Paying Markets For Authors For The FINAL WEEK of December, 2022!

Hello to all of our #author and #writer friends!

Today, we hope that each and every one of you is setting some great writing goals for the New Year and that you’ve been able to accomplish, or at the very least, make progress on those from 2022. How exciting! The year is coming to a close, and we’ve once again gathered some amazing open calls for you to enjoy to end the year strong or kick off the New Year in style, depending on when you’re viewing this video!

Also, as a side note, we’re actively seeking book reviewers and author interviewers at this time! Please be sure to contact us on our contact page if interested! –

You can watch Belinda’s favorite picks of the week below:

Paying Markets For Authors For The FINAL WEEK OF 2022!

Here we go, folks, for heading over directly to any of the open calls that Belinda has loved this last week you can find them all right here:

Old Moon Publishing’s 2023 January Quarterly Window

Perpetual Publishing’s Ghoulish Tales #1

Parsec Ink’s latest Triangulation anthology – Seven-Day Weekend

Vast Chasm Magazine‘s ongoing open call

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Thanks for joining us, and have a great weekend!
– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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