Ongoing Submissions: Theme of Absence


Payment: $3.00 for flash fiction or $5.00 for longer pieces

Theme of Absence publishes speculative flash fiction. All styles are welcome, including humor, as long as the story includes elements of horror, science fiction, or fantasy. Spine-tingling ghost stories are just as welcome as robots and spaceships. While we are primarily a flash fiction site, we will occasionally accept longer pieces.

The maximum word count is 1000 for flash fiction and 3000 for short stories. We’re a token paying market, offering $3.00 for stories under 1000 words and $5.00 for longer pieces.

The token pay can either by paid through Paypal or you can waive the payment and consider it a donation to the cost of the site. As a contributor, you’ll get an author bio at the end of your story and up to two links you’d like to share. I also offer interview posts to all of our published authors.

I won’t seek any rights, other than to archive the story here as long as the site is live. However, if your story is reprinted elsewhere at a later date, be nice and give us mention. All copyright is retained by the author.

I’m not currently accepting reprints, multiple, or simultaneous submissions. A story that has at any point been made publicly available in print or online (including personal blogs) is considered previously published and will not be accepted.

If you agree with these terms, please submit your story in the following way:

How to submit: Email the story to [email protected]. In the subject, list your story title and word count. Paste the story in the body of the email with no tabs or indents and a space between paragraphs. Include an author bio with up to two links you’d like to appear at the end of the story.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email them to [email protected].

Via: Theme Of Absence.

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