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Taking Submissions: UnSung Literary Magazine Volume 2

Deadline: May 10th, 2020
Payment: $20 per piece of fiction / creative non-fiction between 1000-3000 words and $30 per piece between 3001-6000 words. We offer $20 per poem.
Theme: Pieces related to all things love, sex, and eroticism.

 **Submissions for UnSung Volume II Close May 10th**

Submissions should be sent through the submission page, but any inquiries or concerns can be sent to:    [email protected] 

Share Your Sauciest

UnSung Literary Magazine is accepting pieces of poetry, micro or flash fiction, and short creative non-fiction.

We would also like to feature visual artists, and are accepting illustrations and photography.

UnSung Literary Magazine is choosing to focus on marginalized voices; priority will be given to artists and authors who are

Black/POC, LGBTQ, or identify as womxn. 

We are looking for pieces related to all things love, sex, and eroticism. But, we want to see your sensual expressions living within intersections. Have a piece about a Black, Queer AFAB (assigned female at birth) late- night tryst? Maybe prose detailing your attraction to another lesbian with masculinity similar to yours? Show us the tender poem of how his hand grazing yours first time made your heart flutter. We want to know how the moonlight looked reflecting off of their dark skin that night at the lake.

Formatting and Correspondence

If submitting poetry, multiple pieces are allowed, but please no more than 5 at a time; if poems are each longer than 2 pages, submit no more than 3. Not all submitted may be accepted.

For prose, we’re looking for flash (included micro) fiction, so please limit submissions to 3000 words.

Please put SUBMISSION: [Story Title] – [Full Name] – [Word Count] – [Publication] in the header to help us weed out spam.

Example: SUBMISSION: [Story A] – [Jane DePerson] – [2500] – [UnSung Magazine]

We invite you to add a cover letter detailing your publication history (if any, non-mandatory) and any relevant details. These bios will appear before your story in the issue, but we respect your privacy, so let us know if you’d like any context to remain off the record instead. 

When submitting, ensure that you include your pronouns, which name you’d like printed (whether that be a pen name or an alternate version of your birth name, etc) and your PayPal email address.

Response times may range between one to three weeks. If you haven’t heard anything after four weeks, please email [email protected] and put QUERY: [Story Title] – [Full Name] as the subject line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Compensation and Rights

We are a token paying market, offering $20 per piece of fiction / creative non-fiction between 1000-3000 words and $30 per piece between 3001-6000 words. We offer $20 per poem. All payable via PayPal. Additionally, you will receive a hard copy of the publication, and free marketing from UnSung Magazine. 

We are purchasing Non-Exclusive First World Rights to your work, meaning we are the first market in the world to feature your work, but you are allowed to submit it to a different market in the meantime, as long as Market B doesn’t want exclusivity. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your pieces are accepted elsewhere!

Visual Art & Photography

Please email us up to five pieces of your best work you think would fit well with our theme. You can email them to [email protected]

Please put [ART]: [Full Name] – [UnSung] in the header to help us weed out spam.

Artists will receive $20 payable via PayPal for each chosen piece. 

Via: Unsung Literary Magazine Volume 2.

Taking Submissions: DECODED: a SFFH story for every day of Pride month

Deadline: April 30th, 2020 (not in post, confirmed on Twitter from the publisher.)
Payment: Flash short story (up to 250 words) – $25, Short story (up to 2500 words) – $100, Long form (up to 7500 words) – $200, Comics – $75
Theme: Queer science fiction, fantasy, and horror by queer authors

Decoded is a story-a-day anthology of queer science fiction, fantasy, and horror by queer authors. We will feature writing and comics released to subscribers every day of Pride month. If you want to get an email when subscriptions become available, please sign up for our email list.

We are both avid readers, and as such, we welcome a wide array of subject matter. Everything from experimental comics to thinly-veiled fanfiction to good old formulaic genre is right up our alley, so don’t disqualify yourself – submit! Our only rule for the month is that you’re a queer creator – and that you bring your A-game!

