Trembling With Fear 12/30/2018

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Stephanie Ellis

Editor, Trembling With Fear

This is it folks, the end of the second year of Trembling With Fear. I can’t believe how far we’ve come! On the upside, we’ll be able to put out this year’s collection MUCH QUICKER than last year. Also, it will be split up a bit to better benefit the authors for any royalty payments which we might be able to provide.

There are going to be some minor changes to submission guidelines in the coming year and other changes but I’ll get those over to you ASAP! 🙂

Happy end of the year everyone!

Stuart Conover

Editor, Horror Tree

Sins in the Land Beyond Time

The time bomb exploded and Earth paused.

Piers stepped through the portal, from the safety of the other dimension. The first thing he did was cut the throats of the U.S. Department of Defense staff. They didn’t believe in his work, laughed at him, and called him a mad scientist, making him feel like a cracked pot.

Not so funny now, he thought with a wicked smile.

Of course, they wouldn’t feel anything, just alive one instant and dead the other. The bomb really would have been the perfect weapon for the military.

After his rage cooled, Piers took advantage of bomb’s effects. He took to robbing all the banks, register tills, and wallets he could get his hands on. He hoarded billions of dollars in cash at his home. He wanted to be ready for when time resumed.

When time resumed.

He knew it would resume eventually. There wasn’t a way to reverse the bomb once it exploded, but the general manipulative effects would cease. But when?

Could be a moment, a month, a year? Piers tried not to think about that part. Rage controlled his actions when he deployed the bomb, eager to prove its worth to those who made fun of him. But there was nothing he could do now. So, he just readied himself for that moment. For getting on with his life in new found comfort.

When he finished stealing money, he took to stocking up his pantries with fine wines and liquor. Then, he collected extravagant furniture and all the little things he’d ever desired. He moved it all into his home.

After a few months passed, Piers was officially bored and very lonely. He was ready for time to resume. He made up his mind to travel. He had never been outside the Maryland/D.C. area, and there was so much to see.

Piers went to a Ferrari dealership and took a car. He went to Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Washington DC, the Statue of Liberty. He saw it all. He visited the girl he always had a crush on and told her all the feelings he was too afraid to tell. He apologized to all his family for the things he did wrong, and to the people he killed when he felt that rage. But everyone he visited and everything he saw remained peacefully still. And it was all Piers’ fault.




When time resumed, there was nationwide shock regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding the assassination of the entire department of defense staff. The military was on alert. The nation mourned and searched for answers, and turned up nothing.

Elsewhere, a strange story hit the news of a man found dead in his home. A gun laid by the skeletons head, a gaping hole in his skull. ‘Lonely’ was painted in blood on the living room wall. It was also reported that authorities found an obscene amount of cash and merchandise in the man’s home. Few people knew the man and the investigation into the recovered assets is still ongoing.

Eric S. Fomley

Bio: Eric S. Fomley is the editor of multiple anthologies as well as Martian magazine. As an author, his work has appeared in various venues and can be found from his website He is on Twitter @PrinceGrimdark.

Breaking Point

“Thanks for doing this,” Sally grunts, pushing the rusty truck along the deserted road.

“It’s what friends do,” Lucy huffs.

They stop at a sharp curve in the road notorious for accidents.

“He still out?”


Jared’s sprawled behind the wheel, a gash sluggishly oozing near his temple.

“Ready?” Lucy asks, raising a blood splattered whiskey bottle.

It’s surprisingly easy. Twist the key. Undo his seat belt. Shift gears, and push.

Watching the truck careen over the edge, Sally feels good. Resolute. Free. Years of abuse finally over.

“Why now?” Lucy carefully asks.

“He never should have touched my dog.”

Catherine Berry

Catherine Berry lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When she isn’t working, she’s spending time with loved ones or satisfying her varied hobbies. Her work has previously been published in Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear.

More of her work can be found at

Granny Peepers

I wake up to Granny tisk tisking me. “You didn’t eat your veggies last night, Asher.”

“I’m sorry, Granny.”

“The folate levels in your blood are a little low.”

“I’ll eat two helpings tonight.”

“I know you will, Asher. You’re a good boy.”

I get dressed. Granny watches. “Some of the kids are going camping tomorrow. I want to go with them.”

I can feel Granny’s unblinking glass eyes follow me as I move from room to room getting ready for school. The kitchen speaker says, “Now, Asher, why would you ever want to go where Granny can’t see you?”

Thomas Cavazos

Thomas Cavazos is a writer living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has appeared online at Defenestration and, and in Horror Novel Reviews’s anthologies. He has been writing professionally for over seven years with a level of success best described as “mixed.”






So I Can Jump Inside

When was the last time you yawned?

Do you remember?

It couldn’t have been that long ago. I mean, it happens all the time – spreading through a crowd – boredom late at night – on your daily commute. But you know, now that you really think about it, you don’t remember exactly when, do you?

And, the more we talk about it, the more tension you feel in your jaw. Those muscles and crevasses under your tongue are inexplicably tight – almost watering.

A yawn. A deep, filling breath. A yaaaawn suddenly sounds so satisfying.

Just stretch your lips and open your mouth…

Sarah Doebereiner

Sarah Doebereiner is a short story author from Central Ohio. She is the general editor for Claren Books. Macabre themes fascinate her because of their tendency to stay with readers long after the book closes, but the joy in short fiction is the opportunity to try out all kinds of genres.




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