Paying Markets For Speculative Fiction Authors | Top Open Calls June 12th-16th, 2023

Salutations, architects of the arcane! 🎉 Ready your pens as we descend into another eerie expedition through the uncanny abyss of speculative fiction. As your dedicated cryptographers, we’re resolved to excavate the most spellbinding sepulchers—or dare we suggest, markets—for you, the audacious authors of our epoch. With each passing moon, we summon astonishing opportunities to stoke your eerie muses and transform your narrative necromancy into palpable profit! 📚✨

This week’s cryptic tome is awash with uncanny revelations as we disclose 🚀 Newly unearthed, top-tier markets dispersed across the infinite panorama of speculative fiction!

Our eldritch chart of enigmas is your beacon to these glittering prospects. You’ll unearth the precise incantations for these intriguing convocations conveniently manifested in the links hereunder:

Here’s an eerie tidbit about June to tantalize your minds: did you know that June is the most popular month for “ghost marriages,” a strange tradition in some cultures where deceased individuals are wed in the afterlife? May your narratives this month resonate with the chilling echoes of these spectral unions, captivating your readers with your creative undead.

Your tales are the phantoms that inhabit our crypt. They etch your journey through the catacombs of creative horror. So, let’s decipher our cryptograms and valiantly delve into the horror chronicles, one unnerving tale at a time! 🚀

To cap this with an inspirational whisper, reflect upon this provocative thought from the esteemed H.P. Lovecraft, “The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.” So, let the potency of your unique dark creativity guide you, and persist in your craft. The mausoleum of tales eagerly awaits your spectral stories!

Paying Markets For Speculative Fiction Authors | Top Open Calls June 12th-16th, 2023

Three Raven Publishing – Magic and Mischief Anthology

Off Limits Press – Make your presence known: Stories of Seances, Conjuring and Mediumship Anthology

Curious Blue Press – December Tales II

Flame Tree Publishing – Learning to Be Human

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– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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