The point is to create a space for queer folks to build community as fiction writers and comic creators. We seek to center the voices of those most marginalized within queer communities. We want to facilitate works with queer themes, writers, and audiences.

If that sounds like you, read more below about logistics and how to submit your story.

Fees paid to authors

Flash short story (up to 250 words) – $25

Short story (up to 2500 words) – $100

Long form (up to 7500 words) – $200

Comics – $75

Fees will be paid via PayPal.

Submitting stories

  • Please email your submission to [email protected] with the title “DECODED SUBMISSION – [story/comic title]” by midnight on April 30th.
  • Attach your submission in a word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one inch margins (or something similar). For comics, email us the best way to view your work.
  • Submissions must be all original content (unpublished elsewhere).
  • You may submit multiple works, as long as they fit different categories. For instance, you can submit one longform and one comic or one short story and one flash, but not two flash or two long form.
  • Simultaneous submission is fine, but tell us if it gets placed elsewhere.
  • In your email, please tell us a bit about yourself and what “queer” means to you. Listen, we’re not checking contributors’ identities, but if you are cisgender, heterosexual, and/or not queer in any sense, please refrain from submitting to this call. There are infinite possibilities for your work to be published, edited, and praised by cishet editors. Let us do our thing.
  • There is no fee for entry, but if you love this anthology idea and want to see it thrive, we’ll have a tip jar set up soon.
  • Please sign up for our email list if you want to get emails about Decoded and know when submissions go live.

Who are we?

Sara and S.E. are the co-hosts of the podcast Bitches on Comics – we’re also critics and creators. We both write fiction and we both love reading fiction. This collection has come about because we believe that it is important to honor the rebellious, anti-fascist history of Pride by focusing on queer artists and writers of today. Learn more about us.

Nitty Gritty Details

  • This release will be online-only and available to anyone for a small subscription fee. Contributors will all receive the full season on the house.
  • We are not multilingual, but we welcome multilingual work and will work with translations to assess the fit of any pieces submitted in multiple languages. We will accept stories from all over the world.
  • We claim first worldwide electronic rights (text and audio), first print rights (author must be willing to sign copies), and non-exclusive anthology rights.

Via: Bitches On Comics.

Taking Submissions: The Trench Coat Chronicles

Deadline: April 15th, 2020
Payment: $10
Theme: Murder mysteries where someone has to wear a trench coat
Note: Reprints Welcome

Submission guidelines for The Trench Coat Chronicles

Send us your best murder mystery stories! There is one requirement: your story must include a trench coat.

We want creativity! While we love Dick Tracy and Humphrey Bogart, we really don’t want any story to contain those particular characters. Give us new, unique tales. We want our readers to be immersed in each story and invested in each character. Is the coat worn by the detective? The victim? The reporter? Is it peripheral to the story or the focus of it? In fact, the trench coat itself could be one of your characters!

We want fiction between 500 and 3,500 words in length. We suck at math so if you go over by a bit, we’re not going to slap your wrist. We won’t even know. But just a little bit.

Uninvited are screenplays and nonfiction. Also uninvited are stories that are publicly available on any website, such as a Facebook page or Wattpad. We will not accept stories with graphic porn (no old-men-enticing-little-girls or flasher stories), and yes, we’ll know bad taste when we see it. We want YA readers to enjoy the published anthology without parental balking.

Submissions will open at 12:00:01 a.m. EST on the Ides of March, March 15, 2020 and will close at 23:59:59 EST on April 15, 2020. The judges will not read submissions as they arrive; they will begin to read submissions on April 16. You will receive a status notification (rejected or accepted) approximately three months after submissions close (sometime in July). Judges will only offer an acceptance or rejection email, without feedback. Along with their thanks for submitting, of course, either way.

