Ongoing Submissions: Thrilling Words

Payment: $160

The Basics

    • To submit, email [email protected] with two related speculative fiction stories attached
    • Restrictions
      • We do not accept simultaneous submissions
      • We do not accept reprints
      • You must be the creator and copyright holder to submit
    • Submission email should only contain:
      • Contact email
      • Submission date
      • Title and File name of stories being submitted
      • Indication if you have additional stories on this theme or in this fictional universe that you would like us to review
    • Do not include a cover letter in your submission.
    • Attachments should be:


Ongoing Submissions: The Future Visions Anthologies

Payment: Royalties with a guaranteed minimum payment of $100.

The Future Visions Anthologies is a science fiction anthology series, aiming to deliver excellent and diverse short story collections on a quarterly basis. In the tradition of great television anthology series such as The Twilight Zone, and Black Mirror, the Future Visions Anthologies will broadly explore all genres and traditions of science fiction and speculative fiction, seeking in each story to explore deeply themes that are relevant to a modern audience.


What do you hope the future will bring? What are you afraid we may become? How do our visions of the future inform and give shape to the hopes and fears that we have today?

These questions are what defines anthology series like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Rather than mandating a theme for each publication, (one publication for cyborgs, one for time travelers, etc…) I want authors to feel free to explore these larger questions using any and all of the popular science fiction tropes: new technology, exploration, nightmarish dystopians, alien species, baffling utopias, the list goes on…


The Future Visions Anthologies seeks to bring diversity to all aspects of their publications, from the stories and authors we publish, to the themes and genres we explore. All authors may apply regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.


The Future Visions Anthologies seeks to engage authors with fair and equitable terms through participation in the anthologies. The anthologies will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for an initial six-month term, during which stories will be exclusive to the anthology. After this, anthologies will continue be available as an ebook (not in KU) for an additional six-month term. During this term, partial publication rights will return to the author to publish as an ebook, except for in KU. After one year, the ebook will be unpublished, returning all rights to the author.

Payment will be based on a profit-share model with a guaranteed minimum payment of $100. Authors will receive royalties during the first six months of membership. At the end of the royalty period, if the author’s royalties do not meet the minimum payment of $100 then the remaining amount will be paid. There is no cap to the amount of royalties that may be earned. Earning reports for the anthology will be provided to all participating authors to ensure complete transparency. Specific terms will be available after initial acceptance of the author’s story.

Submission Guidelines

  • Authors must read and be in agreement with the above before submitting.
  • There is no fee to submit.
  • Submissions must be original, never before published works.
  • No multiple submissions (i.e., more than one story at a time from the same author). You may submit new material after you have heard back about the previous submission.
  • No simultaneous submissions (i.e., submitting to Future Visions and one or more other markets at the same time).
  • Submissions may be set in a larger universe, but should be a complete story; do not send excerpts, parts, or volumes.
  • Word Count is 2k-10k words (exceptions for up to one story per anthology can be made).
  • Submissions should be written to the best of the author’s ability. Professional editing is not required but may help in the consideration of your piece. Camton House Publishing will provide professional editing and proofreading, approved by the author, and a final, edited version will be submitted to the author upon publication.
  • Adult language and sexual situations are permitted, but no hate speech, erotica or “X-rated” material.
  • Formatting: 12pt Times New Roman font with 1.5-line spacing; 1-inch margins on all sides; no extra spaces between paragraphs; leading indentations, but no tabs.
  • Include “Future Visions Short Story Submission” in the header and the following information in the body of the email:
    • Author Name
    • Story Title
    • Word Count
    • Brief Bio, written in the third person. 100-300 words.
  • Submissions should be submitted in docx format as an attachment.
  • Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]

Submissions that do not follow the above guidelines will not be considered.


Submissions are always open. Authors who have submitted will be notified within 4-6 weeks of submission regarding whether their story has been selected.

Via: Future Visions.

Ongoing Submissions: Dark Moments

Payment: 0.04 USD per word via Paypal

Currently looking for 100 word drabbles, any genre

Current Theme : Dark stories, any genre.

