Defunct: Ongoing Submissions: Gallows Hill Magazine

***NOTE: This Publisher Appears To Have Gone Out Of Business***

Payment: $25-50 for fiction, $15-25 for poetry
Note: Updated 10/17/2017

So you want to submit to Gallows Hill. Awesome! There’s a good chance we’d like to read your work! But let’s get some ground rules set so we don’t waste your time and effort. Remember – more rejections are sent out due to a piece not being a great fit for a magazine than for a piece being poorly written, so it is a good idea to read these guidelines and understand them before submitting.

  1. We publish dark fiction. This primarily means horror, but dark fantasy, gothic, supernatural and ghost stories, black comedy, and genre-benders stand an equal chance if they are well written. In fact, there are certain issues coming up that focus entirely on the genres that are tangential to horror, like dark fantasy.
  2. We publish short stories. We are a roughly 60-page magazine that balances fiction with tons of other awesome content. That means we can only devote limited space to fiction, and we want to publish as many people as possible. So we do not consider novels or novellas for the magazine. We do hold competitions such as our annual NaNoWriMo competition that look for long-form fiction, but general submissions should be no more than 9,000 words.
  3. We publish upsetting content. This magazine revolves around horror, a genre dedicated to making the reader uncomfortable. If you have scenes or elements in your work that you are afraid might upset us, submit it anyway. Our editors checked their delicate sensibilities at the door. Of course, any mature content needs to be justified in the story. Any sex or violence or gore can’t be done strictly for shock value.
  4. We publish articles, reviews, and columns. Do you have something to say about horror? Want to submit a review or exclusive interview? Want to start a monthly column that discusses a particular aspect of horror culture? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to submit your work to us, or email our Editor-in-Chief ([email protected]) with a pitch if you’d rather.
  5. We publish poetry. Send your dark poems on over! Short poems are cool because we can scatter them in with other content, but we do longer poetry as well. Just don’t send a 10,000-line epic. See #2 for reasoning.
  6. We publish artwork. We love dark art (note: different than the dark arts). We are always looking for artwork, photography, or any other sort of visual piece to publish. From cover images to illustrations, from photography to serial-published visual stories, we want it all! If you are interested in submitting artwork and photography, please email [email protected] directly.
  7. We are humans. That’s right. Despite what some websites might claim, a good editor cannot be replaced with a robot or algorithm. Our staff reads every submission we get, and that takes a lot of time. So be patient. You can stay up-to-date with where your piece is by tacking its progress on HeyPublish. We will respond to every request once we make a decision, but we can’t guarantee that our decision will be quick. With that in mind, we are totally cool with simultaneous submissions. Just let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.
  8. We don’t just publish a magazine. That’s right. We do more. While we are still in the developmental stage for our book, comics, and poetry imprints, we do offer you the chance to get published in our anthologies. Most notably our annual Editor’s Choice Awards. Because our magazine revolves around themes, sometimes our favorite pieces just don’t fit into the publishing schedule for Gallows Hill. That’s when we go hit the golden buzzer in the middle of the office and unleash a cascade of streamers and glitter and balloons. Those stories will be accepted into our year-end special edition e-book and promoted all year. Cleaning up the office afterwards is a pain, though.


We do believe in paying writers and artists for their work. While we are working diligently to getting to a full $0.05 per word, our current rates are $25-50 for fiction, $15-25 for poetry, and $10-50 for artwork and photography.

That’s pretty much all I can think of to tell you. On behalf of all of the editors here at Gallows Hill, I wish you the best of luck with your submission. We are looking forward to reading your work!


Now go submit.  What are you waiting for? A giant button to click?

Submit Here. (Sorry, we I’m too busy to code in the button like they have on the actual page!) 😉

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Closed Market: With Candlelight

UPDATE: This is now a closed market.
Payment: $15.00 each story. $30.00 for stories that are featured on the Front Page.
Note: Audio and print rights also wanted so be sure to check that out.