There Is No Reading Fee

You may submit as many as three stories, but we will accept a maximum of two stories per author. We will pay $10 USD via PayPal per story accepted. Contributors will receive one copy of the book electronically (even if two stories are accepted). We will plaster your name around the universe as best we can. In other words, wherever we market the book, publicize the book, or mention the book, the contributing authors’ names will be mentioned. We expect to publish The Trench Coat Chronicles in paperback and ebook, both available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere in the galaxy. For authors local to Southeast Pennsylvania, we will attempt to provide as much face-time as possible, including book signings and readings.

Do not put your name on your submission, on either the manuscript itself or as part of the file name. If your name is on it, we will not favor you even if we know you, or you’re adorable, or you’re a New York Times best-selling author; we will judge the writing only.

Submissions must be made via Moksha. Follow the instructions on the site to ensure your work is attributable to you. Format: Use Word, 12-point font in Georgia, Times New Roman, or equivalent, in black ink, double-spaced (Shunn) format.

Your work should be as perfect as possible prior to submitting. We want to read your best writing. We are editors by trade so grammatical, typographical, and syntactical errors will be glaring to us and will take us out of your story.

We will accept reprints if you have the rights back; please note in your cover letter if your story is a reprint. If you submit your story simultaneously to other markets, you must notify us via email by close of submissions on April 16, 2020 if it has been accepted elsewhere.

We anticipate approximately 90K words in the anthology.

Now the legal jargon: We’re asking for first rights nationally and internationally, but all rights will revert back to you six months after initial publication. After those six months, you can publish it wherever you like so long as you note that it was first published in our anthology. If for some odd reason the book is not published within 24 months from the date of acceptance (as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,”) we will return first rights to you immediately. Once your story(ies) is/are accepted, you will receive a contract with details of rights and how you get paid. If an accepted author is under the age of 18, a parent must sign the contract.

If you have never been published, and wish to gain publication credit, submit because we’d love to read your submission. If you’ve been published many times and wish to see your name in print in a new venture, submit because we’d love to read your story. Did we say it enough? We want to read your story.

Via: Gemini Word Smiths.

Taking Submissions: Translunar Travelers Lounge

Deadline: April 15th, 2020
Payment: $0.03 per word
Theme: “fun” stories with speculative elements


We are open annually for submissions from March 15th through April 15th for our August issue, and from September 15th through October 15th for our February issue.


The short version:

  • We pay $0.03 per word with a minimum of $20 in exchange for first world electronic rights in English. We ask for an exclusivity period of 3 months from date of publication.
  • Maximum 5,000 words.
  • Your story should contain speculative elements.
  • We do not accept nonfiction.
  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • Only one submission per open period.
  • Save your manuscript in Standard Manuscript Format as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf and email it as an attachment to translunartravelerslounge AT gmail DOT com.
  • You’re welcome to include a cover letter, but try to avoid summarizing your story. We don’t generally look at cover letters until after we’ve read the story. Also, please limit your writing credits to your top two or three. (No worries if you don’t have any! We love new writers.)
  • Translunar Travelers Lounge is co-edited by Ms. Aimee Ogden and Mx. Bennett North. Feel free to just address your email to “Dear Editors,” but if you decide to use our names, we would appreciate if you mention both of us, since this magazine is a joint effort.
  • You will receive a response no later than two months after the submission period closes, and often much sooner. If you haven’t heard from us, please query ASAP at the above address, using the email header QUERY: Story Title by Author Name.

The long version:

Broadly defined, the type of fiction we are looking for is “fun”. Yes, that descriptor is highly subjective, and ultimately it comes down to the personal preferences of the editors. However, here are a few road signs to get you started on the path into our hearts.

A fun story, at its core, is one that works on the premise that things aren’t all bad; that ultimately, good wins out. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your story has to be silly or lighthearted (though it certainly can be). Joy can be made all the more powerful when juxtaposed against tragedy. In the end, though, there should be hope, and we want stories that are truly fun for as many different kinds of people as possible.

Swashbuckling adventure, deadly intrigue, and gleeful romance are some of the most obvious examples of what we’re looking for, but we won’t say no to more subtle or complicated topics, as long as they fit under the wider “fun” umbrella.

