustration featured (or a bundled rate of $25 for multiple marginals), and a rate of $15-50 USD per story depending on word count.
Theme: Terrifying tales and insidious illustration in the style of 70s and 80s pulp horror fiction zines

In this fateful tome, you will find the most terrifying tales, malefic music, and insidious illustration you have ever seen.

The Dark Door takes inspiration from 70s and 80s pulp horror fiction zines, and breathes new life into the format. This series features new works of fiction by up-and-coming authors from around the internet, illustrations by artists with a knack for the macabre, and dark music distributed via QR code which will undoubtedly get you in the mood for horror.

The Dark Door is published on a basis of three to four issues per year, pending submission volume and quality, and is planned to run indefinitely.

Ongoing Submissions: Dark Void Magazine

Payment: 1 cent per word
Theme: Science Fiction horror that takes place off of Earth

Dark Void is a biannual science fiction horror magazine featuring four original short stories.

All stories take place off planet Earth.

Note: This magazine used to have specific submission windows and now states that they are taking submissions year round.


Fahrenheit Press Is Open To Crime And Thriller Novels

Payment: royalty rate of 50% on both eBooks & paperback editions for a 5 year contract
Theme: Crime and thriller novels

We are currently accepting submissions; you can send them here.

We’re not too bothered if the books have been published before, or if you have an agent, or if you’re an established author, or if you’re an absolute beginner. All we need is for the stories to be great and the subject matter to be commercial.

Just before you submit to us though there are some things you should think about.


Ongoing Submissions: Brilliant Flash Fiction

Payment: $20
Theme: Fiction story told in under 1000 words

Tell us a story in 1,000 words or less.

Email it to [email protected].

If we like it, we’ll publish it in the next available edition of Brilliant Flash Fiction.

Please send original, unpublished work.

We accept all fiction genres. No graphic violence or adult content, please.

Be sure to paste your story into the body of your email and also attach it as a .doc file. Do NOT send PDF files.

Please do not submit more than two stories quarterly (during a 3-month period).