July 2022: Tarot Card Reading for Author and Artist Inspiration

Last month’s reading took us into space—this month’s reading will bring us back down to Earth. And what better way to represent Earth then by the wisdom and presence of trees? I was inspired, myself, to use the deck The Oracle of the Trees, as written by Francesca Romana Valente and illustrated by Mariuccia d’Angiò, and interpret the cards to reflect the lives of those who create.

Photo courtesy of Canva.com


As creators, I think it’s important to nurture ourselves and our imaginations. After all, it’s our imaginations, akin to the twisty and tangled nature of our tree brethren, that lead us down those wonderfully dark and spooky forest paths.


23 The Wishing Tree: The Wishing Tree has traditionally been a sacred place to leave items in return for having prayers or wishes granted. Creators often make their own worlds out of their imaginations, but this card could be considered a call to action to take those fanciful, mystical, and seemingly impossible elements that imbue their creations and use it to inspire and transform the world around them. The Wishing Tree reminds us that the world can still be the magical place of our dreams, if we do more than make simple wishes, and continue to create for the benefit of the natural landscape that surrounds us.

28 Mistletoe: In this literary twist on this card, it’s important for creators to build communities of like-minded people. It’s a gathering that will also embrace and support connections with non-human life forms that we share this planet with. This community will sustain those who see the world differently. And, while many creators embrace the dark as well as the light, the symbolism of the mistletoe will help those existing in dark circumstances beyond their control. This card is representative of the sanctuary many creators seek.

4 The Hanging Tree: For the purposes of this reading, this card represents the sacrifice many creators make in order to pursue their craft. Money could be one small, surface part of this sacrifice for art. But the return will be great: a deeper connection to unseen worlds of their wildest imaginings; wisdom, insight, an understanding of their place in the universe, and, perhaps, hope that their creations are real, even if it is just in another, parallel dimension. Because they feel just as real to the creator, as the actual “real” world. And, even if those imagined worlds are filled with horror, that, too, can lend a sense of comfort to the artistic soul.

31 The Tree of Porphyry: As a creator, they are uniquely prepared to approach problematic issues, and come up with workable solutions. Part of it is because they are more ready to believe the impossible can be made possible. These creators are well equipped with taking that vision and translating it into a new and improved reality that is not only more sustainable, but has respect for the creations of others, including that of Nature itself. This card represents not only knowledge, but the capacity to live in balance and harmony in their surroundings. Even if it’s a balance between the dark and the light, it’s an organic balance, not artificial.

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