Here… Is the weekly round up of our favorite open calls for the third week of November!

Hello to all of our author and writer friends!

For the third week of November, we have a mixture of open calls from all of the major speculative fiction genres! We’ve got science fiction, we’ve got fantasy, and, of course, we have some horror as well!

Another reminder for those who submit their work to Trembling With Fear, we’re temporarily closed to short stories (outside of those for our final holiday special of the year! Also, we ARE still open for drabbles, Unholy Trinities, and serials!)

Check out our favorite paying markets for #authors for the third week of November!

Here we go, folks, for heading over directly to any of the open calls that Belinda has loved this last week you can find them all right here:

Media Macabre’s The Little Book of Cursed Dolls

Amazing Submissions’ Sol System

Grendel Press’ Untitled Monster Anthology

DMR Books’ Die by the Sword! Volume 1

Thank you for joining us, as always, and have a great weekend!

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Thanks for joining us all!
– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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