CLOSED: Terraform

This market’s website no longer works.


Payment: $0.20 a word

Now that we’ve terraformed a new home for future fiction, we need you to help us populate it.

Submissions for Terraform are open to the public, and the ask is simple: We’re looking for 2,000 words or fewer—a nice, digestible internet length—of speculative fiction honing in on the tech, science, and future culture topics driving the zeitgeist.

We’re looking especially for nearer-future fiction; think more sentient chat bots or climate-changed dystopias and less far-flung space operas. And we don’t care what form it comes in: Classic-style SF short stories, social media posts from beyond the horizon, fictive data dumps, experimental graphic narratives, and so on. Our baseline rate is $0.20 a word. Remember, we’ll publish one new story every week.

Send submissions to terraform.motherboard (at) We’re looking forward to reading your dispatches from the future.

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