Category: Ongoing Submissions

Ongoing Submissions: Infinite Horrors

Payment: $.08/word
Theme: General Horror

What is Infinite Horrors?
Like Infinite Worlds before it, Infinite Horrors is the best the genre has to offer! This horror-themed spinoff of the original makes its debut in March of 2022 and is sure to make a big splash!

Just like IW, Infinite Horrors is full-color and ad-free. And, just like IW, Infinite Horrors features tons of incredible art, stories, comics, and interviews from some of the greatest minds around the world.

Get ready to be creeped the hell out this spring!

Ongoing Submissions: Horrifying Tales of Wonder!

Payment: $100
Theme: Weird Fiction (see below) set in the 1880s-1930s

A weird fiction podcast in the style of Gilded-Age radio drama

House Blackwood seeks short stories and audio scripts set in the 1880s-1930s – in the style of classic weird / horror radio shows such as Weird CircleInner SanctumQuiet PleaseThe Whistler, &c.

Submission guidelines:


Ongoing Submissions: Ergot

Payment: $25
Theme: Stories that further the innovative and experimental tradition in horror.

ergot. is a literary website interested in furthering the innovative and experimental tradition in horror.


We seek fiction and hybrid work under 10k words [including excerpts and work in translation] that push out the boundary of what literary horror is and what it might become.


Work that values atmosphere and mood over plot.
Work that fails in new and unusual ways over work that succeeds in the tried and true.


Manta Press Is Open To Novels, Novellas, And Author Collections

Payment: Royalties
Themes: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery/ Suspense, Crime Thriller, YA (Dystopian, Fantasy, Horror)

MANTA PRESS, LTD. is currently open for submissions and looking to publish exciting and original genre fiction. The genres that get us the most excited about unleashing upon the public are:

  • Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery/ Suspense, Crime Thriller, YA (Dystopian, Fantasy, Horror)

The types of works we’d prefer to let others put out there (at this time, at least) are:

  • Contemporary/Literary Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Erotica, True Crime, Torture Porn, Bizarro

MANTA PRESS, LTD. is open to publishing novels (50k – 120k words), novellas (30k – 50k words), and single-author short story collections (30k – 100k words).


Ongoing Submissions: Video Nasties

Payment: $5
Theme: A short horror story (100-300 words) that would fit on the back of a VHS box!

We love microfiction here at Pyre Magazine, and we miss the video store rental days, so we figured we combine the two in our new series: Video Nasties Microfiction!


Ongoing Submissions: Ahoy Comics

Payment: $200
Theme: Smart, weird, funny articles or stories, which run between 500 and 1,500 words.

(Tap tap.) Testing, one-two-three? (Tap tap.) Hey, if anybody’s out there, WE HAVE RE-OPENED THE AHOY SHORT FICTION AND COMMENTARY SUBMISSIONS PORTHOLE! 

If you write quality short fiction, it’s time to send us your stuff.

But first, please consider our Official Ahoy Short Fiction Submission Guidelines

Ongoing Submissions: Dragon Gems

Payment: 2 cents per word
Theme: Fantasy or science fiction

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our Call for Submissions! Due to the sudden increase in the number of submissions we are currently receiving, it may take up to 90 days before we can inform you of our decision whether we would like to work with you to publish your work.

Dragon Gems is our publishing program for your short fiction when a novel just won’t do.

Published in digital format, and priced at a reasonable 99¢, your story will still receive the same promotional support as we provide for any of the books we publish, and be distributed through the same online distribution marketplaces.


Ongoing Submissions: Shacklebound Books Monthly Newsletter

Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror are all accepted, but we generally publish dark fiction and as such those are strongly prefered.
Payment: .02 per word, .01 per word for reprints.
Note: Reprints Welcome
Note: 250 words or less

Please read the guidelines very carefully. Stories submitted that do not conform to the guidelines will not be read.

We are a small press. We hope to increase pay rates for all of our anthologies and future projects over time.