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Ongoing Submissions: Hyphen Punk

Payment: $25
Theme: Speculative fiction with some type of -Punk aesthetic. Cyber-, steam-, solar-, diesel-, ray-, bio-, street-, splatter-, arcano-, nano-, or whatever else your crazed imagination can come up with.


We want to publish your speculative fiction with some type of -Punk aesthetic. Cyber-, steam-, solar-, diesel-, ray-, bio-, street-, splatter-, arcano-, nano-, or whatever else your crazed imagination can come up with. If its -Punk then it fits.

We will accept short stories and graphic stories. We will also accept art which can be used for cover art.

Fiction should be between 1000 and 7500 words. We only accept previously unpublished stories in English. All stories should be original to the creator/submitter. No Fan Fiction.

Graphic stories should be no longer than 20 pages and contain only original work. (more…)

Ongoing Submissions: The Savage Realms

Payment: $25
Theme: Stories from the classic Sword and Sorcery genre

Literary Rebel is looking for a few good authors!

Are you a sword and sorcery fan? Do you pen tales of savages and wizards in your spare time? Have you always wanted to be a published author but have no idea where to start? Literary Rebel is seeking talented writers to feature in Savage Realms Monthly! The best part… We pay!

Savage Realms Monthly is a new sword and sorcery magazine for fans of R.E. Howard, Karl Edward Wagner, and Michael moorcock, featuring heroic tales of savage barbarians, evil wizards, and beautiful maidens. We aim to revitalize the Sword and Sorcery genre with brand new tales of adventure from some of today’s most talented authors. Our first issue is scheduled to land in January and will be available in Kindle and print formats.

Send us your best sword and sorcery themed tale of no more than ten thousand (10,000) words and, if we like it, we’ll pay for first publishing rights. Don’t worry, you as the author will retain the copyright to all characters and locales so you are free to publish stories within your fictional universe in other publications in the future. We’ll even link to any websites, social media, or storefronts you desire.


Ongoing Submissions: Blood Knife

Payment: 9 cents per word for fiction, $60 for articles
Theme: Sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, the future, and/or (preferably and!) radical politics


Do you have good takes on sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, the future, and/or (preferably and!) radical politics? We want you to write for Blood Knife and we want to pay you for your good takes (and good fiction!).


Blood Knife is an online magazine about imagined futuresalternate historiesbloodcyborgs, and radical left politics. We want to explore the collision of the soon-to-be, the never-was, and the now.

Is cyberpunk still relevant? Why do some laser guns shoot green and others red? Are robots comrades? We want to explore all this stuff, and also we want to pay writers fairly without any bullshit.


We currently pay $60 for an 800 word article, with rates prorated beyond that. Most features (curated playlists, etc.) are also paid at a $60 rate. Illustrations and multimedia are paid on an individual basis, but generally in the $60 to $100 range. Our #1 priority is always towards fairly paying our contributors, and we are continuing to raise rates when possible.

In terms of publishing rights, we ask for exclusivity for 90 days from the date of publication and license to keep it on the website in its original form in perpetuity. If you choose to resell it or publish it elsewhere after that window, we just ask for a note that it originally appeared on Blood Knife and a link back to the site, where applicable.

Ongoing Submissions: Orion’s Belt

Payment: 8 cents per word
Theme: All stories must have significant speculative elements

The Basics

Stories should be submitted to [email protected] All stories must be under 1200 words (not including the title and byline). All stories over 1200 words will sadly be rejected automatically. All stories must contain significant speculative elements. This does not mean all sci-fi stories must have lasers and rockets. It just means a non-speculative story doesn’t become speculative if you include a single line clarifying the story takes place on Mars.

Submission Details


Ongoing Submissions: Stanchion

Payment: $10 and a contributors copy
Theme: Anything and everything is on the table. We love powerful, beautiful, unusual work!

Our door is always open because future issues of Stanchion are always being assembled.

We are looking for original, never-before-published (nope, not even on your blog) short story writing (<2500 words), creative nonfiction, poetry, prose poems, flash fiction, stray thoughts, interviews with inanimate objects, comics, illustrations, black & white photography (portrait-oriented images are preferred), b&w drawings, and other evocative images of mixed media artwork (also in black and white). There is no thematic throughline for issues of Stanchion: happy, sad, melancholic, horror, sentimental (without being sappy) — anything and everything is on the table. We love powerful, beautiful, unusual work!

Money and Rights:

All creators who have original/never before published work accepted for publication will receive $10 and one complimentary copy of that issue of Stanchion.

You retain all rights to your work! We only request that you do not republish/reuse the work again in the same quarter the issue is published.


Stanchion is a safe, open place to submit your work for consideration. No matter where you’re from, what you look like, or who you love, you’re welcome to become a part of the Stanchion family.

What To Send:


Ongoing Submissions: The Drop

Payment: $5
Theme: Fantasy or Science Fiction

Each issue of The Drop brings a weekly piece of flash fiction right to your inbox along with press news, announcements, and a guest author interview! Each work is carefully hand-selected and workshopped with the greatest care. To submit to The Drop, please follow the instructions below.