Welcome to With Candlelight, a literary magazine created for and by authors. We aim to deliver creative and worthwhile content that both our writers and readers crave. Really, what we want to do is create a community where those who crave a good story, and those who strive to produce one, can come together-hopefully in a state of wonder.

Don’t worry about the genre, we’re all inclusive. We want your lit-fiction, your horror and science fiction, your LGBT story, your creative non-fiction, and we love flash fiction too. Do you have a story that doesn’t fall into these categories? Send it anyway. We will read every story sent our way. If it’s good enough, and we want great pieces, we will publish it on the site. There are also no word limits or expectations. If it’s great, we want it. 

We pay $15.00 each story. $30.00 for stories that are featured on the Front Page. We ask for the publishing rights of your story, as well as electronic rights, which include: PDF, HTML, plain text, print and MP3 (audio) formats. Stories are distributed through this website and some may appear in audio form, via podcast, etc. The payment also includes the right to publish the story as a non-exclusive, one-time right to include your stories in an anthology.

If you’re unsure of our rights policy, but want to publicize your work, you can submit to us anyway. This will be without pay but we will be able to promote your work and hopefully bring more attention to it. Just inform us in the email that your story is attached in that you do NOT want to sell the rights to your story. You can also send us links to your website, twitter, or Amazon page to go along with your story.

Send submissions to [email protected].

Via: With Candlelight.

Open Windows: Outlook Springs

Reading Periods: September 15 – January 15 and March 15 – July 15
Payment: $25 and a contributor’s copy

Outlook Springs is a literary journal from another dimension. It is devoted to your PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED fiction, poetry, and non-fiction tinged with the strange. Submit one story or essay at a time (up to 7,500 words) or up to five poems (Important: Submit all poems as 1 document). Please do not submit more than twice per reading period, unless told otherwise by an editor.

Our reading periods are: 
September 15 – January 15
March 15 – July 15

(See categories for descriptions & details.)

Submission Guidelines: Keep it simple. 12 pt font. Double-Spaced. Name and page number on each page. Cover letter should include contact information, as well as anything else you would like our editors to know about you. Make sure to read our genre-specific guidelines. Please don’t conceal hexes and/or curses within these cover letters.

Important note: we do not accept paper submissions.
Non-Important note: we can’t seem to find the cap to our toothpaste. We’ve looked everywhere.

Simultaneous submissions are a-OK in our book, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Outlook Springs acquires first serial printing rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication. For fiction and non-fiction, contributors will be paid $25 in addition to a contributor’s copy. Poets will be paid $10 per poem in addition to one contributor’s copy total.

Other questions? E-mail us at: [email protected]

Via: Outlook Springs’ Submittable.

Open Windows: The Forge

Payment: $0.05/words up to 1,000 words, with a minimum payment of $25 and a maximum of $50

Our Process

The Forge Literary Magazine publishes one prose piece per week selected by a rotating cast of editors. Each submission is read anonymously by two editors. If a story is chosen to move forward, it is read by one of two rotating Editors of the Month who each make final decisions on the stories they receive. Since we are a diverse, international group of writers, our tastes and styles are wide-ranging. Read more about us here.

Try us!


Fiction and Nonfiction

We accept unsolicited submissions via Submittable. Again, since we read anonymously, please do not put your name anywhere in the file. We prefer stories below 3,000 words but will consider work of rare quality up to 5,000 words. We love flash and micro prose. Please send one previously unpublished piece per category and wait to hear from us before submitting another. Reprints are by solicitation only. Literary excellence is our only criteria. We are open to all genres and voices, and stories with any background, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual and personal identity from all over the world. We accept and encourage simultaneous submissions, but please withdraw promptly via Submittable if your piece is accepted elsewhere. Please do not inquire about the status of your submission until three months has passed. If you are a former contributor, please wait at least six months before you submit again; we only publish one piece per contributor per year.

Sorry, poets. We admire what you do but sadly, we only read prose for the time being.