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE submissions from authors of marginalized ethnicities, sexualities, genders, abilities and perspectives. If you are an author whose experience is not often represented, we absolutely want to hear from you. YES, YOU. If you’re comfortable sharing this information with us in your cover letter, please do.

What we’re enthusiastic about:

  • Characters of all genders and sexualities or lack thereof
  • Settings in non-Western cultures
  • Friendship
  • Happy marriages
  • Stories that pass the Bechdel test and/or the Mako Mori test
  • Afrofuturism
  • Neurodivergent characters
  • Characters with disabilities

What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Pedophilia and rape, especially stories that glorify those things or use them as cheap ways of sidelining female characters.
  • Violence is okay, but torture porn is not. In other words, the violence should serve the story, not BE the story.
  • Similarly, sex is okay, but erotica is not.
  • No fanfiction.
  • No revenge fantasies against shrewish, nagging wives and girlfriends.
  • No stories about how humanity is basically terrible.
  • No works previously published in English. This includes anything that has been published on your own website. In other words, we don’t accept reprints.
  • No stories that we’ve already rejected unless we specifically request a rewrite.

If you’re not sure if your story is what we’re looking for, please send it to us and let us decide! DON’T SELF REJECT.

Via: Translunar Travelers Lounge.

Ongoing Submissions: The Fifth Di…

Payment: Original Stories: $25.00, Reprint Stories: $15.00, Flash Fiction: 1 cent/word, Poems: $5.00, Articles: $20.00
Theme: All genre work with a strong emphasis on character development
Note: Reprints Allowed

The Fifth Di… began with James Baker of ProMart Publishing back around the turn of the millennium. After his passing in September 2002, it was under the editorial stewardship of J Alan Erwine, now of Nomadic Delirium Press. In November 2019, it was handed over to Hiraeth Books.

The Fifth Di… is now published quarterly, in March, June, September, and December, in print [and, eventually, as an eBook]. It presents original science fiction, fantasy, and spooky horror stories. It also presents a few original poems, again along the overall theme.

The Fifth Di… wants original stories with plot, tension, suspense, conflict, and character development. Remember, if readers do not care what happens to your main character[s], they won’t read the story. The narrative should maintain a sense of wondering what’s going to happen next; of what’s lurking just around the corner. Showing is better than telling. Frex, instead of telling the reader that it’s cold, show your character shivering, stomping feet, or having ice form on beard or hair. The inner thoughts and emotions of your character[s] are just as important.

Stories submitted to The Fifth Di… should be between 4K and 8K words long. Longer or shorter stories will be considered; however, anything less than 4K will be a difficult sell. Anything 1K or less will be considered flash fiction. We will consider reprint stories, provided they adhere to the guidelines; however, they are difficult sells.

Submit your stories as rtf or .doc attachments [NO .docx, please] to sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com [you must recombine this address for it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Blame spammers].

Please submit one story at a time, and wait for the response before submitting another. We hope to keep the response time down to two months. If you haven’t heard from us in three months, please query.

Poetry submitted to The Fifth Di… should be from about ten to a hundred lines. Please submit no more than three poems at a time, and wait for the response before submitting more. Again, we hope to keep the response time down to two months. If you haven’t heard from us in three months, please query.

Submit your poems as rtf or .doc attachments [NO .docx, please] or IBOE to sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com [you must recombine this address for it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Blame spammers].

The Fifth Di… also considers articles related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Articles include essays and reviews, as well as writing tips. Word count should be around 1K words, up to a loose 5K words. Please submit one article at a time, and wait for the response before submitting another. Yet again, we hope to keep the response time down to two months. If you haven’t heard from us in three months, please query.

Submit your articles as rtf or .doc attachments [NO .docx, please] to sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com [you must recombine this address for it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Boil spammers; inexpensive vegetable oil works best].

The Fifth Di… is not considering cover art at this time.