GENRE: Fantasy or Science Fiction
WORD COUNT: 100 minimum; 1,000 maximum
PAY RATE: $5 flat and a thorough critique of your submission
SUBMISSIONS OPEN: 01 February 2021
NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE BY: 2-4 weeks from submission
PROJECTED RELEASE DATE: the first and third Monday of every month


Ongoing Submissions: Thirteen Podcast

Payment: $50.00
Theme: slow-burn, atmospheric stories horror and ghost stories

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Thirteen!  We are an audio-drama/audio fiction podcast specializing in feature length (~ one hour) productions that are characterized by slow-burn, atmospheric stories horror and ghost stories.

Submissions that closely match this description have an excellent chance of being chosen for production. Thirteen Podcast is an Imaginary Comma production. All submissions should be sent to [email protected]

The following are the terms by which a submission will be accepted for production.


Ongoing Submissions: Polar Starlight

Payment: Poem (regardless of length–maximum 60 lines): $10
Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Poems
Note: Canadian authors or residents of Canada onlystrong>

POLAR STARLIGHT is ALWAYS OPEN to poetry and cover art.

Contributors must be Canadian, or at least resident in Canada.

I prefer Science Fiction over Fantasy, though of course SF can include fantasy elements, so I’m flexible. Weird Fantasy would intrigue me. Also interested in Horror with SF aspects. Have a weakness for Lovecraftian Horror. Nothing obscene or ultra-violent. Idea-driven combined with character-driven would be ideal.

Particularly interested in beginning writers who haven’t made a sale yet. The primary purpose of this zine is to encourage beginning writers. I welcome experienced authors but will judge unpublished writers as a separate category so they won’t have to compete with pros. Ideally at least two to three first-sale stories will be in in every issue. Be sure to mention whether you have been published or not so I’ll be sure to place you in the proper category.


I offer First Publication English Language World Serial Online (PDF) Internet Rights with a post-publication exclusivity period of just one week, after which the author/artist is free to sell as a reprint to anyone anywhere.

The exclusivity period is unusually short because I have no financial stake in holding on to rights and am more than willing to encourage the author to sell again ASAP.

Note that reprints are less desirable to most publishers and are more difficult to place. On the other hand, my payment rates are so low you might even make more money selling your work as a reprint than you did selling it to me as a first publication!

The advantage of selling First Publication to me is that I want to publish at least two or three works per issue which are first sales for previously unpublished authors, so I am more likely to buy than magazines concentrating on known authors with proven sales records.

I am also willing to publish reprints under the same rights as First Publication, but no exclusivity period is involved. You can sell it again even before I publish it.

Please bear in mind:

Short stories must be three thousand words or less. For budget / financial reasons I prefer stories 1,000 words or less, will look at stories 2,000 words or less but will only accept a few, and just one story 3,000 words or less per issue.

Up to 2 stories may be submitted. Doesn’t matter if simultaneous submission elsewhere.

Short stories can be Science FictionFantasy, or Horror.

Subgenres can include:

Science Fiction: Alternate History, Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, Contemporary/Near Future, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Hard SF, Humorous SF, Mystery cross genre, Space Opera, Steampunk, Time Travel, Weird Tale, Weird Western, etc.

Fantasy: Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Heroic, Mythological, Science Fantasy, Shapeshifter, Steampunk, Supernatural, Sword & Sorcery, Weird Tale, Weird Western, etc.

Horror: Creature Horror, Gothic, Historical, Horror Western, Lovecraftian, Monsters, Noir, SF Horror, Shapeshifter, Steampunk, Supernatural, Weird Tale, Weird Western, etc.

In other words, almost anything goes as long as it is genre-related and imaginative.

Note: all poems received are considered submissions to both Polar Borealis and Polar Starlight. Can be sixty lines or less on any of the above themes

Up to 5 poems may be submitted. Can be submitted together. Doesn’t matter if simultaneous submission elsewhere.

Not currently open to themed interior art for specific stories (hope to be some day) or interior fillo pieces, but am currently open to potential Cover Art.

Be aware normally contributors are paid after they have signed the contract but before publication. (See “Contract” for a sample contract.)

Everyone submitting should include a short, one or two paragraph bio which confirms Canadian status, publication status, and makes you appear quite the character.

Include word count (if story) or line count (if poem).

Also, be sure to let me know if the work being submitted has been previously published or not, and whether my acceptance would constitute your first sale ever.

And please include your full mailing address as I will need to put that into the contract.


E-mail a word doc (not a PDF) to me at <  [email protected]   > and include “PB Sub” in your heading.

The format of your submission should be as follows: A word doc. in either Courier or Times Roman font size 12, black print on white page, double spaced, beginning of paragraphs indented, ragged justification, your name and title on each page in the header, each page numbered, and your name, address and contact info on the title page. In other words, the standard, traditional, classic format.

Note: prefer single space between the end of one sentence and the start of the next sentence.

Note concerning poems: indentation, and justification albeit left, centred, or right, is entirely according to the visual pattern the poet has laid out. To ensure the layout is printed as intended, it would be best to submit the poem with Bookman Old Style font, point size 13, and line spacing 1.5, as this is how the poem will appear in the magazine.

Note concerning cover art: Must be portrait-shaped (as opposed to landscaped shaped) in JPEG form about 1,000 kb in size. It will fit under title on cover page and be surrounded by white space, no bleed. I will adjust size of JPEG to fit space.

Note: I do accept both reprints and multiple submissions, and don’t care if simultaneously submitted elsewhere.

Via: Polar Borealis.