CLOSED: Odd Tree Press Quarterly


Short Stories 500 to 1500 words $10 + Digital Copy
Short Stories 1500 to 7500 words $20 + Digital Copy
Essays 1000 to 5000 words $10 + Digital Copy

Odd Tree Quarterly Submission Guidelines

General Information:

We are looking for new or previously published short stories of a speculative nature. Especially focusing on horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Speculative related art and essays. Works will be published once in the quarterly and once in the yearly bundle published at the end of each year(four quarterly issues). Each quarterly issue and yearly bundle will be available in Print, Epub, PDF, and Kindle formats.

We tend to avoid first person and present tense narratives. Written work must be submitted as a doc file in an email attachment. Please no excessive formatting. Use standard fonts with paragraph indents. Do not double space between lines or paragraphs. Do not send us your first draft and expect us to fully edit and proofread it. We are accepting short stories 500 to 7500 words in length.

Art should be submitted in any common digital format(jpg, png, etc.). Submit as an email attachment or as a link. Art should be sized for 8″ x 10″ page (full bleed). 300 dpi or better.

Essays should be submitted as a doc file in an email attachment and should be of interest to fans of speculative fiction. Essays up to 5000 words.

All authors and artists should send a short bio(up to 100 words) along with their submissions. Also provide us with up to two links that will be posted in the quarterly at the end of their piece. It can be your website and/or a link to where your other work is available. Text links only please.

The quarterly will be published every year on Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and Oct 1st.

Send all submissions to: [email protected]

We are paying for non-exclusive rights to publish works in the Odd Tree Press Quarterly and an option to publish once in a future anthology. The author/artist retains all further rights. All work will be paid upon acceptance through mailed check or PayPal. A contract will be emailed upon acceptance. This contract can be reviewed and signed online. Or it can be printed, signed and mailed to the address provided in the contract email.

Sample Contract:

I,_________, am agreeing to sell non-exclusive rights to my story,_________,  for publication by Odd Tree Press for the Odd Tree Quarterly for both print and digital media. Odd Tree Press retains the option to include this story in one future anthology. I retain all further rights to this story and I affirm that I am the author of said story. I retain the rights to publish this story elsewhere and at anytime. This contract is binding upon receipt of $20 from Odd Tree Press in payment for the publishing rights of this story. Odd Tree Press agrees to send me one digital copy and one print copy upon publication of the Odd Tree Press issue in which this story is published. I agree to provide this contract along with payment information in the form of my address(for payments by check) or my PayPal ID(for online payments). I agree that if Odd Tree Press decides to not publish this story, for whatever reason, I retain the $20 fee that was paid for this story. Odd Tree Press will never ask for refunds for purchased stories. These terms are acceptable to me, please consider this contract binding. This contract can be signed digitally or printed, signed, and mailed to: Odd Tree Press


Pay rates are:

  • Short Stories 500 to 1500 words $10 + Digital Copy
  •  Short Stories 1500 to 7500 words $20 + Digital Copy
  • Essays 1000 to 5000 words $10 + Digital Copy
  • Art $10(interior) to $20(cover) + Digital Copy


Via: Odd Tree Press.

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