October 2023: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

What sacrifice would you make to achieve the life of your dreams? What price would you pay to ensure you achieve personal and financial success, especially in artistic and creative fields? What would you give to be famous and talented? Would it be enough to satisfy your main character(s)? And, what lengths would they go to in order to preserve and protect that lifestyle?

Deck: The Tarot of the Old Path by Howard Rodway


Character: King of Pentacles. The King of Pentacles never settles for less. They push themselves to achieve not only what they want in life (which is security and stability) but also to be the best in their chosen profession and industry. They are extremely hardworking and dedicated to their craft. They may be artistic, but they take a practical approach to their art. They have little patience for any obstacles that get in the way of achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves—even if those obstacles are their family and friends. They may be creative and talented, but paired with their ambition and drive? They’ll shine in whatever they choose to undertake.


Setting: Three of Pentacles. Still, talent and dedication (to the exclusion of everything else) can only bring them so far. The main character(s) may have a comfortable life, and a certain amount of security, but they yearn for more than a modest house in the suburbs, or the serviceable apartment in a neighborhood that doesn’t fit the reputation and public image they feel they need to present to the world, as testimony to the success they’ve achieved.


Theme/Development: Three of Swords. When their friends and family fail to live up to the main character’s goals and expectations they’ve planned for their life, they won’t hesitate in expressing that sentiment. At best, they will express their disappointment in their friends and family, and pressure them to live up to their standards and expectations. But they might be tempted to take more extreme actions to rid themselves of factors and relationships in their life that they feel no longer fit. Just as they’ll also take any action to ensure they achieve the success they feel they deserve. It’s all just part of the plan, after all—it’s nothing personal.


Conflict/Climax: Two of Cauldrons (Reversed). Until, of course, it does become personal, even for our coldly ambitious King of Pentacles. When this frustrated artist feels stymied in their (upward) creative growth and they are seemingly blocked from achieving their carefully planned out goals, things might take a darker turn. Although they are practical minded, they may resort to more otherworldly alternatives after they feel their hard work and ambition is not having the desired effect. They may stumble across a mysterious shop on the way home from their studio and come home armed with a dubious artifact or a questionable spellbook that’s “guaranteed” to bring them the life, and the success, they yearn for. Or they may encounter a shady entity in their neighborhood park that promises them everything they desire.

Will your character make the fateful choice, and what price will they have to pay?

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