Payment and Rights

We pay, upon publication, $0.05/words up to 1,000 words, with a minimum payment of $25 and a maximum of $50. We request exclusive worldwide English language rights to publish in the Forge Literary Magazine, an online journal, for a period of three months, after which all rights revert to the author. Authors outside the U.S. must be able to receive payment via Paypal.

Ready? Go!



Via: Forge Lit Magazine.

CLOSED: Fiction Silicon Valley

This publisher has closed its doors. We will be leaving the post up for archival purposes.


Payment: 0.06/word up to $100
Note: Reprints Allowed
Note #2: While not specifically stated, this probably isn’t the place for your more gruesome or darker material.




The era of artificial scarcity is over. But in this new world of abundance, discoverability becomes the issue. How do readers find new voices? How do they find you? FICTION Silicon Valley (FSV) is the solution. One of my greatest pleasures is to present engaging stories and poetry to my readers by emerging and established writers. You are the basis for the reading revolution where your writing takes readers away from the drudgery of everyday life and into new places and new experiences. They can resist reality while engrossed in your writing.

Do you have a story or poem that you control the rights to sell? FSV wants to print your story or poem, even if it has been published before. The only thing I ask is if I have accepted or rejected a specific work before, don’t send me that same work again. I’ve either already paid you for that particular piece or am not interested in it. Move on. Send me something new.

PLEASE NOTE: Before submitting work that has been published elsewhere, check with your prior publisher(s) to see if you can sell publication rights again. Trust me, you don’t want to be sued for breach of contract. This is something you are responsible for keeping track of and ensuring that you have the proper publication rights to grant to FSV. Always get verification (in writing) that you can publish your work again from any prior publishers.

My current rate of pay is $.06 per word with a maximum payout of $100 per accepted submission.
See my FAQ page to find out how I can increase both the maximum payout and per word amounts!

Submissions are FREE!
See my FAQ page to find out how I can increase the number of free submissions available each month!

Note from Steve DeWinter, Editor-in-Chief:
I am the cautious type and rarely enter into something without knowing as much as possible about what I am getting into.
For this reason, I have included a viewable/downloadable copy of the current contract you will be asked to sign if your work is accepted.

Just click the words “Download File” to open in your browser, or right-click and select “Save link as. . .” to download to your PC.


Download File

Feel free to look it over before submitting your work.

I consider it to be one of the most artist-friendly agreements on the planet and, dare I say it, your declaration of independence from rights-grabbing contract terms.

Categories for FICTION Silicon Valley

Category: Fantastic Fiction
Number of Simultaneous Entries: Only one (1) free submission allowed per artists per month.
Word Count: 2,500 to 20,000 words. If it runs a little longer go ahead and submit (why not? it’s free). But please don’t send me anything passing the 30,000 word mark as we are quickly moving into novel territory at that point.
Category: Spectacular Shorts
Number of Simultaneous Entries: Only one (1) free submission allowed per artists per month.
Word Count: 2 to 2,499 words. Anything longer should be submitted under Fantastic Fiction.
Category: Perfect Poetry
Number of Simultaneous Entries: Only one (1) free submission allowed per artists per month.
Number of Poem Submissions: Up to five (5) poems may be submitted in the same uploaded document.
Word Count: Not really putting a limit on this. Just don’t send me any epic poems spanning thousands of lines 😉

Via: Fiction Silicon Valley.

CLOSED: Unoriginal

This Market Has Closed


Payment: Contributor’s Copy.

To Submit to Unoriginal please email me at Unoriginal.publications(at)

2500 words in .rtf or .doc, if possible use  the Shunn format  which will help avoid errors as I lay out your work.

4 images, full color .jpg or .tiff, please submit images at 300dpi or better.

All submissions will only be printed as part of one issue of Unoriginal which will be available in limited physical copies and for download as a complete issue on the website. I ask for one time rights for the initial publication and archival rights for at least six months. If after those six months you’d like your story removed please let me know.

Currently, I am unable to pay artists and writers who submit but will provide a contributor copy for everyone who has work published.

Via: Unoriginal. (THIS MARKET HAS CLOSED! Page still exists for archival purposes.)

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