Word count : exactly 100 words

Author eligibility : Open to all authors

Reprints : Not allowed

Simultaneous Submissions : Not allowed

Multiple Submissions : One per week

Publication : Online only in Dark Moments

Author compensation : 0.04 USD per word via Paypal

How to submit : See our submission guidelines for formatting.

Send your story as either a Word format attachment or the content of an email to [email protected].

Your email title should be “Dark Moments – Title of Your Story – Your Author Name”

Please include a 50 word bio and upto one link

Via: Black Hare Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Rock and a Hard Place Magazine

Payment: $35

Baltimore tunnel.JPG


Rock and a Hard Place Magazine is a cross-genre magazine publishing works of fiction that focus on the plight of marginalized, poor, depressed, and desperate people.

Neon street.JPG

What types of stories will you publish?

We want fiction from any genre. We want stories that mix genres. We want stories that don’t acknowledge the existence of genre or categories.

Really, what we want is stories that detail life at the bottom or at the margins of human society. These can be stories about losers who always make the wrong decisions, or they can be stories about people who always make the right decisions but who still can’t get ahead because of the hand they were dealt in life.

You can make it weird. You can make it sad. You can make it dark. Or you can make it just the tiniest bit hopeful.

The title of this magazine is Rock and Hard Place. We want stories about that situation.

What do you not want?

You know that cousin you have that inherited a bunch of money and who everything goes right for? We don’t want stories about him or any of his friends.

Also, don’t send us any racist, homophobic, transphobic, or misogynistic shit. If you do, not only will we not accept your piece, but we will mail you actual shit.

How long should my story be?

Between 2,000 and 5,000 words, but if it’s a little more or a little less, send it. If it’s good, we’ll publish it.

How much are you going to pay me?

We’ll pay you $35 via paypal upon publication.

Tire shop.JPG

Acapulco abandoned.JPG

Can I submit garbage?

Not literal garbage, no. But if you are a new writer and haven’t got the polishing thing going yet, send it over. If we see a story in there, we’ll try to work with you.

We do however reserve the right to not publish whatever we don’t want to publish. This includes submissions made while we are hangry, and we expect you to know when that is.

How should I submit?

Email your piece as an attached word document to [email protected] Add Submission, the name of the piece, and your name in the subject line.

Via:Rock and a Hard Place Magazone.

Ongoing Submissions: TQR – Total Quality Reading

Payment: $50


Caveat Canem (woof woof)
TQR’s editorial process is transparent, and [seeFree Market] you and your work and e-mail correspondence could be talked about by the managerial anomalies judging your work on the Floor and in  the Terminal. Your e-mailed submission letter will also be listed in the BUSINESS OFFICE to note receipt of your venture, minus personally identifiable information such as physical and electronic addresses. (Important: By ‘public vetting,’ we do not mean the capital ventures up for consideration will be accessible to the public, only that the comments of those TQR staffers tasked with reading them will be.)

TQR tweets the machinations of its capital discriminations via hyperlinks to The Floor, The Terminal and The Executive Suite.
At no time will a work that has been referenced by name on the site, be unnecessarily denigrated or maligned.  TQR sees its venture capitalists as the electricity that keeps its editorial impulses sentient, and, therefore, would be cutting its own cord bundle by unnecessarily alienating any of its  contributors, no matter how whack.


1. Send one work per gmail to [email protected] This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , and follow this format exactly in the subject line: Submission: “Title”, Author’s name, word count.

2. E-mail one piece per quarter as a Word doc. attachment or rtf attachment.  

3. TQR accepts fiction of 4,000 to 12,000 words. Anything over 13,000 words better be The Greatest Story Ever Told, or we’re gmailing you back a standard rejection, pronto. That being said, TQR takes anything, from romance to speculative future tense obscurities that only God or Donald Barthelme could understand. We don’t put fiction in pigeonholes, but like to think of it all as an archaeologist views an eight centuries-old latrine: You can learn a lot from shit, but it’s got to be good and solid to stand the test of time.  … All you have to do is touch the monkey.

