October Is Coming To An End, Here Are Our Final Favorite Paying Calls For #Writers

Hello to all of our #author and #writer friends!

Halloween is on Monday! We hope that you have a pile of spooky shenanigans to fulfill your every haunting desire planned for the weekend. For those who are going to be sitting at home and creating your own horror-filled magic with the written word, we’ve got some new paying markets for you to check out!

One note for those who submit their work to Trembling With Fear, we’re temporarily closed to short stories (though are still open for drabbles, Unholy Trinities, and serials!)

Also, as a reminder, we’d also like to share a quick sneak peek for those of you who write non-fiction or also work as a publicist or technical writer. The site is still in a bit of a beta format, but we’ve launched a job board for writers! This is a bit of a backburner project, so it may take a bit to really get fleshed out and cleaned up, but the main functionality is there!

Time to Trick or Treat your way to some new paying markets as we’ve got Belinda’s picks linked below!

October Is Coming To An End, Here Are Our Final Favorite Paying Calls For #Writers

You can click directly over to any of these four open calls right here:
Apparition Lit Magazine’s November 2022 open window details

Burial Books – 420 Horror

Flash Fiction Online’s November 2022 open window details

Dark Void Magazine’s submission details

Thank you for joining us, as always, and have a great weekend!

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Thanks for joining us all!
– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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