Payment is made upon publication by check or Paypal as follows:

Original Stories: $25.00

Reprint Stories: $15.00

Flash Fiction: 1 cent/word

Poems: $5.00

Articles: $20.00

NOTE: If you live outside the United States, you will be paid via Paypal, or must make some other arrangement with the editor.

All submissions must include contact information. This means:

Name [yours, not necessarily your byline name]

Address [street, city, country, and zip code or equivalent]

e-mail address

Paypal address

If your address changes before the publication date, please let us know.

Queries should be sent to sdpshowcase at yahoo dot com [you must recombine this address for it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Grill spammers; the grillwork of a 1950 Buick or a 1953 Packard works best].

Via: Hiraeth Publishing.

Taking Submissions: Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores

Deadline: March 28th, 2020
Payment: 6 cents per word for original, 2 cents for reprints
Theme: Well written original work in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world.
Note: Reprints welcome

Submissions Schedule

We have a regular submissions schedule, easy to remember and plan for:
four times a year, one week each time, midnight E.S.T. to midnight E.S.T., at the beginning of each season of the year:
March 21 – 28, June 21 – 28, September 21 – 28, December 21 – 28

We began <a href=””>The Kepler Award</a> this spring.  The purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage writers of excellent science fiction and fantasy stories that creatively extrapolate on known science in constructive and exciting ways. You can learn about <a href=””>The Kepler Award here.</a>

We pay 6¢ per word for new fiction, 2¢ per word for fiction reprints, 2 – 6¢ per word for new fact-based work, 1- 4¢ per word for reprinted fact articles.
Reprints must not have been published elsewhere within the past year or be available for sale online.

For reading impaired individuals, our submissions manager and ‘forget password’ have a captcha compatible with screen readers.


Writers Guidelines

We accept new work as well as reprints, anywhere from 1000 word flash fiction on up, but all else being equal, shorter pieces will be favored. We also accept poetry.  We have tough standards but only care about the quality of the writing, storytelling ability, characters, plot, and ideas, not whether you’re new or established.  Submit only work you are proud of — if you don’t love it, neither will our readers!  If in doubt, edit it down further.  And further.

For the many writers who valued our feedback on their stories, we have brought back a modified version of the feedback system which will not be time intensive for the editors:
— Writers who would like feedback on their stories should request it at the end of their submissions comments.
— You will receive feedback only if you request it.
— Writers requesting feedback must understand that this is Unedited Feedback Not Intended as Diplomatic Critique; it is the honest and considered opinions of our first readers and assistant editors, designed to help the editors in their assessment of stories.
— There may be repetition and contradictory opinions.
— Readers can opt in or out of having their feedback passed on, so there may be few or no opinions to send you.
— Comments will be passed on without reader names.


We are looking for: well written original work in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world. We care about character, plot, ideas, and storytelling ability.  We accept both serious and humorous work. We like science fiction in all its states of matter, from solid to gaseous to plasma, i.e., from hard as steel to as insubstantial as interstellar space.  If you use real existing science, please get it right.  You can also read the <a href=””>About Us</a> page for more information.

Hard Sells: Vampires, werewolves, zombies, monsters in general, super-heroes, Lovecraftian stories, anthro, robots with feelings, gritty and despairing post-apocalyptic worlds.

We don’t accept: horror, hate, blood &amp; guts, explicit language, excessive violence, angst-ridden romance, fan fiction*, sex, axe-grinding, or stories that leave readers feeling they’ve had the energy and joy sucked out of them. Also, seems we have to say it, we don’t take work that makes fun of grief, suffering, and death, whether of real, imaginary, or religious characters.


We are looking for fact-based articles, interesting information, reviews, and humor in any discipline that relates to the type of stories we publish or that might provide inspiration and information for writers and artists.

Artwork and Other Imagery

We’re looking for storytelling through images.  We want to see skillful composition, use of color, rendering of form, character, and emotions.   For photomanipulations or photography using models, etc., all stock and resources used must be credited and used according to the stock provider’s rules.

