Author: JD Blackrose

Video Refresh: Rejections and a Crisis of Confidence

Who hasn’t gotten the dreaded email that starts with the word, “Unfortunately, we received…?” Ugh. The humiliation. The stab to the heart. I don’t care that they got 500 submissions for twelve spots. They should have chosen mine, darn it. Mine! Don’t let rejections create a crisis of confidence. Here are things you can do to shove that crisis back in the bottle where it belongs. (And one you shouldn’t…)

Video Refresh: Interview with G.A. Miller

Today we revisit an interview with horror author G.A. MIller. After you watch the video, read the entire article. Interviewer Stacey Jaine McInstosh asks some interesting questions not included here, such as what is G.A.’s favorite band. Hint: Their initials are L.Z.

Notes From Purgatory by Franklin Murdock

Are our stories our babies, or our soldiers, or is that a metaphor that doesn’t really matter except in the author’s mind? Franklin Murdock thinks of them as soldiers, and his version is actually a little sexy. 🙂

Video Refresh: Nicole Simms on Why Writers Should Be Part of a Writing Group

Today we revisit Nicole Simm’s column on Being Part of a Writing Group:

The one main fear that can come from looking into joining a writing group is that your work will be torn to shreds, and your ability will be questioned, which for us self-doubters is our biggest fear, to have confirmed what you already fear. However, as I have often said in my past posts Mr Self-doubt often lies to you, if writing is your passion, then you do not need permission to do so, and no one starts off as a brilliant writer, like everything in life practice makes perfect.


Video Refresh: An Interview with Naomi Rourke by Scott Summers

Today we revisit an interview with the fascinating Naomi Rourke, who tells us the story of her name, and her wondrous journey to drama and writing, even after a stroke at young age. Please read the whole interview because it has a lot more in it than this video can hold.


Video Refresh: Story Worms

Today we revisit Story Worms: Literary Conventions by Angeline Trevena. She shares her notes and tips after attending a convention in Derby, UK.