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Epic Publishing Seeks Orphaned Novels

Payment: Royalties
Theme: Speculative Fiction Novels that recently lost a publisher.

It’s come to our attention recently that several small and medium publishers have decided to close their doors, leaving the authors they once published out in the cold. Such announcements are sad for me to hear, as I’ve always felt like it was less a competition among smaller publishers than a community that we at Epic Publishing are a part of. Obviously, not all publishers feel that way, but I’ve done my best to help other publishers, as they have helped me, so why not keep paying it forward? We all love books, right? And that’s what publishing is all about: loving books and supporting others’ love of books and those who write them.


Cemetery Gates Media Is Open For Debut Horror Novel Series

Payment: Paying $500 signing bonus + $500 advance upon publication, and a 60% (author) royalty share on physical and electronic editions of the book.
Theme: Horror

We’re looking for submissions for 40k+ word manuscripts from authors who’ve never published a novel. Paying $500 signing bonus + $500 advance upon publication, and a 60% (author) royalty share on physical and electronic editions of the book.

You’re welcome to submit (1) complete, original, and unpublished 40k+ word manuscript to [email protected] if you have at least (2) paid horror writing credits and have never published a novel. If you have novellas and short story collections in print, you’re still eligible.


Ongoing Submissions: Nocturne Magazine

Payment: $10 per story, $25 per cover art
Theme: Stories that may *sort of* fit into the genres of horror, dark fantasy, or speculative.

Nocturne Magazine accepts work that may *sort of* fit into the genres of horror, dark fantasy, or speculative. However, we can be convinced of branching out as long as there’s something deeply unsettling about your submission.

We want something that makes us stay awake at night. Or have strange dreams. Or wake up still thinking about your piece while we drink our morning coffee. We don’t just want “eww,” or “yikes.” We want to scroll through your submission with trembling fingers.

We vibe with Stephen King’s weird dream scenes, Shirley Jackson’s “castles” and murderous young women, and Grady Hendrix’s fierce vampire-fighting book club, and anything else surreal, unusual, or downright terrifying.

But we also have some things we don’t love:

Ongoing Submissions: Star*Line

Payment: 4¢/word rounded to next dollar, minimum $4. One copy to all contributors. Non fiction that fits here of 1 cent per word
Theme: Science Fiction Poetry

Star*Line is the official print journal of the SFPA, established in 1978. It is a literary venue for speculative (including science-fiction, fantasy, and horror) poets and poetry enthusiasts, and features interviews, articles, reviews, member news and letters, association business, and poetry—by members and nonmembers.


Ongoing Submissions: The Vanishing Point

Payment: $25
Theme: General Horror

What we’re looking for:

Fiction: Wondering if your story will be a good fit? Check out our current issue to get a better feel. We’re looking for stories in the range of 1500 to 6000 words. Also, if yours is a voice that has been traditionally underrepresented in these genres, we’d especially like to hear from you.

We’re in the mood for something particularly scary! Send us whatever scares you the most, the story you wouldn’t be able to read alone at night.


Ongoing Submissions: Calliope

Payment: $0.05 / word.
Theme: All forms of genre fiction

Calliope is an upcoming, publishing app dedicated to genre fiction — interactive, illustrated fiction.

Anything to do with high fantasy, operatic sci-fi, heart-stopping action, that’s our jam. Combine that with visually stunning imagery that responds to your touch, and you have our mission. We’re looking for short stories (2,000 – 4,000 words) and flash fictions (100 – 1,000 words) of any type of genre fiction (i.e., romance, horror, fantasy, etc.)


Ongoing Submissions: 224-Verse

Payment: Royalties
Theme: Space Opera

Theme: Space Opera.

Submission Period: Ongoing.

Word Count: Anything from 2,000 words to novel length. Submission should be written in third person point of perspective, past tense.

Author Eligibility: Open to all.

Reprints: Not allowed.

Simultaneous Submissions: Not allowed.

Multiple Submissions: Allowed but please wait for a response on your previous submission before sending the next.

Publication: Each story will be a standalone publication, published in digital format, unless otherwise indicated. Sequels are always a possibility, as are print editions, especially for authors with multiple pieces accepted into the universe.

Author Compensation: Royalty split.

To find out more, about what content we are looking for, please visit our 224-Verse page.

Please make sure to read our Submission Guidelines before submitting. Thanks!


Ongoing Submissions: Big Bearded Bookseller

Payment: £0.02 per word up to a maximum of £20
Theme: All forms of speculative fiction

Big Bearded Bookseller is looking for previously unpublished short stories (up to 7500 words), flash fiction (up to 500 words), and drabbles (100 word short fictions) of speculative fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and all their sub groupings are welcome.


All writing will be paid at £0.02 per word up to a maximum of £20, all payments will be made by PayPal, this will be paid on the date of publication. I’m looking to increase this rate as soon as I can, but that will be dependent on subscriptions and donations through Ko-Fi and Patreon.

I aim to have a response time of 6 days, if you don’t hear from me within 6 days of submitting please contact me at the email below.