We are not presently commissioning any work.  We are looking only for already existing work for use on site pages or for illustrating stories.  We pay $10 for the non-exclusive right to use each image, for as long as the site is online.  If we publish a print collection we will pay a pro-rata share for each image used.

For video, if possible send links, and have it available in both MP4 and WEBM formats for compatibility across all browsers.

Just as for written works, we’re not looking for romance, fan art*, hate, horror, blood &amp; guts, excessive violence, sex, nudity, copies of photographs, propaganda, or work that leave readers feeling they’ve had the energy and joy sucked out of them.  We do not accept work using materials that required the death or mistreatment of animals.

*If the original work is still in copyright and was not commissioned or sanctioned by the creator or owner we will not accept it.  Some fan art is accepted or encouraged by the copyright owners — e.g., cosplay, and these works we welcome.
An illustration of a fairy tale, myth, legend, old classic, or any work no longer in copyright would not be counted as fan art.

You can read a copy of our standard contract <a href=””>here. </a>  It can be varied as needed to include the rights of translators, voice actors, etc.


Please Read Before Submitting:

In the submissions comments, tell us only:
— your name,
— story title,
— genre
— word count
— whether your story is new or would be a reprint, and if a reprint, where and when it was first published. If a reprint, it must not have been published within the preceding twelve months and must not be currently available to read for free or for sale as an individual story.
— <u>Do not include a resume</u>; we will judge the story solely on its own merits.

We may ask for revisions on a story we are interested in, whether it is new or a reprint, but a request for revision is not a guarantee of acceptance.

No simultaneous submissions, and no multiple submissions to the same genre.

Please follow <a href=””>standard manuscript format</a>

We prefer text in .docx Times New Roman and images as a jpg or through a link.

Use letters and numbers only for filenames or else your file may not load.

For video, if possible send links, and have it available in both MP4 and WEBM formats for compatibility across all browsers.

On the submissions page, check that you agree with the terms of our guidelines before you submit.

A small percentage of people may find that the spam filters on their email host don’t allow them to register.  Adding donotreply at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com and submissions at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com
to your address list may solve this problem.  If it doesn’t, you can email  submissions at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com  and we will manually input you into the system.

Addresses to note and add to address books:
cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com/portal  — login for subscribers to the magazine.
submissions at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com — for questions about submissions.
editor at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com   Fran Eisemann, editor-in-chief
fantasyeditor at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com  Casey Honebrink
eldritcheditor at  Aaron Gudmunson

We get a large number of submissions, so please be patient.  Turn-around times are generally between one and twelve weeks.  If you haven’t heard back after twelve weeks, feel free to query.


Interstellar submitters please use standard Earth formats or query in advance for other arrangements.  We’d love to be the first to publish your work here on Earth!  🙂

When creating passwords for the submissions manager we suggest 12 characters or more with a combination of numbers and both upper case and lower case letters.  Please avoid using the ampersand &amp;, percent sign %,
plus sign +,  quotation marks “,  less than &lt;,  or greater than &gt;

After reading our guidelines, you can login to the submissions manager and submit stories through the link at the bottom of our submissions page.

For reading impaired individuals, our submissions manager and ‘forget password’ have a captcha compatible with screen readers.
Our thanks go to Glenn Lyvers at Prolific Press for creating this feature for us.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading you!

For people interested in becoming readers for Cosmic Roots &amp; Eldritch Shores, you can read about the process through the link at the bottom of our submissions page.

Via: <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores</a>

Via: Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores.

Taking Submissions: Brewtality: Alcohol Infused Extreme Horror

Deadline: May 1st, 2020
Payment: 3 cents per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Extreme horror which involved alcohol

Some call it courage in a bottle while others perceive it as the devil’s cocktail. Alcohol comes in all shapes and sizes, bringing along with it the temptation of sin, the eagerness of confusion and the psychological bombardment on the mind and senses forcing us to play a game between life and death.

BREWTALITY will dive deep in the subconscious where the demons swim, blinding our judgment and guiding us to make bad decisions without revealing the consequences.