4. TQR publishes 1 or 2 or, at most, 3 works per quarter and pays $50 per published piece.

5. TQR acquires first electronic rights and the non-exclusive right to archive the work.  

6. Simultaneous ventures are discouraged, but tolerated because what other recourse do we have?
It’s TQR’s belief this public vetting serves a threefold purpose.  

1. It will at least diminish the constant wailing and weeping of those venture capitalists who bemoan their sad fates at the hands of those capital consortiums who still vet their capital behind a veil of mystery. You may not agree with TQR’s decisions, but, unlike the rest, the vetting process is there for you to behold.

2. It will cut down on the drive-by and often half-assed submissions of those venture capitalists that impose their work upon the Web from the muzzle of a shotgun. TQR’s public approach to winnowing capital will necessarily make one think twice before venturing anything but their finest work. This will act as a natural first cut and ensure the quality of the work being presented on the Floor will be better from the word ‘go.’  

 3.  The public allure of such a wide open process will attract many more investors than the  current style of capital-bearing Web platform, therein guaranteeing a better statistical probability that the Capital Gains posted from the previous quarter will be read by a much higher quantity of investors. Though the possibility of the process outdrawing the product does exist, rest assured TQR is all about the bottom line (Stories Are Our Business).

Via: TQR.

Ongoing Submissions: Winter Tangerine

Payment: $50

At Winter Tangerine, we want the electric. We aim to disrupt the status quo. To amplify the unheard. To account for the unaccounted. To publish the unconventional, confront the uncomfortable, marvel in the mundane.

We publish issues twice a year. We are currently open for free submissions in poetry, prose, and visual art.

Before you submit, please look over these guidelines. 

  • Submissions are read without names or identifying factors so please do not put any identifying information on the document you upload to Submittable, or in your title. We automatically reject submissions that do not follow this, so please look over your submission before you press send.
  • Please send all poetry submissions in Times New Roman or Garamond, size 12.
  • Please send all prose submissions in Times New Roman, double-spaced, size 12.
  • Please send a cover letter with your submission. The cover letter should include a brief biography and the title of your pieces. This letter cannot be viewed by our reading staff so your identity will not be revealed to those considering your work.
  • Please include an artist statement on the first page of your submission. Use this space to show how your identity helps shapes your work. This statement will not be included in publication — it’s for us to have an extra lens when viewing your work. Literature does not exist in a vacuum; identity is an important shaping factor in any artist’s work. Please do not include your name or specifically identifying information in this statement.
  • We like works that combine and subvert language. Pieces in English that weave other languages are welcome.
  • We do not accept previously published work. If your piece has been published anywhere other than a personal blog/website, please don’t submit it. This includes submissions through Tip Jar and to any of our Spotlight or Spitfire Series features.
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please inform us through Submittable if your work has been accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Please send your work in one singular submission, within the appropriate category. If you want to send four poems and two short stories, please send the poems in one document through the Poetry category, and the short stories in one document through the Prose category.
  • We will not consider erotica or graphic violence. We also will not consider misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise bigoted work. Be thoughtful.
  • Contributors to all WT issues, regardless of genre, are compensated with $50 flatly. Contributors retain their copyrights. We reserve the right to feature any excerpt or image in promotional work or a “Best of WT” anthology in perpetuity.
  • Winter Tangerine publishes exclusively online.
  • We only accept submissions through Submittable. You can ask us questions through email, but just in terms of logistics, we can’t look over work sent to our email address.
  • It can take some time for us to respond to you. It might be a day or it might be several months. Sometimes we get backlogged. Actually, we are almost always backlogged. Sadly, we don’t have the capacity to provide status updates on submissions. Please do not email us asking for a status update — we do not have the capacity to respond. If your work is “In-Progress” on Submittable, that means we are still actively considering it.

We truly appreciate the incredible level of interest in our magazine and will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We look forward to reading your work!

Via: Winter Tangerine.

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