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Payment: $30

Submission Guidelines

What kind of writing do we want to see?

  • fiction
  • nonfiction
  • essays
  • prose
  • poetry
  • flash fiction
  • cross-genre work
  • work that tells stories
  • work that celebrates all voices

We want raw content. We want writing that heals you and others. We want your story. We want your voice. We want your uninhibited self. We want your laughter and pain. We want that side of you that you don’t think belongs anywhere because we’re standing here, telling you, your voice belongs here. We want to create and debate. To destroy stereotypes and boundaries. To break the meaning of genre. We want you to be heard.

Previously published pieces are welcome, as long as you’ve got the rights. New writers and Nobel Prize winners alike, everybody with a story to share is eligible to submit. Voices of color, disabled and neurodivergent writers, and nonbinary writers: we especially have *grabby hands* for your work.

Is there anything we’re not looking for?

  • fanfiction
  • extreme profanity
  • work that you, the writer, aren’t proud of

I’m a visual artist. Can I submit my work?
Yeah! Guidelines are below.

How will the work be judged?
The editorial team will be judging all work anonymously. We’re a tight-knit community, and the last thing we want this project to be is a popularity contest. To that end, we’re taking steps to make sure that all writing is judged anonymously and without bias. If you have any questions or concerns about our judging process, chat with us!

All accepted writers and artists will be awarded a prize of $25. As of Issue 02, we are upping our contributors’ prize to $30!

I keep seeing the word “fandom” thrown around. Am I eligible to submit, even if I don’t feel like I fit that category?
YES!  Our rule of thumb is if you’re bummed about not being eligible to submit, you’re eligible to submit. While this mag did grow out of the Harry Potter fandom as an organized group, over 35% of our Issue 01 writers did not identify as part of the fan community. We define a “fan” as someone who’s passionate about something – anything at all, from Star Wars to linguistics to college football – so if that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

The nitty gritty stuff


  • Typed pages, double-spaced for prose, single-spaced for poetry.
  • Please number your pages.
  • Prose: Up to 5,000 words.
  • Poetry: Up to 3 pages. Whether that’s five flash poems or one epic is up to you!

Photography & Art

  • Highest resolution and best quality that you can get your hands on, please.
  • We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats.
  • All visual artwork must be at least 4.5’’ x 7’’ to fit in the book.
  • All visual artwork must be 300 dpi.

A few more odds and ends

Please title all your work. I just did a reading where I said I never title my pieces but, I’m sorry, you’ll have to come up with a title. Please do not title your pieces with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Content warnings must be included at the top of the work when submitted. If deemed necessary, content warnings may be added by the editorial team for publication.

A note on names: You are welcome to publish your work under whatever name honors you, chosen or given, or you can elect to be published anonymously due to the personal nature of a piece. You’ll be able to specify during the submission process. (We will still need your info for payment.)

Okay, but where do I actually submit?

Send us what you’ve got through Submittable!

What you’re agreeing to upon submission

Accepted work may be featured, along with your name and bio, on the Wizards in Space website and social media accounts. Please know you’re agreeing to this upon submission.

Writing may be edited and we reserve the right to publish our edited version without your prior approval. But we’re very good at what we do, so don’t worry.

Writers keep all rights to their work. We ask that if your piece has yet to be published online or in other publication that you cite Wizards in Space Literary Magazine as its original home, but you should be able to post and repost your beautiful stories and experiences as much as you want. That’s just like, our opinion, dude.

Any questions or concerns about our submission process? Feel free to drop us a line.

Good luck! Thank you! May the space wizards always come down from the stars and bless you when you sneeze!

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