  • 3,000 word max
  • Must have elements of Extreme Horror.
  • No simultaneous submissions
  • No violence/sex towards children
  • Pay: 3c per word paid through Paypal + (1) print contributor copy
  • 1-year exclusive rights
  • Send as a .DOC or .DOCX attachment to [email protected] with the subject line: BREW SUBMISSION: Title by Author Name
  • Do not copy/paste story in body of email.
  • Include a very brief bio just to break the ice.
  • Deadline May 1
  • Responses by June 1

Via: The Evil Cookie.

Trembling With Fear 03/22/20

​What can I say this week? I don’t think any of us could have predicted the current global situation back at the beginning of the year. I have continued to despair at the selfishness of so many whose continued stockpiling has created hardship for others. Alongside this however, there are many shining lights in the darkness. One in particular is Jim McLeod of Ginger Nuts of Horror. He has created the Pandemic Book Launch over at Facebook which provides writers with a platform for all those launches which have vanished in the viral ether. It’s a place for writers, readers and reviewers so pop over there to have a look and also look out for Horror Tree’s Friday post which provides a weekly update of the listings on that site (thanks to Stuart for supporting this). Our first post went out on the 20th March. In addition, keep an eye out on twitter and Facebook for authors offering free reads, take advantage but pay them back with a review. Some of these are listed over at Nightworms, a great review site if you’ve not checked them out yet.

Before I go into the stories this week, I just want to highlight another group of creatives who need our support – up-and-coming musicians. My son, currently studying at uni for his MA in Jazz will have no gigs and so no prospective income. Many others will be in a similar situation – as will those looking to put on events. My daughter, studying Event and Festival Management has lost all her work for the summer, plus other events more recently. If you have a member of your family or friends in a similar position and they would like to share their music, send me their links. I will include some at the end of this editorial so you have music as well as words. If there are a lot of them, I’ll put them up over at my own website and share on twitter. I might have a word with my son and get him to follow Jim’s lead and maybe create something similar for uni student musicians.

This week, Trembling With Fear starts with Silent Witness by G.A. Miller, which brings us a bit of a twisted date night. You might think you know what’s going to happen, you have your villain and victim cast in your mind, but do you? And much as I often ask for different settings, you can’t beat a cemetery for atmosphere!

Knock On Wood by Elizabeth Nettleton plays on one of man’s most basic fears but cleverly leads up to it so the final line gives it the twist to chill.

Song of the Pedlar by Alison Faye is a very atmospheric gothic piece with an almost fairy tale quality to it. The last line is particularly heart-wrenching.

Waste Not, Want Not by Phillip E. Dixon is a vampiric tale which has a brilliantly dismissive last line, it really puts humans in their place.

And here’s the bit of music I’ve promised from Dylan, not jazz this time but a folk cover, something posted specially for St. Patrick’s Day: Allistrum’s March. Enjoy!

Remember, if you’ve family or friends in a similar position to my son and have lost out on performance opportunities, send me links!

Take care



Stephanie Ellis

Editor, Trembling With Fear

Pandemicing is hard folks.

I’m one of those who are blessed to be able to work from home. Which is great! I can hide from the virus with my family. My job is secure, intact, and I’m keeping myself busy. I’m lucky there and I do count my blessings.
The downside is that there are things that are easier to do at work which are done in person. Not only that, but my time to work on writing and Horror Tree was on my commute to and from work which gave me 2 40-minute time periods each time to work on being productive.
Now, those times are dedicated to helping manage the kids so my wife doesn’t go insane. Please, excuse any delays in my email and social media responses for the next few weeks.

Somehow, I’m still managing to help deliver you all a full week’s worth of open calls and get this part of the site updated!

I hope all of you are doing well in surviving Covid-19 and are able to stay away from it. I also hope that it doesn’t affect any of your jobs.

On the upside, we have new fiction to help distract you from a world run rampant with disease and supply issues! I hope you enjoy.

Stuart Conover

Editor, Horror Tree


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