Paying Markets For Speculative Fiction Authors | Top Open Calls November 20th-24th, 2023

Welcome, crafters of cosmic tales and futuristic sagas! 🚀📚 As we chart our course through the week of November 20th to the 24th, let us embrace the inventive spirit and sharp wit emblematic of John Scalzi’s work. In this segment of our interstellar journey, your narratives have the power to traverse not just galaxies, but the intricate complexities of human (and perhaps non-human) interaction, all with a keen eye for humor and insight.

This week’s catalog of opportunities offers a galaxy of potential, each link a wormhole leading to new realms of possibility. Dive in and let your creativity be as boundless as the universe itself.

November offers a celestial treat with its meteor showers, and it’s also the month when many in the United States gather to celebrate Thanksgiving—a time for reflection, gratitude, and often, complicated family dynamics, much like the intricate interpersonal relationships found in Scalzi’s narratives.

As you weave your stories from November 20th to the 24th, consider the themes of Thanksgiving: gatherings, gratitude, and the sometimes chaotic, sometimes heartwarming nature of coming together. How might these themes play out in a futuristic setting or across distant galaxies?

As we approach the warmth of Thanksgiving, let your stories encapsulate not just the vastness of space but also the depth of human connection. May your narratives be as rich and varied as the conversations around a Thanksgiving table, and as expansive as the starlit skies above. 🌌🦃📖

You can watch the full video here:

Paying Markets For Speculative Fiction Authors | Top Open Calls November 20th-24th, 2023

In this week’s video is up and I’ve spoken about:

East Over Press – Mirrorball (of course!!)

Mystery Magazine

Ongoing Submissions: Mystery Magazine

R. Saint Clare – Book Worms

Shotgun Honey – At the Edge of Darkness

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